Episode 79 - Top 4 supplements for women

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Hello, Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about the top four supplements for women. See, the problem is a lot of women are wanting to lose weight, tone up and get healthy, but they also want to know what supplements work best for them. So today I’m going to talk about some of the supplements that are best for women, or I believe that are best for women.

And I was researching an article on oxygen magazine.com, went through their article. Also have some of my take on it. And anyways, so I’m going to go through this article and also give you my take on some of the. Some of the best supplements that women can take that are unhealthy, but will also give them that desired look and effect of toning up losing fat.

And I’m going to give a little bit of diet take on things that will help shred the fat on the butt and thighs and get you in a lot better shape. And then also tone up the muscle as well. So without further ado in this article that they have on oxygen magazine.com, it talks about these top supplements that they talked about, whey protein as their number one supplement.

And I agree with them, whey protein is a great muscle building, protein supplement. I encourage people in this article that they’re a little broad on some of it, but I’m going to deep dive into it. Whey protein, easily digests and whey isolate, which is basically takes all of the sugars and all of the fats, the galactose and lactose with our melt sugar milk, milk sugars are out of it.

And the estrogens and milk and stuff are all taken out. So really it’s a very easily to absorb and process protein as really has a high bio availability for building and repairing muscle tissue. It’s got a great amino acid profile.

So anyways, it will help the woman tone. And like when they work out the muscles to recover field protein is the healing repairing and growth nutrient. And so when they do intense exercise or any type of exercise, that is the nutrient, that’s going to help heal repair and grow that body to being healthier and stronger. So you won’t take it and get on muscle-bound overnight. It doesn’t occur.

Some of these girls that train super, super, super hard. Don’t just muscle up overnight. It’s not like it’s going to happen. You don’t have the hormone profile under the testosterone to really metabolize that much muscle tissue build that much muscle tissue quickly. So the whey protein is great, actually helps with your metabolism as well.

It’s a great supplement, great for muscle recovery rate, great for a meal replacement option. That’s very low in carbohydrates, basically like no carbohydrates, but the number one supplement they talked about was whey protein isolate.

I’m going to say that my first one would be a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. So before I even look at that, I always tell a client like, Oh, female client, you aren’t even getting all your recommended daily amounts of all the vitamins and minerals. We’re not eating a perfect barrage of new like health foods all throughout the day.

So like to top off everybody’s fuel tank with a really good multivitamin multimineral supplement like a one a day type of supplement. That is oh one that’s easy to absorb and there’s a lot of different ones out there. I encourage you to do your research and do one that fits the best for you. Some women are, you know, prenatal. Some women have need more iron because they’re menstruating.

People are not menstruating anymore, so you don’t need the iron. So I’m not going to go into exactly what to do right now, but a good multivitamin multimineral supplement that your doctor would, would, would be great with. I say that as a number one, and number two is for muscle recovery and bill teen powder numbers, we would be a creatine powder.

Why creating? Well, creatine is it’s been one of the most studied supplements out there. Creatine basically gives your muscles the energy it needs, and also makes your muscles work better. And last longer has what they call [inaudible].

Triphosphate it’s ATP is energy in the muscle. So those muscles will work harder, which will burn more calories. It will get a little bit better. Microfiber cares. It’s a good tear that helps the muscles get a little bit sore and then you’ll heal and repair, and that will grow back stronger, healthier, but think of a raisin and a grape, a muscle is like a, like a raisin integrate.

It’s the same fruit raisin is depleted of fluid and energy. A muscle that’s full is going to be like a, like a great it’s going to be turgid and full of fluid and energy. And so creatine helps hydrate the muscle tissue. It can, it basically just makes it healthy. So and it will be stronger, healthier, more firm.

And so creatine is great for that. So taking creatine is the number three supplement I’m talking about that’s creating and you can research it, look at it. I, my wife’s taking creatine for years. I’ve taken creatine. I’ve had tons of clients take creatine. It’s a great option and you will definitely feel about a 10% strength increase in about a 10% endurance increase.

So if you’re doing like, you know, 50 pounds on the chest press machine, you’ll be doing. You know, like 55 pounds and you’ll have more reps to it. So your strength is going to go up immediately when you start taking it. And you’re going to feel the muscles, your arms, your legs will feel tighter and firmer, less loose annuity gooey. So is that fat’s coming off.

You want a smaller, more toned, solid arm, a tone, solid leg tone, solid, but gut thighs types of thing. And that’s going to help get those muscles be fuller, tighter, have more good, healthy energy to them as well. Colaw Fitness offers the best value of all Oklahoma City gyms.

So it’ll help with that muscle tone and muscle development. Arginine is the next component that they talk about here. That’s number four arginine. And I totally agree with arginine. Arginine is basically what helps your body produce nitric oxide. That’s where like when you work out or you see a guy workout out and you see his veins start to come out that’s where there’s a vasodilators effects, dilates eyes dilate.

The pupils dilate really big arginine is, is, is the nutrient that creates not nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which dilates the blood vessels strengthens. These blood vessels helps your body flow, all the nutrients, everything in your body that how it helps heal repair and grow is dispersed through the circulatory system or the bloodstream.

And arginine is a nutrient that helps with vasodilators in those blood vessels to expand and contract and to dilate and nutrients to get delivered. And anything that helps with circulation in your body is going to be a big win for health in general. So brain function, organ function, muscle function. So everything’s arginine is just a really awesome touted amino acid that actually helps your body create nitric oxide.

Which dilates the blood vessels helps you with cellular respiration. That’s when you’re doing cardio and you’re breathing hard, utilizing oxygen, more efficiently, dispersing carbohydrates, and fats and energy and all that stuff through your bloodstream. So your muscles can get stronger and healthier. Your heart and lungs can perform better.

So basically your circulatory system helps a lot of that. And the big thing that you’ll notice is it gives you a really good muscle pump. So your muscles will feel really full and tight. You feel stronger, you feel more youthful, and eventually you’re going to feel, you know, it will be a smaller, like I said, more firm toned version of yourself and arginine is an amino acid.

It’s an, it’s a, it’s a, and you can get that in my, a lot of pre-workout drinks. I get a lot of my arginine just from like, I’d actually taken an old school in Oh, explode. It’s called N O explode is the name of it by BSN is the company. I just take one scoop of that before I do a workout and I get arginine, I get some creatine, I get some minor stimulants in there that helps me get energy from my workouts.

And it’s been around for a long time. So that’s just one product that I’ve used a lot over the years. But arginine is the component in that pre-workout drink that dilates the blood vessels. It also helps which kind of motivates you, your muscles respond butter, your body has more energy. And so on far as in a muscle pump, you feel like you warm up quicker.

You feel stronger, quicker, but arginine delivers that creatine throughout the body, it’s gonna help with proteins throughout the body. So arginine just helps with those basically that thing of that blood vein and expanding and dilating think of a guy’s arm, where they start working out. You can see the vessel dilation that the vein dilates.

And gets a it’s just your body helps your body’s natural defensive response for increased demand on cardiovascular demand. Like it just needs to get more blood through it and disperse it to the muscles, the Oregon’s the total body just to function to the stimulus of, of a workout. So that’s a great healthy thing. And we’ll help you in every area of your life, your fitness level as well.

So that’s my take on women’s supplements are the top four. So the first one is a multivitamin, multi mineral supplement. We’re not getting all our vitamins minerals phytochemicals into our natural foods. So like to top off that full tank fuel fuel tank. Number two is protein powder.

That’s the protein pellets, the healing repair and growth nutrient from after a workout that will your body’s always healing, repairing and developing a leaner stronger, more toned version of itself. And it helps stimulate your metabolism. That’s a protein powder. It’s whey protein, isolate whey protein isolate.

And I recommend like a diamond ties is a brand name and ISO 100 ISO 100 diamond ties ISO 100, or you can get one by Centracs S Y N T R a X nectar in [inaudible] as a very low carb, high protein, no galactose, no milk sugars and so on. And so that’s a protein powder. So creatine is next. I do regular creatine monohydrate powder, just regular powder, no fancy DNC stuff.

That’s the stuff that’s more tested and timed and true regular creatine powder, about five grams pre and post workout is what I take. I generally have a woman take about five grams per day, total. So anyways, that’s creatine monohydrate. You can read the label, study yourself. I encourage you to research it, everything you want on your, on your own.

Never had an issue with it. Never had a client were having an issue with it. So arginine is the VESA dilation amino acid that comes in a lot of pre-workout drinks. That’s gonna help with muscle blood, blood vein dilation, muscle pump energy for the muscle motivation to work out all that kind of stuff.

So that’s my take on women’s supplements, multivitamin, number one, protein powder, number two, creatine powder, number three, and arginine, which comes in a lot of pre-workout drinks. Number four. That’s my take on women’s top four supplements. A call to action is okay. Also before I do the call to action wanted to give you guys a big win on what you need to be eating.

To lose weight and getting shaped far and toning up the butt gut thighs, getting you to a smaller, more toned shapely version of yourself, not a skin hanging on a skeleton with a lot of, you know, where you’re a fatter, and then the skin is saggy. I want you to lose the fat tone up the body. So you look better.

It, you know, in your clothes, out of your clothes and your more firms, so what should you be eating? So what I think women need to eat. I have a CF 30 planets Colaw fitness diet, and workout plan at all the clubs you can pick up the book.

There’s a book that tells you exactly what to do for the first 30 days. It’s a complete mind and encourage you to go get that book. It’s called the C F 30 book C F 30 book, go pick it up. But in that book, I’m going to tell you what it does.

All of the meals are basically lean meat and veggie combos on all the sit down meals and on protein shakes and water, when you’re on the go or you can’t actually warm a Tupperware container, a premade container up of the meat and veggie combo meals. So all these meals come down to 96% are leaner meats with a veggie combo.

So thinking like chicken and broccoli or chicken and green beans, or like a pork chop. That’s trims off all the fat with asparagus or a steak cut off all the fat. And so it’s a meat and veggie combo is what I’m saying. Every one of them, meat and veggie combos for women anywhere from about four to six ounces of lean meat with no more than about one cup of STEM stock or leaf veggies.

And I talk about this all in my book, STEM stock or leaf veggies, and you eat that five of those a day. And if you can’t hit a meal, we do a whey protein isolate shake. Like we talked about earlier in water as a meal replacement, and then you have 500 calories a day of cardio. And I talk about what to do and how to do that.

And you also have weights all throughout the month, but all of that is in that, in that book for complete mind. Freedom, but the meat and veggie combos, protein shakes, and water, or what you’re eating, you’re doing 500 calories a day of different types of cardio.

And then you’re doing your weights. And you’re going to basically, I guess this is where I tell people I guaranteed 10 to 30 pounds of body fat loss In 30 days. I’ve done it with time, Tons of figure, fitness, bikini, competitor type people, and just the general public. We’ve got businesses in multiple States and Oklahoma City gyms, and I’ve trained over 5,000 clients.

These are the simple, simple, simple principles to follow. You won’t be hungry, but it is going to be very strategic. It is going to be like no more, no less than exactly what it says. And you’ll be really successful, losing fat toning up the body. So follow the CF30 plan all the time and just nail that for 30 days.

And you’ll lose a lot of that weight and start getting in shape. Use those supplements I talked about, and it’s going to be on track for health and wellness and muscle tone and stimulate your metabolism and all that kind of stuff.

So I encourage you to go to Colaw fitness, and join Colaw fitness. You can try the Oklahoma City gyms out for literally $1 down, and that gives you basically full use of everything.
$1 down, and it’s the low as $5 a month. And you can use fitness, tanning, massage, free trainer instruction for nutrition instruction. You can bring a friend for free every single time you come, they can use the free tanning and they can use the free massage.

They can use the free trainer and all you get all of that for just the $1 down. And if you don’t like it you can, in the first 30 days, we’ll give you your dollar back. So it’s no risk. It’s no commitment. You’re not stuck in a contract, but check us out. My highest desire is your greatest gain.

Come down, join, join colon fitness, get the CF30 journal book. Pick up that book to see a 30 is what I’ve got out there. Pick up your supplements and just basically follow the plan no more, no less than exactly what it says that first 30 days. There’s a checklist on every page on how to follow it for complete mind, freedom. And you’ll be on a fast track to weight loss, muscle tone.

Anyways, today is my take on women’s supplements and the top four of those. I want you guys to have a wonderful, blessed day. We’ll talk to you guys next time. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast talking next time. Bye. Bye and see you at the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.

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