Episode 87 - You need extra virgin olive oil

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gyms in Topeka

gyms in Topeka

Hello, this is Charles on the, you can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk about you need extra Virgin olive oil. See the problem is, is a lot of people don’t know the health benefits that all of the actually has.

I’m also going to give you guys some takeaways at the end on how you can implement that into your diet and workout routine. And we do that in that CF 30 plan at the gyms in Topeka, and it’s a great way to keep your health on track and a lot of benefits. I’m going to talk about that today about you need extra Virgin olive oil.

So first off I was going through an article on healthline.com going, and it was actually labeled this extra Virgin olive oil article. Why extra Virgin olive oil, olive oil is the healthiest fat on the earth. Know there’s some extremely great health benefits from that, and it will also help your fitness overall as well.

So so in the article, I’m going to take you through this article and some of them, I takes on it. I’ve used it for a long time. It’s really great for your health. So anyways most people agree that extroversion all is incredibly healthy. It’s really predominantly found in Mediterranean diets, which are some of the healthiest people in the whole entire world.

And this article talks a lot about that on health line. And so what, you know, what is olive oil and how’s it made, I’m going to start with that. All oil is extracted from all those by crushing them and pressing them. So it’s basically, there’s an olive oil tree and those olives come off the tree and then they basically crush them, press them and extract the oil from them.

There’s three types, there’s a refined olive oil, there’s a Virgin olive oil and there’s an extra Virgin olive oil. The extra-virgin is in a dark bottle and it is the least processed and the least refined. So it’s the most natural and it’s the most healthy. And the extra Virgin kind is by far the healthiest and it has a certain taste and a certain smell.

And so it’s basically the most pure unrefined, most health beneficial, although it’s very high in antioxidants and it’s very, very high in a lot of health promoting effects. So modern olive oil is made by crushing oils, separating the oil from the pulp and then using a centrifuge to spin it. And that’s basically what extracts all that. Well.

It contains a lot of E vitamin K and a lot of beneficial fatty acids and these vitamin E vitamin K they’re antioxidants, basically they’re biologically active and they fight serious diseases and health issues in your body. So antioxidants are basically Biolab, biologically active components that fight against serious diseases.

The main antioxidant that has a lot of the effects is called, Oleo, Amphenol Oleo. I think it’s called, Oh, Oleo can make Cantonal Oleo can Anthem can Cantonal Oleo can Anthiel. So it’s basically, that is the main one. It’s hard to say for me. And it’s an anti inflammatory agent. What that does is a lot of the main stuff that causes disease in your body is caused by inflammation.

And it basically reduces inflammation and helps your heart circulatory system and a lot of different types of inflammatory effects from free radicals or stress on the body. It settles it down, allows your body to heal. So it also protects from cholesterol and it also lowers there’s a cholesterol in your Bible, low density.

Lipoproteins think of your, your, your basically your bloodstream, like a giant sewer that you’re like a big sewer line and pretend that like little tiny golf balls are being thrown down this throat, thrown down the sewer line, those are high density, hard, little golf balls. They call them high density lipoproteins and they bang off the wall.

And they just go through that, that that, through that, that like that, but pipe really easily. Now, if you have a big gooey beach ball, that’s called a low density is low and squishy. I think of a beach ball that’s sticky, low density lipoprotein. That’s like the bad stuff.

That’s where the, that fat does, or both of them are fat, the HDL and LDL, but the low density ones float through the blood can stick to the walls and the arteries eventually create plaque buildup and cause health problems.

But what it does is that basically extra Virgin olive oil lowers the low density, lipoproteins it basically takes, reduces those. So there’s less chance of developing heart attack stroke and things like that, or any type of issue in your circulatory health that also strengthens the veins, the All the membranes in the veins, and it just improves your health so much.

So it’s basically kind of like moisturizes it cleanses, it gets rid of the bad cholesterol and it increases those HDLs. It was a little hard golf balls. So think there’s hard golf balls flying through and keeping all the rest of the stuff moving through. It increases your good blood fats at a good cholesterol, and it decreases the bad cholesterol.

So extra, or, and it also talks about this article hot, extra Virgin olive oil has very much an inflammatory effect on the body chronic inflammation. And this article is, is chronic inflammation is believed to be among the leading drivers of most all diseases, including heart disease, cancers, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and arthritis.

And they have some studies in this article is talking about, like, if you take 50 milliliters a day of extra Virgin olive oil, it’s like three tablespoons or at least three tables, tablespoons of olive oil can also relieve pain in the body like an ibuprofen.

So there’s an anti inflammatory inflammation effect and a pain relieving effect on the body. So my take is, is although it’s extremely, extremely healthy. It’s one of the, basically, it’s probably one of the all time, best health foods for your heart. It can drastically improve your blood profile. Your blood pressure actually reduces blood pressure protects you from bad cholesterol, improves your good cholesterol, keeps that blood flowing.

Think of like a, do you think of it in most simple terms, it’s going to keep everything. It’s, it’s a, it’s a thin, healthy oil keeps everything flowing through your circulatory health well, and and it helps the body and any cellular damage or cellular damage from free radicals, if that’s those antioxidants eliminate that and improve your health.

So circulatory health disease what are these factors in this article talks about it. And anyways another thing to remember that you are what you eat and your health. When you look at all these different training classes, apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, I’ve got eight certifications as a trainer, and I’ve trained around 5,000 or more clients in my life.

And I’ve put that into the programs. And there’s definitely a benefit for heart health, blood work, circulatory, health, inflammation, pain relief. I haven’t think joints. Which I think it helps my joints. I think it helps the client’s joints. And so those are a lot of the effects that I have seen, or I, my take is on some of that. And then a lot of that is proven in medical studies.

So and the best results are always when you’re consistently taking things like olive oil, like at least a tablespoon three times a day. And just sticking with that routine now, a couple of quick action steps so that you can keep this actionable get the dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil. They’re not all created the same, like olive oil.

Isn’t just all about look for the extra-virgin doc dark bottle and look for ones that were have got like recently processed. So it’s fresher. So look for fresh stuff. Don’t look for stuff that’s been around forever. And the big part is you want to pay for quality. It has certain components in there that are basically more healthy. The more that you make sure you will read.

Extra-Virgin the more that it’s not an old product, so you want it to be a new product. And so anyways keep it the action steps for you is what I want you to do is go by Colaw fitness, and you can, you can join Colaw Fitness for $1 the best of all gyms in Topeka.

You can use the whole first month for $1. If you don’t like it, we always have a money back guarantee. We’ll give you a dollar back, but you, when you get into co-op fitness, you can go to the, see a 30 class, get the [inaudible] program, or you can buy the [inaudible] fitness 30 days, simple, easy to follow journal or book, but get that CF30 class, go to see a three class, grab the [inaudible] packet and material.

Get to see if 30 books and start following exactly what it says in that book. We talk about that. And if you put that all of oil, what we do is we put one tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil, and every one of those protein shakes, they talk about whey protein shakes. We do that three times a day. It’s going to help your heart. It’s going to help basically digestive system.

A lot of people have acid reflux, like almost cures it. It also helps with, I think, of the Pepto Bismal commercial it kind of coach your stomach, that those healthy fats, when you put it in your whey protein and you shake it up and you blend it up and you drink that, they actually slows down that the thin way, peptides like fine powder that can permeate through the intestinal tract quickly with fats attached to that.

So it’s like coats, your stomach. It goes into the intestines, that little silly that absorb the nutrients from your intestines. It slows down the absorption of the whey protein. You get all of this heart health benefit.

You get all of this slower two releases. I get time release protein. So that keeps your blood glucose much more steady and a key. And there’s also pressure sensors into your receptors in your stomach.

And when you add that to your shake, it fills your hunger. A lot of times I’ll take like a shake and I get hungry real quick, but you add olive oil to it and you’ll stay fuller longer. Those density receptors, pressure receptors, they actually feel fuller longer. So go there, go to Cola, fitness, get the [inaudible] packet for free, and you can buy the CFS 30 book that keeps you on track for 30 days.

Get in with that free, see a 30 trainer follow this program. Start the extra Virgin olive oil, watch your pain, get better. Your joints, get better your digestive system to get better. And your heart health get better. Your cholesterol improves.

And it’s just a great component versus overall health and wellness. So I’ve got great anti fighting cancer and all these different types of factors that this, this article talks about. Anyways, go there, get started on that CF30 class and get that free packet and then pick up the CF30 book.

Start following it to a T there’s some great daily words of encouragement. For mental health and encouragement to keep you on track. So you don’t fall off track. This first 30 days, I encourage you to go to YouTube type in Colaw Fitness reviews. Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, listen to other people like yourself.

Who’ve lost weight. Got in great shape. Also encourage you to check out the club, Colaw fitness, Google Colaw fitness. Google reviews, reader, some Google reviews of the local club by you, and kind of pick up on our culture. And yeah, my highest desire is your greatest gain. Thank you for listening to the podcast on you need extra Virgin olive oil. That’s it. Have a great week. Bye bye and see you at the best of all gyms in Topeka.

gyms in Topeka

gyms in Topeka