Episode 83 - 20 Fitness trends for 2020 and future

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 20 fitness trends of 2020 and the future. So the problem is that I’m going to go over today is a deep dive into an article that was written by prevention.com regarding fitness.

OKC gyms

OKC gyms

And when I go through the article, it’s basically talking about 20 different fitness trends that you’re seeing going on in 2020. It’s kind of based on a lot of different trainers take and I agree with a lot of it.

And then I also, I’m going to pivot off of that and then talk about what kind of God created us to do for community and fitness and what I believe our future will be more like in 2021. So without further ado in this article on prevention.com, it talks about 20 fitness trends.

You’ll see everywhere in 2020, according to trainers, and it’s written by Tarheel Ferman. It was in November of 2019. So it’s actually before all the COVID stuff. So he goes into this, on these. In this section, he basically is they talk a lot about in the article, a lot of tech based apps that a lot of people want to have. Like on the go wellness tracking apps showing them how much they’re walking or how much distance are going.

So they talk a lot about on the go wellness. They also talk about tech base fitness and they talk about community driven fitness and that a lot of people want that community. And I totally agree with that. Of course COVID did happen. And so, you know, going to the OKC gyms actually got halted and people couldn’t use fitness centers and they couldn’t do a group exercise classes.

So that was a trend that is popular, but did not get to happen much. And then the on demand, digital fitness, it got a really high boom because so many people weren’t available to go to the OKC gyms. So if they wanted to stay in fitness, they had to do something like an at home workout program or an at-home trainer or a dietary program that they had researched themselves to kind of do.

During that COVID shut down. So virtual trainers was another really big thing. My take on that is it’s very effective. I’ve used virtual trainers before in the past. But then still did my workouts in the OKC gyms. As long as your guide knows what he’s doing and gives you really good mind frame templates to follow, I’m totally good with that.

And one thing is I don’t believe that if you’re trained at home and you’re doing stuff virtually that a lot of times when you’re in a social environment, you’ll feel a little more like maybe intimidated or driven to actually work out a little bit harder with a workout partner or a workout in a workout group.

When you’re at your house, you may like Slack off a little bit, or maybe not do those last couple sets. I have a home OKC gyms and I also work out in a gym. I prefer to go to the gym. Feel like actually work out harder and better when I’m with some like a workout partner or with some you know, other people around me. And there’s more variety as well.

So I do believe that virtual trainers are good and I do believe that home workouts are good, but nothing really beats real social community, a real workout partner or workout group that challenges each other and encourages you to each other with community to, you know, really push themselves and get that extra rep or extra set or two.

So there’s a, that talked about in 2020, there was a rise in demand for rowing classes and a lot of stuff like Peloton online stuff has been really big. And I agree with all that. That’s I think that stuff got a huge boom, especially during the shutdown, cause it was like the only option. High-Tech fitness boutiques are taken off like certain types of trendy boutiques.

They talk about that. And that I do believe that is going to be taking off more so now that all the COVID stuff is kind of clearing out. High-Tech fitness at home was a really big boom of 2020. And my take on 2020 is any time that we’re not connected with others. It’s not as appealing. Like you, everybody, I think God has created us for community.

God created us to be physical and active. And when you get to do that with somebody, that’s a huge plus. So the one other thing that talk about in this article is this new type of training that’s high intensity, but low impact.

That was really neat is called Highlet high intensity interval training. And it basically is really popular among people who like to stay high intensity, but they, you know, opposed to certain type of high impact. You could damage your joints or have more injuries. And that, that, that benefit of, you know, less stress on the joints is a huge win. And I do a lot of that with giant sets and super sets.

I focus on intensity and not the amount of weight I’m lifting. So I’ve worked out to where I try to really push the muscle and work the muscle with very minimal rest between sets opposed to, and then also controlling like the negative, like a four count negative with a one count, like concentric in that four count is a trick.

So you actually, you know, if you’re lifting the way you would press it, and then on the return coming back down, it’d be a four counselor controlling it. And you’re also taking less rest periods. So maybe like a four or five X, sorry, three to four exercises and, and a circuit together without any rest and then rest that circuit. So it’s like a grouping of exercises.

And that was that’s, that’s a way I’ve trained for years that helps me not damage my joints and continue to get a lot of muscle stimulation and you know, great results. So lastly, I just like to say on the future the future of fitness, I believe for 2021 is going to be trending a lot back to being able to go to a OKC gyms again.

And, you know, get to actually be around other people, have community and have classes where you actually can meet with somebody or meet with a trainer and go through some instructions on things. And anytime you do something in real life and real person, it’s not a digital screen. I believe it’s so much more effective. I mean, of course I’ve got kids and sometimes we’ve actually, you know, saw them less happy, less motivated.

And when we take away their phones or their social media and all the different types of, and they actually have real relationships and real friends come over and actually, you know, play games or you know, play outside together. That’s like their quality is just highly improved. It’s like, I really truly believe that us as humans are created for socializing and connecting.

So that’s my take for the future. I believe that OKC gyms and classes and in person trainers and all that stuff is going to take off. Now, there’s always going to be box for tech and technology and virtual workouts and virtual stuff. But I do believe that especially, you know, young people that are wanting to get. And actually meet people and they want to get out. They want to come together and they want to build relationships and they want to have community and fitness together.

So that’s my take for 2021. As soon as when all the code stuff is gone and all the you know, basically that’s a, it’s a done deal. I believe the gyms are gonna take off. That’s my take. And I’m already seeing that in four different States that we have gyms in it’s just, people are hungry to get back, to have community.

To get back in the gym, have their friends, and bring their buddies to the gym. Basically make great connections, get great workouts. And most people come back and they put on a few pounds and they just have been out of a routine.

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OKC gyms

OKC gyms