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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about Top supplements. The problem is a lot of people don’t know what supplements are best or what cell phones actually work. So today I want to talk about a couple of them and give you my take on them.

I was reading an article on eating well.com and it basically outlines several of them are supplements that they recommend that do work and a pretty popular, and it goes into a pretty long list. And I’m going to cover about five of those that made it in their top 10 list.

So without further ado the article is on eating well.com and they talked about supplements like creatine, whey protein, Omega three fatty acids glucosamin can droit and supplements and multivitamin multimineral supplements.

I’m going to talk about those and my take on them. So a creatine far as creating that, that’s what they listed. Number one, frozen a like a, a sport performance supplement that does actually work. There’s tons of studies on creatine monohydrate creatine monohydrate is a, is a, is a white powder it’s tasteless, and you can add it to any type of shaker drinks.

You take about five grams as generalist serving. You can do a serving one to two times a day is pretty common. And what that does is creatine basically think about your muscle is like a raisin or a grape it’s either full of energy. That’s more like a grape and a raisins, more dehydrated. And does it have energy in that muscle?

And so raising a grape or the same fruit ones, just dehydrated. So creatine basically helps your muscles hold more. What they call a T P that’s Ingenio triphosphate and energy in the muscle. It really benefits yourself. It actually creatines of the neck naturally found in foods, especially like lean meats and like red meat and things like that.

And it helps with fast burst energy. So if you’re trying to lift weights, it gives you more immediate strength for the, for the, for just more muscle fiber recruitment strength and so on. And it also hydrates the muscle tissue holds more fluid in that muscle tissue. And so creatine has shown to have very, very positive effects on muscle building and increases in muscle strength and muscular endurance.

Say, if you could do a hundred pounds on a normal, like, like a shoulder press tape, starting to take creatine within that first week, you may be able to do about 110 pounds gives you like a 10% strength or up to about a 10% strength increase. And it can also give you about 10% more muscular endurance. If you normally could do it a sub let’s say it’s 50 pounds for 10 reps, you may be able to do 50 pounds for like 11 or 12 reps or something like that.

So you get a little bit more muscular strength and muscular endurance. The muscles are fuller, more tight, more turgid and you have just more and less and less of a like a, like a, a flat muscle, more of a full round muscle belly, healthy muscle belly. So creatine monohydrate is no non-hormonal so girls can take it. Guys can take it, I’ve taken it for years.

My wife has taken it for years. It’s a great strength building muscle building supplement. You can add it to your pre-workout or post-workout shakes. You can add it just first thing in the morning. So a lot of people do it, different methods you can read up on it, study it, but creatine monohydrate is a great product. I just use regular crib creatine monohydrate powder as it’s the most tested. And I do recommend it.

I think it’s a great supplement. They talk about making sure that you drink plenty of water with it. I just, I w I agree with that. I just tell people to make sure you’re always drinking quite a bit of fluids, and you’re always paying pretty clear to slight yellow that makes sure that your body is always, always flushing. Well creatine, there’s been some controversy saying it could be hard on your kidneys and so on.

And for the most part for healthy people, it doesn’t really have any major effect on that. That’s really negative that I have seen or ever experienced myself. So that’s creatine monohydrate, and it will make you stronger, fuller, and you have a better workout and that better workouts.

Create better muscle fiber tears, or macro ma microfiber tares to teeny tearing the muscle, which you fear more soreness from that in turn increases your metabolism to help heal and repair it. Then the healing repair grow and grow stronger, and that comes from the protein synthesis, the proteins in your diet. So creating gives your muscle energy better energy in your muscle use.

You better work out, which is a better muscle fiber breakdown with the proteins in your diet, from eating more of a lean meat, higher protein, higher way, protein shakes type diet. You can rebuild and grow muscle more efficiently with creating. So number two, on the list is actually whey protein.

Whey protein is very, very bioavailable, which means your body absorbs it very easily. Whey protein shakes are very, very common in lots of different types of supplements out there now, or they’re added even to food products now, but a whey protein isolate is why I recommend, and it talks about the whey protein in this article.

It’s great for a meal replacement is great for after your workouts for muscle recovery, protein is the healing repair and growth nutrients. When you work out your stress, your muscles out or stress, your body out peel protein is what heals and repairs on protein also helps elevate your metabolism. It’s generally slower and harder to digest.

So your body has to break it down and it’s a little more difficult. So protein is a great for muscle building and fat loss, and it’s also very low calorie. Low in carbs and low in sugar and low in fat. So get the whey protein isolate that’s number two on the list for great supplements. Number three, on the list is Omega three fatty acids.

And I agree, I agree with that Omega threes the, basically our heart healthy fats helps with the good HDL cholesterol, actually, your brain is needs Omega three fatty acids. There’s I can’t remember exactly. It was like 40% of your brain functions off of a Omega three fatty acids.

So neurological responses in the brain just to healthier brain, healthier body as well as your blood, as far as in the healthy fats in your bloodstream, the HDLs high density, lipoproteins it basically protects your body for your heart health. It also helps with joints the fatty acids, lubricate your joints, that was a joint function and a lot of diets yeah.

That are higher in Omega three fatty acids have shown to have better heart health and better body fat levels and so on. So Omega three fatty acids like fish oil, that’s a, I make you three officials. That’s what I take. I take some of those. That’s a great option. You can also get it in different forms as well. That’s number three, Omega three fatty acids joint health, heart health, brain health.

Those are all the benefits to Omega three fatty acids. Okay. Number four, glucosamine and chondroitin, glucosamine, and chondroitin with that is those are nutrients that help heal and repair your joints. And they also aid and eliminating pain in your joints. See, we don’t eat cartilage and tendons and all that kind of stuff in our diet. We always take all that stuff out.

Your body doesn’t have the raw nutrients that it needs for joint and synovial fluid in the joint to repair and recover. And it would come up [inaudible] is a great product that helps with healing and repairing the joints. It gives it the raw nutrients. It needs to help accomplish that. So that’s glucose women can join, and it helps with your joints.

Number five, multiple Vitamin mineral supplements vitamins and minerals are essential for your health. We don’t eat all the RDAs, especially for dieting or trying to lose weight or get in shape. Sometimes we miss out on certain food categories and we’re not eating all the different types of fruits and all the different types of vegetables.

And it’s just really hard to get every vitamin mineral in your diet hormones that you have inside your body are regulated by certain minerals and vitamins. And so your optimal health for your body does need vitamins and minerals. So calories that you eat. Let’s say if it’s refined based foods, they’re very, very, very low in any vitamin content or mineral content.

So a lot of processed foods that we eat in our diet will never have those nutrients. So we want to top off our fuel tanks, since we aren’t getting all of the, you know, different food groups and food varieties all the time that our diet with a good multivitamin multimineral supplement and that kind of tops off for fuel tank without adding a lot of calories and helps with your hormones.

A lot of the different hormones are regulated by vitamin and mineral and it can be affected in a negative way with an insufficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. So that’s number five for multivitamin multimineral supplements. So kind of summary creatine monohydrate helps with building muscle and muscle recovery and muscle muscle strength to whey protein.

That’s going to be for a healing repairing of the body, especially when you work out, your muscles will get microfiber charles’ tears. It’s where you feel sore. That soreness like achy kind of just a light aching the muscles after you’ve worked out that way. Protein is what heals and repairs that bigger, better, and stronger. That way proteins are going to help with muscle recovery.

And just any type of recovery for the body is the healing, repair and growth nutrient and whey protein is a very great easy to take a shake kind of thing. You can, you can even eat it as a meal replacement. So number three is Omega three Acids, a heart health, a joint, yeah.

Health and brain health. So great options there to be adding Omega three fatty acids, then glucose women, and can draw stunt those help heal and repair joints. It also helps with joint pain, great option there as well. Now, one thing is, is you won’t take it and immediately have your joints feel better. Generally it takes time for them to heal and repair.

You have poor blood flow to joints. And so that generally takes time. So you start taking it. It will take about three months to really start. It wouldn’t a difference, but just a step, stay with it of supplement regimen, and you’ll start having better healthier joints.

Number five, multi-mineral supplements that, like I said, we’re, aren’t getting all the recommended daily allowances, all these different food groups, let’s top off her tank with a good multivitamin multimineral supplement.

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Listen to all the people, just like yourself, losing yeah. Weight and getting in great shape. This is Charles Colaw Okay. You can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.