Episode 84 - Top protein foods

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Hey there, this is Charles Colaw on the You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about top protein foods, top protein foods. Okay. I was reading an article on webmd.com and I’m going to walk through this article, go give you my take on it and then give you some great takeaways so that you can be successful in losing weight.

Oklahoma City gyms

Oklahoma City gyms

Getting strong, getting in great shape and give you some action steps and a mind frame template, easy to follow template, to lose weight, tone up the body and get in great shape in just 30 days. So first off on this article, top 10 protein foods, it talks about certain foods that are the best for you know, protein. Frozen healing repairing, and you work out your body heals and repairs from these proteins.

So first off, we’re going to go into all these different types of proteins that are great for fitness. Great for weight loss, great for muscle gain, blah, blah, blah. So protein is a nutrient that is responsible for healing, repair and growth and development of, of your body, of any cell. Now carbohydrates are like breads and sugars. They give you energy, energy, not used as store.

So carbs can be used for energy, or they also can be used for short fats, or can you use for energy, but they’re slower to absorb so that people talk about fats, but they’re very high in calorie value. So they talk about don’t eat too much fat because it’s high in calories. What that means is basically it’s a fuel.

So as carbs, it’s a fuel, you’re fueling your body with fuel so that it has energy, which means if you’re feeling yourself with fuel, you’re not going to burn your stored fat reserves or fuel reserves on your body. So protein is not really efficiently, stored as fat. Need to visit Colaw Fitness the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.

It’s more built to just heal repair, damaged tissue, heal and repair as your body, any cellular damage to your body, whether you’re sick or whether you’re not her got an accident or hurt her to muscle or her body part, it is the healing repair and growth nutrients. So that’s what protein is. So if you’re working out, you’re getting these little tiny sorta somebody to call them microfiber cares, tears.

When you work out, you kind of get sore and your body has to heal and repair. And when you eat protein at heals and repairs more efficient. And so if you get sick and you have any type of major damage to your body or cellular damage proteins in the body are what heal and repair that. So want to make sure you understand proteins are the healing, repair and growth nutrient where carbs and fats are mainly just primarily for fuel.

So the 10 specific lean sources I’m going to talk about. Number one is fish. Fish is almost completely fat-free. I just ate some fish just about an hour ago. I also compete when I compete in bodybuilding, I always use a lot of fish. Those last six weeks fish is a very high protein low to actually like no carb and pretty much almost no fat depends on the type of food fish you get.

But fish is extremely, and I tell people that flies or swims it’s really lean and fish is the leanest it’s even leaner than poultry or chicken. So number one is fish for lean protein source. Number two is going to be seafood of other sources. It could be like shellfish or crab or so on. Those are very lean good sources of protein as well. And then you get into poultry, which is going to be like chicken or any type of bird or Turkey and so on.

That’s all very, very lean. Most of the time like chicken breasts and so on, they’re all going to be 96% are leaner and meat’s very low in any fast, zero carbs. Next category is going to be like beef beef. This is going to be where that you get like a lean steak cut off all the fat on all the meats that you eat really be diligent and removing the fat.

Also pick meats that aren’t heavily marbled with fat in the meat marble is like the little, it looks like a marble with the chunks of fat, a little lines of fat in the meat. So either cut it out or just by a lean cuts, especially with B, so like Tenderloin or Sherwin or top round steak, very lean meat trim off all the fat that’s great protein source as well. Next is going to be milk products or dairy product stuff like skim or low fat milk has protein.

It also has galactose and lactose sugars. So I tell people it definitely is a healing repair and growth. Nutrient is CML basically was what makes a cow grow into a 2000 pound animal. It’s like a weight gainer. So it’s high in protein, and yet it’s still high in carbs. And a lot of real, the full fat kind is high in fat. So it’s high calorie, high protein, and it’s a weight gain or type product. So milk.

If you’re going to do it or they talk about skim milk and low fat milk being the healthiest. And just, just I think it’s, it’s, it’s permissible, but you gotta watch it cause they do can sometimes contain a lot of milk sugars and and hormones. And then when I say that it’s like lactose and lactose and estrogen and things like that is sometimes pumped into a lot of different dairy cows sort of, kind of watch that you can gain weight and so that kind of stuff.

So anyways, next is going to be a low fat or skim yogurt. Great for protein, all those kinds of things or milk low fat or skim milk, low fat, or skim yogurt, protein sources with minimal amounts of fat just watch those galactose and lactose carves next is going to be fat fried or low fat cottage cheese. That’s another great protein source.

Oh, if you’re a bodybuilder eggs, I’m telling you if you want to get lean eggs and build muscle egg, whites are really good. Full eggs are good too. They contain a little more fat and cholesterol in them. I encourage people to get the range FedEx or the Omega three eggs. That’s where the fats in there are derived from natural hands that are range fed or feed fed seed that helps the fat and it state to be a healthier fat.

Okay. Lean pork. That’s another great protein option. Pork is actually a white meat. It’s very, very lean. Like, like if you try to, to cut it that way or pick like Tenderloin and then trim off the fat on the Tenderloin, you can have a really lean healthy meal with pork. So next is green beans beans in general beans, not green beans beans.

They can have a kidney beans and so on. They can have a great source of protein. Now, anytime you go into plant base, you veer off of the milk and the animal proteins, and you go into plant based proteins. They’re really good for longevity health, but far as muscle building. All available at the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.

The amino acid profile is not as beneficial for lean muscle and leaning out the body in comparison to milk proteins, like whey protein isolate, and then also like a lean meat like fish chicken or lean state. But you know, it was beans are really healthy protein for longevity health and immunity health, but not so much for hypertrophy and muscle building and building up the muscle.

That’s what hypertrophy means is hypertrophy or whatever you’re going to build lean muscle. So those are the 10 great protein sources I talked about today. I want to get to give you a, I gave you my take already on it, and just want to remind you that if you’re into fitness, remember 70 to 80% of your success is the food. And what you look like in your health is primarily what you do in the kitchen.

So if you’re not planning your meals the night before, you’re going to wake up and run through the day, and you’re just going to grab what you can when you can, you have to be intentional if you want to be successful in fitness. So plan your meals the night before plan your meals the night before, plan your meals the night before, make it prep.

It have high protein, healthy meals, plat pack that with you to go cause remember, 70 to 80% of what you look like and your fitness success is dependent upon your food prep, 70 to 80. And now this even comes off like apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, lots of different certifications around the country. We’ll talk about the importance of nutrition and your client’s ability to stay on a good nutrition plan.

So follow the food no more, no less than exactly what it says. And you’re going to look great. Even if your workouts, half the time are kind of joke, workouts food is the best for leaning out the body and making you healthy. So next step is the best results are when people are consistent.

So remember, don’t buy into just every fad, find something that’s sustainable for you into a weekly workflow, and then keep on that diet and workout plan. That’s really pretty much the best to do is start with something that’s simple and the same and be very consistent on your food. And you’re going to see great results. So I’m going to end up some of this on the reminders that you want to keep it simple.

You want to keep it the same. That is where the big wind comes. Action steps. What I want you to do is join Cola, fitness. It’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. That gives you two people. The ability to work out tan massage, get free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction. Like I said, that’s two people can work out tan and massage, get free trainer instruction for as low as $5 a month.

We also have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you actually get their $1 back with, with, with what we re run right now. So it’s a no risk and you can get your money back. Okay. I want you to follow the food plan when you come to Colaw and sign up, go in there and sign up for the CF 30 class and by the CF 30 book, that that means is the class is going to be free with the membership.

And the of 30 book is a book that I’ve written that gives you daily. Words of encouragement tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what vitamins and supplements you can take. And it has a scorecard for all the foods, the food times, the workout time, everything is complete mind, freedom so that you can be successful.

I encourage you to go to Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read all of our Google reviews. Also encourage you to not just believe me, but go to YouTube and watch thousands of clients that I’ve worked with. Lose weight. Get in great shape, go to go to YouTube type in Cola, fitness reviews, and YouTube.

Go to YouTube Colaw Fitness reviews, and also go to Google and type in cohort fitness or use. Watch the videos, get motivated, get excited because I want you to be a success, success story. Thanks for listening. This is Charles Colaw, and then you can do this podcast today. We talked about top protein foods and the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.

Hopefully that helps you make some choices there. If you want to have a mind frame, doc document, a mind frame template of exactly what proteins to eat, how much water to drink, what vegetables to eat, all of the specifics to a T and you will not get hungry.

And you’re going to lose weight, great weight and get in great shape. Go to the CF 30 class and by the CF 30 book and follow it. Do you have any questions? You can email me at cf30trainer@gmail.com. That’s CF30 trainer@gmail.com. Anyways, check it out. Thank you guys. You have a blessed week. Thanks for listening. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you at the best of all Oklahoma City gyms.

Oklahoma City gyms

Oklahoma City gyms