Episode 81 - Top 4 Diets 2020

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gym in Topeka

This is Charles Colaw with you can do this podcast of the day. I’m going to talk about the top four diets of 2020, top four diets of 2020. See, the problem is a lot of people don’t know what diet is best to lose weight. So today I’m going to talk about the top, most popular diets of the 2020 year.

And I’m going to give my take on them and I’m going to give you some action steps, so you can actually make it actionable and YouTube and lose weight and get in great shape. So I was going to an article on eating well.com and in that article, there is a lady by the name of Allie Webster.

Who’s a PhD and registered dietician and the director of research and nutrition communications. And she at the I F I see, I’m not really sure what that is.
I didn’t look that, look that up. But the basic thing is that she had talked about what are the most popular diets, and probably the most successfully ran in 2020.

And she came up with these fourth. Number one was intermittent fasting, intermittent fasting at 10%. And then number two was clean eating at 9%. And then ketogenic or higher fat diet at 8% and a low carb diet at 7%. So number one was intermittent fasting. Number two is clean eating number three was ketogenic or high fat diets. And number four was low carb diets.

So basically in 2019 cleaning, he did top the chart at 10% and then close behind it at 9% was intermittent fasting. The gluten-free low carb ketogenic, high fat diet tied at third and paleo and whole foods. A whole 30 did decrease in popularity that was in 2019.

So anyways it looks like lower carb, higher protein approaches. Something key to genomic is all pretty much prevalent. And then also nutrient timing far as in stop eating at certain times and start eating certain times helps stimulate more fat loss. These are all principles I’ve used for gosh, 15 years in over 5,000 clients over those years.

And my take is on each one of these intermittent fasting. I believe that is very important when I competed in fitness and bodybuilding, there were certain times where like at 7:00 PM I would not eat anymore until the next morning. And that did basically, you’re just eating a lot less because you’re just cutting out some meals and cutting out some meal times.

And that does at that your body doesn’t get any type of nutrition or basically really no carbs and no fats. So your body’s in switching to have to use its own fat as an energy substrate during that nighttime eight hour nighttime sleep time, also all the way for the next three or four hours until you start eating again.

So it is like a little mini fast that does lower blood glucose. Once your blood glucose gets between 80 and one 20, your body will frilly start giving back. It’s ketone bodies are its own fat excrement as energy and replacement from glucose based, basically your carbs and so on. Basically the carbohydrate energy or a glycogen stored from your energy in your muscles of your brain.

So your body will start burning it so fat when you fast. So fasting is not a new thing. It is kind of popular right now, the term of intermittent fasting. So there’s lots of different takes on that and how to do that. I think it can be somewhat effective. I also know that you can start to cannibalize a little bit of muscle. If you go too long without eating at all, that’s the reason why I like to eat some proteins and just reduce the carbohydrates and fats.

So that way your lean muscle tissue is not decreasing during the fasting time. So my take is, is I think it is effective, but also you want to not necessarily do it for really, really long periods of time. Cause you can, if you’re at a gym in Topeka person you want to lean down and maintain muscle or gain muscle, you definitely don’t want to intermittent fast too long, or else we become kind of like a really.

Really thin runner if you’re trying to actually maintain the muscle look. And yeah. So downregulate your metabolism a bunch if you do too much fasting. So but yeah, I do believe it has a place. You just need to know when to use it and how to use it. And so I’ll give you my call to action here in a little bit at the end, but intermittent fasting.

I do believe it’s very effective for delicious losing weight and it can help really force your body into a hardo QG and Carter ketogenic state, where your body is now out of carbohydrate energy and fat energy within your stomach.

So your body will switch over to using its own fat as energy during that fasting period of time. So also you can get hungry that kind of can trigger hunger. There’s no pressure sensors are dense as your receptors in your stomach being, getting feedback. And the guy can’t hormone can rise. Those are some things that I would see that could pose an issue, but bottom line fasting is effective and intermittent fasting is effective.

So number two it’s talks about clean eating. They really were never really were specific on the clean eating. And so what I like to say is like clean eating. That’s pretty obvious. That’s what a lot of people have done for many, many years.

So I think that’s where a lot of people would just start making better choices. And they know a lot of people know somewhat that I probably should not eat whole bunch of fried foods and a whole bunch of sugary foods and just cutting out refined and fried foods definitely makes a big the difference.

So there are people I tell people if you like the literally take out all your sweets and and processed grains and white flour and all the sugars and all the sugary drinks out of your diet, just for 30 days, most people lose a good little chunk of weight. So just taking out processed carbohydrates for 30 days will make a lot of people and sugar processed carbohydrates and sugars for 30 days.

We’ll make a big difference in somebody’s health and help lose weight. So, but yeah, clean eating basic principle. It’s not really a specific information in the article, but it is effective. And of course, everybody should be eating cleaner. That’s my take ketogenic and high fat diets. This is basically a diet where you’re still eating foods, but you’re trying to eat foods that force your body to kind of think like it is fascinating, but it’s not really fascinating.

So you’re still actually eating. What I mean by that is when your blood glucose goes low, because you’re not eating food, your body’s blood sugar gets down into a state of where it will generally between 80 and one 20. Your body will naturally use some of its own fat as energy when your blood sugar gets really high. It doesn’t utilize fat at mainly may utilizes the carbohydrates present.

And it also surges insulin, which insulin then stores that extra glucose into fat cells. So what I’m saying is ketogenic diets are very effective for losing weight and still giving you calories so that you still have a satiated feeling. There is pressure receptors and density of receptors in your stomach, and you get some of that effect and higher fat diets. Now, remember if you’re eating fat, you’re not going to be burning the fat off your body.

So if you’re really big into ketogenic diets and you eat a lot of fat, I’m not just kind of a moderate amount, you definitely don’t crave as much, but you won’t burn the fat off your body as much because your body will take preference over the car. The fats, I’m sorry, the fats in your diet. So ketogenic diets, what are those? Those are basically very, very, very, very low carb diets that then switch within three to five days.

Your body will start using fat on your body or fat in your stomach as energy since the carbohydrate is not present. So, and then the last I talk about, and so my kids used to take on that is yes, I believe it’s very effective. It’s very popular. Just like the first two intermittent and clean eating ketogenic, all very effective ways to do it. And the last one is called low carb.

Another one it’s very similar to all the rest of them, pulling out the carbohydrates that within itself makes your body then switched to using ketones as energy, which is basically fat off of your body or your fat. You’re basically, like I said before, when your blood sugar gets slower, your body will then start to use its own fat and your body will release.

What they call ketone body to be used in replacement for carbohydrates or carbs in your body or glucose in your bloodstream. So your body’s gonna kick over to using fats as energy with following a low carb diet. What I like about low carb diets, I always say like lower carb, higher protein, when you do that, and you can stick with that, the protein is going to maintain that muscle mass.

So you just mainly lose fat and you mainly maintain or gain muscle at the same time. It’s one of my favorite ways to die at a client. And you can add some fats like the ketogenic at certain times. And that just gives you energy at certain times, or you can’t even add carbohydrates. It’s still a low carb overall diet with the 24 hours at our gym in Topeka KS.

We just time a little bit of carb around a high energy expenditure time, like your workout. And that way you still have plenty of glucose energy and a good pump, but you still go right back to a lower carb and then switched back into a ketogenetic, which means fat burning process.

So my take on intermittent fasting, great and effective just watch out, cause you could be losing some muscle eating clean. That’s something I always recommend. So that’s a, that’s always a thumbs up. You want to like basically take out fried and sugary foods and high processed grains and white flowers.

So that’s a big win to ketogenic plants. That’s a great diet. Now remember my only caution is a lot of people don’t lose a lot or are fast. If they start eating too much fat. So my big caution on that is a lot of people getting this ketogenic craze and they just eat lots of fats. And then your body quits burning its own fat because it’s just getting so much fat from you.

Now you may be in ketosis and following ketone strips so that you’re in alignment, but you won’t lose quite as fast because you start eating too much fat and you don’t burn the fat off your body. So low carb same kind of principle.

You’re dropping all the carbohydrates. Now you’re not necessarily eating a lot of fats, but you are going to be forcing a ketosis, a ketogenic response. That’s the lower carb approach. And anyways, I think that’s a very effective way. I like to use a low carb approach and just time it prior to activity. So you don’t feel the effects of low carb.

So you just preload your pre-workout time with a little bit of carb and then a little bit afterwards. And then you’ll write back to your meat and vegetable protein shakes and water type diet. And you’ll be very successful for as in losing weight. So if all of this I basically explained is saying that they’re all effective. I believe they all are, but the best way to follow plan is with no type of gray.

So everybody needs a mind frame template that tells them exactly what to eat. What times to eat. How much water to be drinking, what vitamins and supplements they need to be taking and all of that within the right portions and telling you exactly when to do it and what workouts to do that day.

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Like I said, everything’s a money back guarantee. My highest desire is your greatest gain. And this podcast was about the top four diets and America far as an inner mini fasting, clean eating ketogenic or high fat diets and low carb diets.

And that of plan is basically a combination of a lot of that stuff. It’s a lower carb, higher protein approach. It’s going to lose a lot of fat in 30 days. And it’s going to start building up some muscles to be a smaller, more toned version of yourself. So this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you a the best gym in Topeka KS Colaw Fitness.