CF-30® Journal Explained | Episode 8

Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven idiot proof path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast.

Hello, this is Charles Colaw and today on the you can do a podcast, I am going to talk to you about the CF 30 Colaw Fitness 30 day diet and workout program and the CF 30 accountability journal that can go with that program so that you can have complete mind freedom to follow your diet and workout program and be successful in your fitness journey. So today on the C talk, this is Charles Colaw and we’re going to be talking about a brief overview of the CF 30 book journal account.

You Can Do This Podcast

You Can Do This Podcast

Basically, the accountability journal. The CF 30 was originally designed by me several years ago. I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer and I’ve done tons of work with clients, probably worked with I think a little over 5,000 people in the history of my fitness training years, built a multimillion dollar company on the back of one-on-one fitness training that grew into clubs and then into multiple States.

And I only get paid based upon getting people results. And so this is based upon a real people getting real results in a program that can be easily implemented. Into a mind frame, daily journal to follow and work with. And the program. There’s lots of different types of diet programs out there and workout programs. First off, I like to tell people that the number one thing for being successful and transforming the way your body looks is your nutrition.

Now, I’ve been to lots of different trainer schools. I think I have I think around eight certifications in fitness training. And they will talk about the importance of the food that you’re eating. The importance of the food that you’re eating is someplace will say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your success is what you’re eating. So I want to make sure that every client clearly knows exactly what to be eating, what time did he be eating, how much water to be drinking, what supplemental things they need to be taking to help them get the results that they desire.

A lot of people are healthy, but they also are wanting just to look more fit and be more comfortable in their own skin, more comfortable in their clothes. And a lot of that comes down to the foods that you’re eating. And I’m going to tell you that apex 24 hour fitness, NSM Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight psychs, 5 cent certifications from there and studied certified in dietary guidance, nutrition certified and elderly. Older adults optimal performance for athletes, lots of different things out there that researched and studied.

And the common denominator is the food, the food, the food, and a lot of the programs that are out there far as in diet programs. Whether it’s a high protein diet, a low carb diet, whether it’s an a maker’s diet, a paleo based diet, ketogenic diet, weight Watchers, lots of different diet programs out there fundamentally work off of the component of the lower glycemic foods, lower to basically release the hormone insulin.

They don’t the blood sugar inner slowly and then your body actually utilizes those calories more readily all throughout your day. And then nutrient timing, timing, meals, all smaller meals throughout the day. And so this program talks about smaller meals all throughout the day, lower in carbohydrate, higher and protein ratio. Very thermic effect causes your body to digest the food slower, causes your body to mobilize its fat within itself and for you to lose weight and get in better shape.

So when you talk about all these different training programs, certification programs, talking about how important it is for the client to be successful, it’s anywhere from 70 to 80% of their success is what they’re doing. The other 23 hours of the day besides the workout time, like a one hour workout or that hour you may dedicate to going to doing your exercise. So first off in this book, when you get the book, it has testimonials on the back and pictures of people that have lost weight and gotten shapes.

It’s a lot of social proof and promoting itself to say, Hey, give it a 30 day good try and see where you get. You open the journal. There’s a, as I commit to a 30 day program to follow the best of my ability. And then you have a starting weight and a goal weight and a final way you get to kind of commit to that, see it in front of you. And then there’s more pictures of social proof. Like people started at this weight and lost this much weight.

I’ve lost 15 pounds, lost 30 pounds, I lost 60 pounds. So a lot of people can become leaner and more fit. And I want you to see that as you’re entering the journey so that you can give it the good, the good. Oh boy. Try, you know, and then as you continue to go into the book, it’s going to tell you and explain exactly what you’re supposed to be eating, how you’re supposed to be getting that food, prepping it, planning it, food and supplemental food items that you need to have.

And it tells you what to do as far as in going shopping for it, what to look for and kind of like a, a roadmap to get started on the program. And on that roadmap, it’s like, Hey, make sure you take a good picture or sorry, make sure you go shopping for all the items on this list. There’s a list of items that are in there. So it gives you mine Friedman to know what you’re supposed to be getting.

Take some pictures of yourself, make sure you start filling out the journals, just one page to fill out, and then start your meal prep. Go to the gym, do your workouts and your cardio. Then track your progress into the end of the day. You can literally fill out the journal in less than 10 minutes. Then you can go to the gym and work out. In that one hour interval.

So you’re literally an hour and 10 minutes a day following it for 30 days and you’re getting a whole lot better shape. You have exactly know exactly what you’re eating, what times you’re eating, how much water to be drinking, all on a day to day journal. That’s very, very mind-frame, simple, easy, idiot proof to follow. Then the workout plan. A lot of people think that your workouts gotta be really like advanced and so on.

Really what I’ve learned is simple and consistent is always the best love. The people that look the best in the gym, they’re falling very similar routines that they’ve done for many years. It’s just those are consistently following it. So this is a two day workout, so it’s basically two different days that you use all throughout the week. So it’s very easy to learn. Two different types of workouts, upper body emphasis workout and a lower body emphasis workout.

And then you end that workout with cardiovascular. That’s like treadmill, elliptical bike exercises to burn some extra calories to stimulate your metabolism, to increase your, your, your circulatory effect and your dilating the blood vessels and really getting a good strengthening of the circulatory system. Which also helps with metabolism and mobilizing fat. So two weight training programs that you alternate and then a cardio program that you follow at the end of every workout.

And it literally takes you step by step, day by day, day, week one, day one day two, day three, day four, all the way through the 30 days. There’s some motivational tips, some accountability stuff that is really helpful for you to stay on track. And then you get into like the day by day journals, it shows you, it actually has a blank document that you can fill in and it has a template of how to fill it in and then how to track your workouts.

All the workouts are actually already pre-written and you just need to fill out your weight and your starting weight and you’re in all of your stuff. We actually have free trainers at the gym that can start showing you how to do this, actually work with you. Go out on the floor with you, make sure you fully understand how to follow this template and be successful. And then so you have a food journal on one side of the book and then you have your workout on the other side of the book on each page have you like crack open the page.

On the left side is your food food, food tracking to keep you on track journaling. And on the right side of the page you have your workouts for that day and you track your weights, track your reps and sets. We also have a free trainer that will show you anything, answer any questions to make sure you’re staying on track.

And at the end of the day you talk about two things that you’re thankful for, just kind of keeps you in a positive mind frame. And then you date it and you scorecard it so you can actually give yourself a score. It’s like something out of 20, there’s 20 different action items a day. So there’s six different meals plus stating that you’re holding yourself accountable, actually fo following it, no more than no less than what it says.

And then it has a workout of every workout and that totals about 20 action items that you can do and fill that out within 10 minutes or less at the end of your day to make sure you’re on track. And then if you have any questions, you can actually email me with any questions, concerns that you may have. So that’s the data and there’s 30 days in there and you just continue to track through more motivation, more accountability.

We wrapped some scripture and Proverbs into it. Proverbs is a book in the Bible written by the King Solomon who was one of the most successful, wealthiest man, all history. And there’s some wise takeaways. They’re just super great little nuggets for motivation to keep you on track. And there’s some also, every once a week I have a little daily, a weekly motivational thing to kind of say, Hey, here’s where you’re at. Don’t fall off. Here’s some key takeaways.

Here’s a heads up to kind of keep you on track. So mentally, physically, spiritually, this is gonna get you on track. You’re going to lose weight, you’re going to get in shape, you’re going to tone up your body. I highly encourage you to just follow it. Like it says, no more, no less than exactly like it says, it’s really great for beginners and it actually would probably make fools out of advance people because they lack consistency.

And if you’re just consistent on these basic components, you’re going to run circles around the ones that are trying to do advanced workouts or some sort of really crazy off the wall advanced type thing because they’re not following up nutrition plan really, really surgically and scientifically and tight. That’s where this accountability that goes would tell you exactly what to be doing.

And then your weight training is very, very strategic for certain parts of the body to really tone the right areas that you’re wanting to address. And that stuff is so specific. It actually is more beneficial if you look at a picture of one person to an advanced person. And a lot of advanced exercises without a real meta perspective dialing in every single thing. So this is done by a trainer myself that’s got a, a master’s levels degree.

Multi a certified a time certified fitness trainer, self-made multimillionaire in the fitness industry. So this is done and proven by over 5,000 clients I’ve worked with and hundreds of clients. You can go to YouTube and type in colon fitness reviews. I suggest to not just totally believe in you, but to go and listen to reviews, look at the Google type in the Colaw fitness reviews, read Google reviews, read YouTube reviews, listen to clients, testimonials and YouTube will get motivated and excited about it.

You’ll find somebody that kind of fits similarity to you so that you too can be successful. And my highest desire is your success. Again, all of this the, the, the going to the gym, even trying it out with the first three days is free going up for the free trainer. Just show you how to do the exercises free.

So all of this stuff is next to no obligation. It’s just to get you going, get you started and get you motivated. And, and, and, and to get you to believe in yourself. A lot of times it’s if you, you’ve got to believe it yourself. So that’s why you got to see the social proof. That’s why you see, like if you look all over the journal, there’s pictures, people that have lost weight talking about it. Go online. [inaudible] Reviews or colon fitness reviews.

And on YouTube I highly say, cause we had a ton of videos on YouTube. Listen to those reviews. I’m check it out yourself. But that’s the Colaw CF 30 diet workout program. Go on and check it out. You two are going to be a great success story. We’ve got fitness centers in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Topeka, Kansas, Joplin, Missouri for the best value she memberships for as those $5 a month.

And if you don’t like it, you can get your money back in the first 30 days. So there’s no risk. So we want to get you fit and healthy and on track. And that way you can have a mind-frame journal. You’re going to get mental, physical, and spiritually motivated. It takes less than 10 minutes a day to fill it out, and we’ve got an idiot proof template that you too can be successful in every area of life, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is Charles Colaw for the CF 30 podcasts I just talked to you about. And we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have a blessed day. Bye bye.