Episode 78 - Nutrient Timing

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Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to deep dive into some nutrient timing. Nutrient timing is basically where your body is eating proteins, fats, and carbs, and when you’re supposed to eat what and the most efficient time for basically your day, your workload your energy expenditure and so on.

See a lot of people want to lose weight and tone up and put on muscle when they’re working out. And so a lot of these low carb diets that basically cut all the carbs out are really low. The cars increase the high protein, add some moderate fats into the diet. Those are very popular. So it’s like ketogenic diets, bodybuilding type diets, low carb diets, maker’s diet, South beach diet, paleo based diets.

All of them fundamentally reduce the refined based carbohydrates of like sugars and starches, and then increase protein, rich and healthy, good fats in the diet, which your body can actually utilize over extended period of time.

They break down slower and your body has more time to utilize it more efficiently. Also there’s a hormone called insulin that spikes up in your body when you eat too many carbohydrates or basically spikes up when you just eat lots of calories and lots of carbs and your body then shuttles that if you’re sedentary primarily into fat cells.

And so a lot of diets that are the most efficient at weight loss and toning up and keeping you satiated and satisfied are slow to digest foods. And that’s the high protein, lower carb approach. Today. I’m going to talk about nutrient timing on when to add some carbs that are hired glycine to give your body energy it needs so that it can be stronger and the muscles can feel fuller and tighter.

And you can actually stimulate a little bit of your metabolism because what happens is your metabolism can slow down on a low carb diet over time as well.
So anyways, without further ado I went through an article on another podcast and it was on precision nutrition.com. It talked about nutritional timing or nutrient timing.

And so I’m going to go a little bit further into that, and I’m going to give you my take on nutrient timing and see my diets that I pushed on, a lot of the clients are low carb, higher protein and moderate fat, lower carb, higher protein, and moderate fat, very similar to ketogenic diets and paleo diets. And maker’s diets. All of them fundamentally do it. I push the protein a little harder.

I caught the carbs a little bit harder because I’m paid to make you look good and get you in shape. And the more that your Gleick basically the, your, your protein takes high in the carbs low, the hormones in your body are affected by basically changing, lowering the insulin levels, forcing a ketogenic process.

Ketogenic means your body’s using ketones, basically burnt excrement of its own fat. So your body’s fat that we gooey stuff subcutaneously on your butt and gut and thighs is getting triggered to be used at an energy. So low carb, high protein. I like to push that hard on all of your sit down meals, sedentary time when you’re not actually working out.

So my take is, is you’re going to be eating, eating throughout the day like 96% or leaner meats. Like 96% are lean or meats like chicken fish, lean cuts of steak and pork and anything like that, any kind of lean meat with a veggie option.

So I chicken and green beans. So you’re eating mean veggie options and all your sit down meals. And I encourage my clients to eat low carb whey isolate protein shakes on the go. So sit down, meals, meat, and high protein like lean meat and veggies on the sit down mills.

Like chicken or Turkey or a steak or a pork chop that you cut all the fat off of. So it’s very, very lean as lean as you can get that white stuff on it. Cut it off the meat. Is that the muscle tissue you just want to eat you, or would she eat the meat, the muscle tissue and the veggies like STEM stocker leaf veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus.

Those types of sit down portions and like women. And we’re like four to six ounces. Men are like six to 10 ounces of cooked portion. And about one to two cups of veggies with each sit down meal. So if you’re sitting down, you’re going to be eating anywhere from four to 10 ounces of cooked meat of meat. And then you’re eating any for one to two cups of like green veggies that are STEM stock or leaf.

That’s what you do all the time. So my take on nutrient timing is you’re eating meat and veggies all throughout the day, every three hours, about five to six meals a day on the go, you’re doing like a two to four scoop way, isolate shake and water. Just shake it up and go. And you’re having these low carbs shakes as a meal replacement. When you can’t actually do your sit down meals.

So what do you eat, Charles? What do you eat to get in great shape? Bodybuilders figure fitness, bikini competitors. Everybody fundamentally comes down to basically what I call the meat and veggie diet and then whey protein shakes and water.

So sit down meals, meat, and veggies, and on the go grab away, isolet shake, chug it. And that’s your meal replacement. So you’re really eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates throughout the whole day.

And it’s only going to be from vegetable-based sources, which are basically high fiber, which means indigestible. And then you want to do the nutrient timing thing where you’re actually adding the carbs to it. So this is where, what I’ve done with some clients is they start leaning out really well, but their energy suffers. They have low blood sugar headaches.

They don’t have enough strength to get a pump. This is where I start to use carbs again, to bring them back to life, bring their muscles back to life, fill them out, give them some energy. And what I do is I take about 50 carbs or less, and these are hyperglycemic carbs, like bread or honey or things like that. And I actually add that back to their diet.

So I take like a slice of like a whole grain bread and I put honey on it and we cut it in half and a girl would eat like half a slice of like honey bread, just a little bit of car loader, right before she works out with the pre-workout drink, like 20 minutes before workout.

And then she works out and then afterwards she gets the same thing afterwards, and then she drinks her protein shake afterwards. So so it’d be like half a slice of bread with some honey on it. And that’s a little bit of carb and that’s going to give her just enough pickup that her glycogen in her brain feels good. So the brain energy’s good.

The muscles have some decent contractile energy, so energy and the muscles. And then we reload that muscle with a little bit of carbs at the end, with the other half a slice of bread with honey on it as well. That’s what I did with a lot of figure fitness girl, competitor people, and just people that want to get really good shape.

And then also with men, we’d do like one whole slice of bread with honey on it kind of depends on how well that guy’s muscle mass is how big he is and how fast he can incinerate carbs, but really about 50 carbs or less as all you really need.

And we take that in before, after, and during that workout period. So they’re just doing 20 minutes for the workout. They take the carbs with their pre-workout drink, then they hit their workout really hard. And then afterwards we do the other half of the carb with their protein shake, but it’s 50 carbs or less. You just timing the carbs right around when you need it.

And that’s around the weight training session and to refill the glycogen. That’s the energy that is the carb energy in the muscles after the weight training session. So we’re just giving them energy for just enough carbs energy to get them strong and same thing with sedentary, people that aren’t competitors or bodybuilders.

That’s plenty to keep your mind aware and go back to a low-glycemic ketogenic diet as well. So, so I encourage you guys to like follow the CF 30 that’s Colaw Fitness 30 day plan.

It’s basically an idiot proof mind frame template that you can pick up at the club for free. We also have a journal that you can buy. It’s a book that I’ve written and that’s $10 follow that all the time. And then all you have to do is add those pre and post workout carbs.

And you can get that from like half a piece of fruit, if you wanted to like, like a half a banana pre and half a banana post, but that’s going to give you energy for nutrient timing for your workouts for energy and so on. So follow the 30 plan.

That’s the meat, vegetable and protein shakes and water diet, that’s meat, vegetables, protein shakes, and water diet all throughout the day for the five to six meals. And then right before your workout, you add about 20 carbs or so, and right after you workout about 20 carbs or so, so about like a half a banana on each side of it, or like a half a slice of bread with honey on it.

And that is a perfect way to do some nutrient timing for muscle growth for stimulating your metabolism, to getting your Bryant mind aware again, where you kind of feel like you’re low carb and you’re you’re in brain fog, or like if you can’t get a muscle pump, that should be just enough to get that workout and get right back to your low carb approach and keep shedding fat and so on.

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ou can in that if you get there, if you’re actually by our journal, encourage you to buy our journals so that basically you can log every workout, all reps and sets all that’s in the book. It’s actually a, Oh, it’s a workout book you can get at the best of all Topeka gyms.

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You can also go to go online and type in on Google, go to Google. Everybody’s heard of Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and just read about all the different members. There’s just literally tens of thousands of objective. Google reviews about our club, about who we are, what we do learn a little bit about us.

Also, you can go to YouTube and if you want to see people just like yourself, who’ve lost weight, got in shape. Following these similar principles I’m talking about today. I encourage you to not just believe me, but go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews. Colaw fitness reviews, and just look at some people like yourself.

Who’ve lost weight and got in shape and checked out our environment and love our GM. So anyways, thank you for this time today, I encourage you to learn about nutrient timing and to try it out for yourself. Without further ado, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. We’ll talk to you next time.
Have a blessed day. Bye bye.

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