Episode 86 - When to stretch

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You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

Hello is Charles Colaw up on the, you can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk to you about when to stretch. See the problem is, is most people don’t know how to stretch and don’t know when to stretch and they miss out on a lot of benefits to their fitness by not doing this.

So I’m going to take you through an article I read on healthline.com and to give you my take on it. I want you guys always to remember that when you’re in fitness you, you, 70 to 80% of your success is like as far as in losing weight and getting in shape is in the kitchen.

So you’ve got to get your diet nailed down and the best results are when people are consistent and keeping things simple and the same and have a very simple template to be following. So I’m going to give you all that kind of stuff at the end, as an action steps that you can be successful. But you are what you eat and big results come from the kitchen.

So okay. We’re going to jump in here when to include static stretching in your workout. So this is an article on healthline.com. You can Google it. It’s how and when to include static, stretching in your workout. And I’m just, I kind of titled the podcast when to stretch. So we’re gonna go through that today together, and then hopefully.

That will help educate you to be more productive in your workout and keep yourself safe from injury. So without further ado, it’s going to, I’m gonna start off. There’s no secret that when you’re in a hurry, people are basically not wanting to stretch you. You don’t, we want to hurry. We want to get your workout in and get in and get out.

And so you don’t take time to do a proper warmup, a proper dynamic stretch, or where do you go through the motion with those exercises prior to actually lifting and training, and then you don’t do a proper cool-down, you know, do a proper static stretch at the end. So it’s no secret that people are in a hurry and cut the stretching out.

So we’ve got to quit that there’s a big difference on how your muscles can recover after exercise. And it also can drastically affect flexibility and exercise performance. So if you’re not stretching out your lose your mobility, so it’s like you want to be a better athlete, cut and move and jockey and move and jump and so on without pulling something you’re missing out tremendously.

If you actually have to take that big bulky body and put it into action, because somebody gets in a fight, or you gotta protect your wife or your girlfriend or something, you are not going to be, you get a higher chance of injury, pulling a muscle, tearing a ligament and so on. If you’re not properly stretching and so on. And so you can be big and strong, but you still gotta be mobile, flexible and supple, those ligaments and tendons and muscles.

So they can take a fast Twitch brute force energy and and be used to the stretching effects from this connective tissues. So without further ado, we’re going in here, what is the difference between a static stretch and a dynamic stretch? Well, a dynamic stretch is typically done before you start your workout and it involves active movements that help your muscles get warmed up exercise.

These movements are, and very similar to the activity that you’re going to be doing. For example, a swimmer weight, move their arms in the same circles or the manner and a runner may jog in place before they start to run. And this is a dynamic stretch, a static stretch on the other hand is done at the end of your workout.

And it all stretches where you hold in place that that joint, that stretches that hold, that hold, hold yourself in place for a period of time without movement. This is allows your muscles to loosen while increasing the flexibility and range of motion.

So as you then like take that range of motion out further and further the muscles along gait, the ligaments along gait and the muscles stretch, and you hold it all that in place. What are the benefits of static stretching? Stretching is if you’re basically you’re going to miss out on benefits as can be greater flexibility, great greater range of motion.

You also have a higher chance of injury. There’s less pain and stiffness in your body. If you continue to stretch out the D there’s a decrease of stress in the muscles attention in the muscle. So you feel more supple and loose and ready to take action, and you don’t feel like you’re not up to quick or tighten up quick. Or when I used to play football, I used to get hamstring cramps.

Also when I played baseball and wouldn’t stretch out a warm up or do dynamic and all my stretches and all my warmups, you can definitely pull muscles and so on. Stretching also increases blood flow. Also blood flow increases, recovery muscle recovery, increased blood flow may help your muscles recover more quickly after you exercise when it says in a 2018 study.

And I totally agree with that. When I’m stretching out, I feel like my muscles recover better. I feel like my muscles look fuller and, and look better and more youthful if they don’t stretch out. And I just do the workout, they pump up and then they go back down and they just feel tighter. My joints feel tighter for more constricted. And so, you know it’s not really rocket science.

You warm up, loosen up that joint, loosen up the muscle, get blood in the muscle. Then you work it out at the end, you stretch it out. And then your body is way more relaxed. The joints and ligaments are conditioned for flight pliability and flexibility. So it’s really not like super, super like rocket science, but I want to make sure you understand when and how to do that.

So my take is, is what you want to be doing is make sure that you do a, like about a five minute warm up. You could do like a, like a brisk walk or whatever jumping jacks and you know, for about five minutes and get blood flowing anywhere from two to five minutes, get blood flowing in the body, increasing your heart rate, dilating the blood vessels, all the circulation.

All the blood is flowing to all extremities better at that point, whatever range of motion you’re wanting to work on to your chest, you take your body through chest motions that are really lightweight or really light, light, light warmup.

So maybe like move your arms in circles or smile. I do. I use small circles for my chest to kind of warm up my shoulders. Cause the shoulders are a weak point for a lot of people that do heavy bench pressing and stuff. So warm up those deltoids, really good. Keep those shoulders tight because a lot of times a week is point is where the pack and the deltoid intersect.

And you can tear something or pull tear rotator cuff or something like that in the shoulder. And then I’m taking those arms and triceps through that range of motion chest through that range of motion, anything that’s warming those up through a dynamic type stretch. See the equipment we have available at the best of all gyms in Arlington TX.

Then what you want to do is go through your workout, lift all your weights, and then when you’re done you can actually then go into the static stretching and the static stretching her. Basically, I’m going to read this to you where you want to hold. I’ve gotta find it again here. You want to hold that w w that that muscle for about 30 to 60 seconds and let that muscle completely stretched out.

So what you want to do is you’re going to press in to that range of motion. Okay. Here’s the tips on it? It says don’t stretch beyond what’s comfortable. A slight degree of discomfort is normal, but you should not feel pain while you’re stretching start right, stop right away. If you feel sharp pain you want to be gentle.

You smooth, slow movements, avoid jerking or bouncing movements while you’re holding a stretch, be extra cautious. If you’re recovering from an energy injury, then don’t forget to breathe. Keep breathing, breathing, relieve stress intention in your body. It also helps oxygenate your blood and also helps you hold the stretch for a longer period of time.

You want to start slowly, start with stretches just a few stretches at first, add more, stretches, more repetitions of the stretches as you build more flexibility and comfort. So like, if you start stretching that chest, it’s going to be real tight at first, then you do another set, stretching the chest for, you know, 30 seconds. Then you do another set of stretching.

Next scene. Are you getting a lot more mobility out of your chest? Now don’t overdo it. Don’t get into pain, nothing sharp. The sharp shooting pain occurs at all. You’re done too much. You’re going too far. So just let that muscle stretch out. You can also look it up like static, stretches on YouTube and watch some videos on it.

Some great guys, a lot of professionals showing some examples. So like an example, one example could be like static stretch over the head. I could try set stretch. The back of your arms is called the tricep. If you take your one arm straight above your head and then put it behind your head, I just put your hand up behind your head.

And then you grab your elbow with your other hand and pull your elbow back behind your head, that along Gates, that tricep muscle. Then once it gets tight and you feel tension, then hold that for 30 seconds and then release that. And then do that a couple of times, I would say. Do it at least two to three times to I’d say, do at least two times.

And you notice the mobility and the flexibility of your upper arm tricep is increased. So that’s just one great stretch. And hold this stretch. Like I said, 20 to 30 seconds, repeat it two to three times, and each time you do it, you can get deeper into the stretch.

It’s giving you more mobility, more flexibility. There’s so many benefits to it. So I’m going to go up here. I think there’s some the benefits I want to go back over one more time. The benefits are a, an increase in range of a range of motion. It’s also going to make your everyday tasks easier, especially your back, your knees, your hips, all your joints will feel better and your mobility will be better.

So make sure you’re stretching at the end of your workout. Once your muscles have been completely, you’re done with your workout, you’ve completely warmed up. You’ve weight lifted. You’ve done all that stuff at the end. Then take those, then do these stretches of what we’re talking about. And the do you want to do is I’m a range of motion I’m far from a joint or hip or knee.

So what is, this is saying basically the greater, your flexibility range of motion. You can move your body with more ease, makes everyday tasks and exercises easier. Yeah, like I said, just a minute ago, it’s going to decrease pain and stiffness. So like daily things, mobility things.

Also, if you get in a fight or you have to like take like quick action or run or save somebody or whatever, your ligaments and tendons are more supple, more loose, and they can handle that quick jerk.  Now, if you’re really tight intention, that’s where you can create muscle tears. It’s where you can create ligament, tears. And that, that that’s, that’s not what you want.

Decreases stress in the body and increases blood flow in those muscles helps with muscle recovery helps with improved sport performance helps with the, your, your, your art. It’s not rocket science. When you basically work out warm up, warm up the body go through the range of motion with a dynamic stretch. Then you go through your weights at the best of all gyms in Arlington TX.

Then at the end, you stretch it out with static stretching, where you take each joint through that long range of motion toward construction to feel tight. And then you press into it for about 20 or 30 seconds. Like I talked about that tricep grabbed the back of the elbow, pull it behind your head and you feel that get tight and you stretch it for 30 seconds.

Then you release it. Then you repeat it two to three times. And that mobility is increased. The muscle blood flow increases and so on, and that’s going to be some great yeah. Benefits. So, okay. Actually steps. What I want you guys to do is you can go to Cola, fitness, and join for $1 down.

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Colaw fitness reviews, typing Colaw fitness, Google reviews, go fitness, Google reviews, read it and go Colaw fitness on YouTube. Good. Or the YouTube. Yeah. And just listened to hundreds and hundreds. Thousands of people that have lost weight and got a great shape. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast.

Thank you for listening today. We talked about when to stretch. You want to stretch at the end of your workout, and you want to hold that for about 20 to 30 seconds. And you do that two or three times for each muscle group type and static stretching.

S T a T I C a static stretching and on, on YouTube and watch some videos on it. And you’ll be educated on when to stretch and how to stretch. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you soon at the best of gyms in Arlington TX.

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