Episode 85 - Beginner Exercise Guide 101

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Topeka gyms

This is Charles Colaw on the You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about beginner, beginner, exercise guide one Oh one beginner exercise guide one Oh one. See the problem is, is a lot of people. They want to start exercising. Want to get in shape. They want to help their health.

A lot of people have had heart issues, health issues strength issues, flexibility issues and exercise has proven over the years to calve a lot of health benefits. I came across an article in web md.com and it was actually called the absolute beginner’s guide to exercise fitness one-on-one. And this is where I’m going to go into beginner exercise guide one Oh one.

So I want to teach you a little bit about exercise and its benefits, and then how you can get started and give you some great action steps at the end. So without further ado this article basically talks about, I’m going to kind of talk about the article and then my take on it. And it talks about all these different benefits and then how you can kind of make it actionable.

And when they went through the article, it talked about how exercise is the magic pill. Like exercise is a health magic pill. Did you know, in this article, they talk about exercise, can cure heart disease. So heart attack, stroke, diabetes, a lot of heart health issues. I’ve been to several different certifications around the country.

They drastically can reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke and reverse a lot of cardiovascular diseases. So yes, it can cure heart disease or heart diseases. It can cleanse the arteries veins and so on from plaque buildup. It can help your cardiovascular response and your ability to pump oxygen and cellular respirate and use all the, like basically use your body so it can cure heart disease.

And this article that talks about preventing cancer, it also talks about curing lots of different diseases, and it also talks about helping with arthritis and also helps with depression and it reverses depression, the serotonin and dopamine pleasure hormones that you get from exercise works like a anti-depression type medication.

A lot of people love exercise for that purpose, losing weight, of course, a lot of people know that exercise can help them lose weight, gain muscle, and gain strength. So my take on these components for the health benefits are absolutely yes, you can find tons and tons of articles where you read about or studies that have been done on exercise.

Helping with heart disease and preventing cancer and helping cure diseases or ailments of the body and helping with arthritis and joint function, reversing depression, helping lose weight, gain muscle, gaining strength. So exercise is a huge health. Everybody should be doing it.

One thing I’ve read in some of these other podcasts and studied on is that there’s about 80% of Americans do not get adequate exercise on a regular basis. So like eight out of 10 people are missing out on so many health benefits. That’s like putting money in your pocket. If you’re exercising regularly, you totally are avoiding the doctor with 10 times the amount of expense.

So that’s where I tell people, Topeka gyms memberships are always worth the expense. It’s just getting you in there and starting to do it on a regular basis, getting it into a consistent routine. So next step in the article, they talk about kind of like the, how, how to get started with the American heart association recommends and so on.

And they talk about 30 minutes of moderate exercise. I’m at added what they call a talk test. So you can still carry on a conversation, but you’re elevated in breathing. And your body is trying to recruit oxygen at the same time. You can still carry on. It’s pretty short conversation, somewhat broken, but you can still speak.

And that’s cool top test. So I generally, I have clients around one 20 to 130 beats a minute, and that can kind of start that to occur on a beginner. But about 120 to 130 beats a minute. Sometimes it’s even 110 beats a minute, but normal rest is like 70. And so you’re almost doubling that heart rate.

So you’re not quite doubling it, but it’s elevating by at least two thirds. And so that point is it makes your heart get stronger, helps dilate the veins, cleanse the arteries, helped distribute nutrients all throughout the body. Everything heals through the circulatory system, through helping nutrients, get to where it goes and heal and repair.

So cardio is super important for heart health, mental health diabetes, blood sugar, everything, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all the top killers in America cardiovascular exercise can help and they talk about the American heart association just doing 30 minutes, three times a week.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper at the Cooper Institute in Dallas had lots of studies on that and health benefits to that in the Dallas area where I used to take classes. Great, great information huge health benefits, but 30 minutes. They talked about doing it four or five times a week is the goal here.

But there are things that show studies even just five minutes of exercise daily or 10 minutes of exercise daily has some very good, well, I was at a colleague of mine and that he is a pastor and he’s had a doctor that works with professional sports athletes and studied a lot of this stuff, but he says that even at 12 minutes for intense exercises.

A 12 minute cardio session, really help clear out plaque buildup in the arteries and the veins and make a lot of the circulatory health, your heart health, more beneficial reduce cholesterol and so on in the body.

So exercise, even at 12 minutes a day, just a little burst activity is going to be very beneficial for your heart health. Okay. Next it talks about 50 to 70% of your max heart rate. That’s where we talked about, like, if you’re at rest and your heart rates at about 70 your max heart rate is built on this formula.

But if you basically take it up to about 110, 120, 130, you’re starting to get some cardiovascular benefits. Now, granted you don’t have any heart health issues and you don’t have any medical issues. You’re not taking any beta blockers or any type of limiting factor medications for your health, heart health or, and so on.

There’s some medications that can kind of alter what your heart rate is, but when you do take your baseline heart, and then you elevate it and then come back to baseline and elevate and do that over and over again, you’re strengthening the heart’s ability to recover, to push oxygen.
You’re pushing on blood and oxygen through your body, and that helps it get stronger.

But, you know, they talked about 50 to 70% of your max heart rate. Can we give you health benefits? And they also talked about anyone with major health risks over 45 should be cleared by a doctor. And I agree with that. A lot of times there, there are people that have preexisting conditions or over a certain amount of weight, or they’re clinically obese.

They’ve got several coronary risk factors. They’ve had some major health problems and so on. So sometimes it’s good if you’re a 45, if you’re a man, especially if you were 55 if you’re a female to get cleared by a doctor and they talk about that, and I agree with that. But there really hardly ever a doctor’s going to say, Joe, just say, start moderate.

Don’t listen to your body. And you know, just doing something like a 20 minute walk and then get off and be done for the day and see how that goes. The 20 minute walk about 110 beats a minute and just see how your body recovers and feels during that time. And you’ll get to kind of go back and then slowly, incrementally build things up and you can see a difference to see if it’s helping or hurting you.

So I’ve never had a client that couldn’t do that. And I’ve worked with 96 year olds as paid clients before. And so these types of things are totally realistic. So, okay, male, this is what it takes. The next section is called make realistic goals.

A lot of times when you first get started, people want to hit it really, really hard and they overdo it and they get themselves burnt out. Make sure you want to develop a consistent habit, a consistent habit. And it talks about that in this article and the consistent habit three times a week, 20 minutes, three times a week.

Great start do a nice brisk walk and then do like three strength training exercises, very basic, very simple you’re in and out of there in less than an hour, three times a week. And you’re starting to get some great benefits from it. So very simple, very actionable. That’s what you want to be doing.

Then it goes through definitions of a bunch of different types of things as far as to make sure that you’re educated on the terminology. They’ve got like terminology, like cardiovascular activity, strength and conditioning. They’ve got life flexibility training. So it talks about this in this article. And I can get you a link to this article.

It’s a great article, kind of gives you some education about fitness and the terminology and how to get started. Kind of gives you a good little education if you’re just starting into exercise. So next section it talked about at how to make it actionable. And this is where they started saying at 20 minutes, 30, 20, sorry.

Just start your cardio activity 20 to 30 minutes of cardio four to five times a week, and be listening to that talk test to talk to us as if I’m standing beside you on the train treadmill, talking to you, you can still communicate, okay. But you’re, you’re speaking is going to be a little bit labored and breathing.

And you’re going to be a little bit short, but not too winded. So that’s the talk test. So you can tell your body’s actually stressed a little bit, but not bad, and you can still carry on a conversation, but your heart is getting some heart health benefits.

And so on number two, strength training, this is where you want to pick several major muscle groups. Like I like you to do a push pull legs or an upper and lower body exercises. So I always start with clients with like, we’re going to do upper stuff today, lower stuff tomorrow, and pick like three of the major movers.

And we’ll start with that. And they can start with that just twice a week and start seeing some great strength and benefits in literally two to three weeks. Your strength, and sometimes even devil muscular strength and muscular endurance. And then this article talks about picking major muscle groups and trying to do eight to 12 repetitions.

That’s how many times you lifted. And then doing that at least two times a week to build the strength back in your body, then flexibility training with the talked about next. That’s called slow static, stretches with what they recommend. And I recommend that too. That’s where you basically will elongate a muscle to the point of where you feel it kind of stretching and you just hold that.

So if I were to like sit on the ground and reach towards my toes and sitting on my, but reach towards my toes and there’ll be a certain point yeah. Where there’s tension and continue to keep trying to stretch and just hold that spot right there until it slowly starts loosening up.

And that’s a static stretch and doing that three to seven times a week on certain parts of the body, you can look it up static, stretches online and see lots of different examples. It’s static stretches is that’s what it’s called. So and then you want to hold that for 10 to 30 seconds each time, and you’ll notice your flexibility improves and your mobility will improve.

Joint function can improve. I’ve had clients with really bad bursitis can completely almost like get a ton more flexibility in a shoulder or a hip or a knee and things like that. So you can definitely exercise can help with a lot arthritis, bursitis, and joint issues and so on. So my take on this whole article is that you can definitely make a big difference in an exercise exercise.

Like I said, it is a magic pill. It can cure heart disease can prevent cancer. Can cure diseases. It can help with arthritis, can reverse depression. You can lose weight, you gain strength, gain muscle, and actually save yourself money and medical bills, but keeping it simple in the same and finding a sustainable routine is really key to that.

And I’m going to give you some really great takeaways here in just a second, so that you can make that actionable. Now, I want to remind you guys that 70 to 80% of what your weight is and what you look like is your nutrition is what we don’t talk a lot about that in this article.

But remember food is very important and I have something for you on that as well, but apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute, lots of different places that I have worked for been around the country and certifications I’ve taken talk about and have taught me the importance of nutrition.

That’s what you eat and what you eat is actually more important than the exercise. So food is huge and your fitness goals results in your health. So you are what you eat. Msure you put in your kitchen and in your coverage and in your fridge, what you want to look like and feel like. So the best results are also going to always come from people who are consistent.

That’s my second reminder, the best results are always going to come from people who are consistent. So I tell people, keep it simple, keep it the same, keep it simple, keep it the same, make it actionable. There’s a lot of crazy fads out there that come and go. A lot of things that get you excited about the best of all Topeka gyms.

I have seen the most successful people in fitness find really good, sustainable, simple routines. And this is for general health, general health. I’m not talking about elite athletes, but it’s keeping things simple and the same for general health and wellness and tons of people losing tons of weight. So action steps here.

What I want you to do is at Colaw fitness, we have memberships for as low as $1 down that gives you a dollar for the full force month. And there’s low as $5 a month. After that, you can bet that that membership will include where two people it’s you and a guest can work out tan and massage for, for basically for as low as $5 a month.

And there’s more options too. There’s free trainer instruction for nutrition instruction massagers, tanners everything in the club, everything’s all inclusive for that price. We don’t upsell it. So come check it out. John Colaw fitness is $1. You can also start the free 30 class at the best of all Topeka gyms.

That’s CF 30 class Colae fitness, 30 simple, easy to follow template. It’s like a book. It’s actually a book you can get to see if there’s any class and by the book. And then you can start following the flu plan in there and start exercising. It’s so simple. It tells you exactly what to be eating with times to be eating, what exercises to do, and it gives you a checklist.

And then also to stay motivated. It has words of encouragement for mental health, for motivation, I’ve had tons of clients lose weight, get in great shape.

I encourage you to go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews on Google. Read about our clubs. Also go to Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. So type in youtube.com and watch videos. Watch all these videos, Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, and you’ll see all these videos of people losing weight, just like you and getting in great shape.

This is Charles Colaw talking about today. We were talking about beginner, exercise guide one-on-one and an article that I went through here. I encourage you guys to start, start, go down to Colaw get your, get your $1 membership started to get the $5 a month special, and then start getting that CF 30 class while the trainer.

Give you perfect, easy to follow templates, and you can buy the [inaudible] book. It’s 10 bucks and just follow that book for 30 days. You’re going to lose a lot of weight and get in great shape. Anyway. Thanks for listening. This is Charles Colaw on, or you can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you at Colaw Fitness the best of all Topeka gyms.

Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms