Episode 80 - 10 Expert Fitness Tips

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Hey there, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 10 expert fitness tips. See, the problem is there’s a lot of people don’t practice fitness regularly. Did you know that 80%? That’s 80%, eight out of 10 adults do not exercise regularly enough for their health. So most of us are not exercising. Most of us aren’t practicing fitness on a regular basis.

So today I’m going to talk to you about 10 fitness tips to help you get fit. Well, I was going through an article and doing some research for this podcast and I came across a men’s journal.com on 25 expert fitness tips.

And I’m going to talk about the first 10 and some of the most important first 10 on there. And I give you my take and give you a little bit information and educate you on these 10 expert fitness tips.

So first off they talk about eating healthy, eating healthy. So apex 24 hour fitness NASM Cooper Institute, I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer. I’ve been a certified in dietary guidance and nutrition. I’ve worked with elderly and optimum fitness or Optum performance for athletes and food is basically the fuel for your body.

So your body is a machine. It is getting to perform just like you’re fueling that machine. So I want to put the best quality premium fuel in it. So eating healthy is essential. Less processed, more natural God-given foods is always a big win.

So eating healthy, you want to be fueling for what your goals are. And most of us into fitness want to lose some fat tone up some muscle get a better heart health and better respiratory function, heart and lung function. So you have better cardiovascular endurance, so you can run faster.

You can lift more, you’re stronger, you’re more mobile. You have more flexibility, all that good stuff. So eating healthy is essential for that. And like I said, eating more natural, lower glycaemic God given foods lots of quality leaner, a lower in bad fats, like taking all of the sugars, starches, hydrogenated oils, and saturated fats that are diet.

And, and I’ve got some templates I’ll talk about at the end that you can follow so as you can get healthy and eat healthy. So that’s number one, eating healthy. Number two is preparing head. This is one thing I learned as a trainer working with over 5,000 clients over the last 15 or 20 years is that you have to be prepared.

And so the one key thing that I end every single client with after I’ve taught him the nutrition plan, gave him a mind frame template to follow. It tells them exactly what to be eating, what times the eating and so on. I will write down. I say, prepare the meals the night before, prepare the meals the night before, prepare the meals the night before.

If you fail to prepare your food the night before, and they’ll put it in a container, you will not follow that food plan. You’re going to wake up. You’re going to be rushing out the door and you’re going to miss it. And then you’re gonna have to eat whatever you can just as the day slaps you in the face, whatever is coming up, whatever, fast food you can grab, whatever appointment you go to.

Whatever a meeting you go to, you’re just eating whatever they have available. So we want you to get back in control of that. So you gotta prepare your food and prepare the meals the night before, and then you also need to plan your workout time and protect that work at time.

Like it’s a very important schedule professional appointment. So prepare the meals the night before and prepare your workout the night before and then execute. So that’s the second thing is preparing ahead and I totally agree with that super important. If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done. So schedule that food prep the night before, schedule that workout the night before and then execute.

Oh, number three is eating clean, eating clean. Of course, eating clean is super important. Everybody knows that. And if you don’t know that I’m going to give you a, a place that you can find and get a free, simple template to follow suit. You can be successful for eating clean for losing fat and toning up the body.

But yes, I agree with eating clean and taking out all the processed foods, all the sugars, all the refined white flour, all the high-glycemic stuff out and getting bore back to the natural God-given foods that were intended to be eating.

So number four is portion control, portion control. This is where when you’re eating, you don’t want to eat to where you’re just completely stuffed all the time. If you eat too, you’re satiated and satisfied and move on, and you do that every three hours, your body stomach your stomach acids, the intestinal track, you can all handle a healthy natural meal.

That’s about modest size every three hours. It helps your metabolism. Runwell helps your GI track. Nate not take on too much volume at one time, and it actually helps you utilize those calories more efficiently. So you want to practice portion control. And a lot of that I’ll go through in that little free template that I can give you at the end.

And that will also help you basically speed up your metabolism and so on by eating a Moss modest. Moderate amounts, multiple times throughout the day, it’s like five or six small meals all throughout the day.

And that will help you portion control and utilize calories better to get a leaner, healthier toned, physique, number five, eating with purpose, eating with purpose. You want to make sure that you’re eating towards a strategic goal and the best way to do that. It has to have a mind frame template, and I will give you a Mindfreak template at the end here.

So number six, basics of building muscle. Most everybody wants to become a smaller, more tone version of yourself, or you want to build up cause you’re already fairly thin and build more muscle on that frame. So the basics of building muscle, I agree with that.

The basics are going to be, you have to lift somewhat heavy things to stimulate those muscles to grow, but do it in controlled form and also eat higher protein, rich foods, which are the healing repairing growth.

Nutrient. When you lift weights, you create what they call a microfiber tear in the muscle, and then the amino acids in the proteins. It’s the only thing that has amino acids in it is protein. Rich foods doesn’t come in carbs and it doesn’t come in fats, but there’s a nitrogen rich amino acid, rich proteins are going to heal repair and make those muscles.

When you work out, it creates a teeny tear in the muscle, and then it heals and repairs bigger and stronger. It’s like a callus. When you dig a ditch, you start to irritate that skin. And eventually a callus starts to build up as a defensive response. If you’re working with weights or over and over again, your defensive responses, those muscles will become stimulated, stronger, bigger, more firm and so on.

And that will give that effect of a leaner, more toned, more muscle built physique. It’s a natural stimulus. So you’ve got to lift heavier things and you got to eat a higher protein, rich diet. That’s the basics of building muscle. And I agree with this in this article, number seven is workout full range, workout, full range.

This is where you want to make sure that you’re taking your muscle bellies and all of those joints through the proper full range, not a full range that causes like over, like over a to point of injury of the joint but a full range to where the muscle belly full fully extends and contracts and has a good range of motion.

So you want to make sure that you’re getting good, healthy, full ranges of motion for your joints and for the muscles in that normal, healthy range. So, okay. Number eight, don’t go too heavy. This is practicing good form and technique at our gym in Topeka.

So you want to make sure that you are lifting, but you’re lifting not so heavy that it can create injury. But it is enough to stimulate, not annihilate the muscle and not annihilate the joint, but lift heavy enough to create just enough effect to cause that muscle building effect. So cardiovascular number nine is cardio is next. So cardio.

We want to be doing cardio for heart health, and I’m also a circulatory health. Basically those veins are like plumbing through the body. I want to make sure that we dilate those blood vessels with a good cardiovascular demand. And as it cleans off that plaque buildup helps open up those arteries and veins.

Also helping your body adapt the lungs, actually to get stronger and utilize oxygen more efficiently, I guess that it’s just an adaptive action response, just like the muscles and digging a ditch with your, with your skin on calluses, but just like lifting the weights and the, and the, this, the, the digging a ditch with your skin example, just like lifting weights with the muscle example.

This is where you stimulate your heart and lung and respiratory system to be, to get stronger, healthier, and more efficient, and also cleanse out those arteries and veins. It’s kind of like blowing the cobs out of your carburetor in a car. Have you ever heard of that?

But that’s where you want to clear out dilate and strengthen and really work that circulatory health in just enough that it keeps it healthy, not overdoing it, but anyways, cardio vascular exercises, number nine, totally agree with that. Number 10 choosing supplements. This is vitamins minerals, antioxidants that help regulate all kinds of things like hormones.

We don’t get all of the types of foods that are recommended in everyday’s diet. So it’s good to top off her tank with good vitamins minerals and good supplements. There’s also supplements that help it muscle, but help build muscle like creatine and whey protein powders, good multivitamins and minerals for helping you get all your recommended vitamin and minerals also there’s antioxidants and so on, but good supplements that help your body stay healthy.

Totally agree with that. I encourage everybody to take a multivitamin official for your heart health and brain health and joint health glucose women can Dryton products for all the proper joint health that’s because we don’t eat ligaments and tendons and our diet all the time. That helps with your body’s joint issues. As you get older, or just as you exercise more frequently, we use those joints.

We need to have those joints heal and repair. And then a good way protein supplement that helps with that nitrogen rich protein in the diet that helps heal and repair any tissue or any stress on the body and so on. And so choosing some great supplements. Totally agree with that.

So I’ll give you guys some call to action action. So you can be successful. What I’d like to do is for you guys to come join Colaw fitness, it’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month.

That means you can use the gym in Topeka for $1 for the full month. That gives you access to everything in the facility. You can work out tan massage, have free trainer instruction for nutrition instruction. You can bring a friend for free. Can get diet templates, workout templates. All that kind of stuff for as low as $5 a month, when that bill starts running.

But if you just start for $1 that whole month for that start fee, and the rest of that remainder of the month is just $1. You have a money back guarantee. We’ll give you that. Any money you paid the first 30 days back, if it’s not a good fit for you. So you get to use everything in the gym in Topeka, it’s like a 30 day, try it for nothing kind of thing you gave all your money back. It’s not a good fit.

The join Colaw Fitness start that a diet plan, workout plan. We have what we call a CF 30 diet and workout plan. Everything I’ve talked about here is in that CF30 plan. So you can actually get a lot of information totally free with a really simple to follow template. So that’s called the [inaudible] diet and workout plan and go to this [inaudible] class. S

o when you sign up say, Hey, I want to sign up for the CF 30 class. So, Hey, I want to sign up for the CF 30 class. And also if you’d like, you can buy a book. I have a book that actually gives you a template to follow for 30 days for 10 bucks. It’s like a workout journal. And it’s got me in there. I’m telling you what to do for 30 days. So it’s complete mind freedom.

So if you want to do that, you can try that out as well. That’s the CF 30 class in the CF 30 journal that goes with it. It’s a book at the front. And so pick that book up. I encourage you guys to follow the food plan, start exercising. It is very simple. I guarantee results. I want you to start doing that as soon as possible.

Encourage you to not just believe me, but go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews in Google and read all of our Google reviews. You’ll see all about our company, who we are, what we stand for. Also encourage you to go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube.

And you’ll see tons of people like yourself, losing weight, getting in shape, falling. A lot of these principles I’ve talked about today and doing some of the CF30 plan. So anyway, thank you for listening. This is Charles Cola on the, you can do this podcast talking about 10 expert fitness tips to help you become successful.

Helping you become more educated in fitness. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka