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Oh, this is Charles Colaw. And then you can do this podcast today. I’m going to talk about 10 supplements to burn fat and build muscle. So I was researching an article on newbodyplan.com. and it basically talked about supplements that burn fat build muscle and boost sex drive.

And I’m going to basically go into some of this article might take on some of the article and just kind of make sure that you’re well informed on the items that will actually really help you lose fat, build muscle, some good habits you can change and give you some great takeaways and action steps at the end. So in this article, it talks about these 10 supplements.

The first supplement that they get into is is actually going to be whey protein powder that you’ve heard a lot about. And in this article, they talk about how whey protein powder is great for building muscle it’s. A way is actually produced in cheese manufacturing. Plants are like dairy manufacturer. They separate the curb and the way it’s like the fat and the way it’s like a byproduct for cheese manufacturing.

So like when they’re wanting to make cheese ways within end up throwing out. So they actually make the cheese, but whey was found to have extremely good high quality protein content. When they take all of the fat and all the carbs, you get what they call like a whey protein isolate. It’s a very high quality, easy to absorb high biologically available for skeletal muscle tissue to repair in order to regrow.

So what happens when you workout, you actually damage the muscles, they call it a microfiber tear causes that sort of. So if your workout and you feel sore well, whey protein. Has got a great amino acid profile and those proteins and amino acids, the amino acids in that protein. Are excellent healing and repairing any damage tissue.

So whey protein is the number one source for building and repairing muscle tissue damaged tissue. So whey protein shakes, he also put way in a lot of different food bars and cereals and lots of different products. Now, general mills even puts it in a lot of their products so that they can say now with more protein and things like that.

So whey protein is a great product. They talk about it and it does a great job at building repairing any damage muscle tissue. So if you’re working out, if you’re an athlete or a runner or anything, you will know that these whey protein powders are very beneficial for building and repairing damaged tissue. Second component is going to be talking about Omega three fish oils.

What is it? Omega-3 is a central fatty acid. It means that our bodies can’t manufacture it. So we need to consume it in our diet. It’s going to be very hot found in very high concentrations in fish, especially fatty fish that live in cold water omega-3 is very important in healthy metabolic function.

And an adequate intake provides a whole host of other medical or health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk of cancers, reducing the risk of mental health disorders and inflammation. So do you need it? Yes. Omega three, if you’re not eating like fish two or three times a week, you’re not getting enough omegas in your diet.

So I do recommend getting a, an Omega three supplement and adding that to your daily routine Omega three fatty acids. So yes, the answer’s yes to that. And it’s great. I, especially for heart health, good cholesterol protects against a lot of different diseases. So number three, supplement, they talk about our pre-workout supplements.

What is it? Well pre-workout supplements mainly improve your focus, performance and energy. They increase blood flow, they deliver oxygen and nutrients in your body better and faster. The key ingredient. And a lot of these is going to be caffeine and a blend of amino acids like beta AYLIEN and arginine and creating some of those.

Like the arginine is basically the thing that vasodilators dilates your blood vessels to expand so that more blood can be transported. More of your oxygen cellular respiration can occur in your body, your pump, can you get better? Caffeine? Of course, as a supplement, as a key ingredient, that’s going to stimulate your body, your adrenal glands produce more adrenaline.

The arginine creates a vassal dilation effect. So it’s like you’re stimulated. Your bloodlines are dilated. And then creatine, which is a T P Engenio triphosphates in the muscle energy in the muscles now increase.

So you have better blood flow, better oxygen respiration, a better alertness. And then the CRE, which is energy and the muscle is readily available. So what is it it’s basically motivates you to work out, gives you a better pump and gives you more muscular strength and muscular endurance with the creatine. Do you really need it?

Well, if you feel like you want more focus and concentration and you want more blood flow, you want a better pump. You want to get a little bit better workouts and get better gains.

Those are all, yeah. A great option. So I would say yes, I think it’s something that you’re wanting to really make a change in your body. I think it’s a great product. Of course, read the label. They’re not all created equal. Some are a little more hardcore. Some are not quite as hardcore. So you kinda research it and and check it out.

Number four supplement is vitamin D what is vitamin D? Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It is basically plays an essential role. It’s very, very essential. It’s huge for major biological functions, improving your mental function. Your mental cognitive function, reducing the risk of cancer reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease dementia.

It’s produced in the body in the skin due to direct sunlight. So if you’re not tanning, you know, light to tan, I think Tanny is the worst thing ever or anything direct sunlight is the worst thing ever. You need to make sure you’re getting some vitamin D cause that’s how vitamin D comes into the body. It’s also found in very low doses in some food as in fish and eggs.

So if you don’t ever get in the sun, do you want to REIT fish? You don’t eat eggs, probably somewhat deficient in vitamin D don’t know that I’m saying you probably are because that’s where it comes from.

So do you need it? Yes, especially if you’re in like higher altitude areas or like the, like let’s say you’re in a place where you’re like in an area of the country where you don’t get out in direct sunlight near as often, or you’re always covered up with clothes. But yes, I would say yes, you need it. I would supplement some vitamin D into your diet.

But yeah, that was vitamin D I take vitamin D I think it’s a great product. Take it every day. Branch chain amino acids is number five on the list. Number five, what is branch chain amino acids? Well, it’s a calm it’s. This is what it is. It’s combined a form of three of the nine essential amino acids, leucine I solution, and veiling they’re called essential because your body cannot manufacture them.

So they must obtain them from the food that you eat. So do you really need it? The research is saying it’s fairly conclusive that branch chain, amino acids, substance supplementation before and during training can help induce muscle protein synthesis, which is technical term for the process that lays down new muscle tissue for muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

So branch chain amino acids also improve muscular endurance, increased energy levels and reduced recovery time. High use of branch chain amino acids can deplete levels of other nutrients like B6. So anyways, the whole point here is this is what they call branch chain, amino branch chain, amino acids. And this is in this article, it talks about how it’s the essential ones that you need to get in.

I, I have a take where you’re absolutely ha like, do you have to take it? Do you need it? I would say you don’t absolutely need it. Especially if you’re getting a whey protein product, the, those amino acids are very prevalent in just regular whey protein. So if you’re taking in a whey protein supplement, you’re probably getting enough.

If you want to take in more, I actually dilute away isolate, and my pre-workout drink and use that as kind of a branch chain amino acid replacement. So it’s kind of like a cheaper, more effective way. That’s my take then creatine is the number six product.

What is creating creatine is an organic compound that exists naturally in the body and in skilled in an, in sorry, naturally in the body and is instrumental in providing energy to your cells. So this is what helps your muscles contract and so on.

It is not an essential nutrient because your body can make it in two forms of amino acids, glycerine, and arginine, but it can be consumed through certain types of foods. You can get it in red meat, you can get it such as like steak, or you can also several minutes like with a supplement. W if you’re not, basically, if you’re not taking creatine, there’s definitely a difference if you take creatine.

So let’s say you can do like a hundred pounds for 10 reps. We start suffering, creating you’re now going to do that a hundred pounds like 14 reps. So your muscular strength and your muscular endurance can improve. Now you can maybe do 110 pounds, 14 times. So it basically is, is, is add it what they call ATP. And [inaudible], triphosphate, it’s energy.

ATP is energy in the muscle. When you work out a muscle, it uses up a phosphate. And so the more that you’re eating creatine in your diet creating is going to give you more fast, Birch energy, sorry, muscular strength to lift more weight and more endurance to do it more often.

So you can do more reps and more sets during a workout. You can also recover to do it again, that in turn will give you better results, faster recovery times, and then a better workout. So creatine is kind of like the energy for the muscle. And then protein is the healing and repairing and growth nutrient for that muscle tissue that actually gets damaged.

So creatine is huge for energy in the muscle to contract. It gives you that contraction part, you’re a workout and you get done and your muscle can hardly flex. And it’s like, it’s soft. And so I think of like a raising in a grade, like a raisin is like a muscle that’s depleted and tired, and a grape is full and turgid, so then you eat it, creating rich muscle.

Is going to be more hard and defined and bloated with glycogen and a triphosphate and creating an ATP and all that type of energy in the muscle. So do you need it? I would say you don’t, but if you’re really into strength, training, or trying to build the body up or sport performance, it’s definitely a, an item that I would choose. Okay.

Next product is case and protein case and protein. What is case a protein? It’s a type of protein. It takes a long time to digest. So it releases the amino acids in it very slowly into the bloodstream, whether they’re kind of drip fed into your muscle, unlike whey protein, which is rapidly absorbed and digested, it’s found naturally in the form of dairy products like cow milk, and it contains can come.

It makes up about 80% of the milk of the, of milk’s protein content. Now, caisson, when I’ve been further research outside of this article, caissons bioavailability is a lot lower than whey. So basically you can use it for muscle growth basically way is more effective to building muscle than case in case in is just a less utilized and more slow to absorb.

So what I like to do this is my take this is my spin. This is not what the article says. I take like extroversion olive oil, which is a fat and blend that into my whey protein shakes. So think of like the Pepto-Bismol commercial kind of coats, the stomach. What I’m doing is I’m adding a fat to basically slow down the release of the amino acids of way.

So it’s ways kind of like the highest amino acid profile, like the best for building muscle. Like matches the healing and repairing growth part for the muscle, the best or case. And doesn’t quite do that, but it’s slow to absorb a lot of people like to take it cause it’s slow release for like at nighttime protein.

We’ll take, I tell people, take your nighttime protein as a case and take it in a way, but blended with a healthy fat, like a mega, like a extra-virgin dark bottle, olive oil. So I tell my clients to put like a half a tablespoon or a tablespoon of olive oil and your whey protein shakes.

And that allows the way peptides, the thin ground up, wave the powder to absorb and permeate through the intestinal tract, slower, slowing that release, giving the same effect, like a case in protein.

So that’s my take on it. In this article it talks about, do you need it? It is a slow it is slow release makes a perfect type of before bed protein, but I just explained to you how I like to choose and make my own.

So it talks about saying you need it cause it’s a great bed protein, I would say on that and go ahead and just do your way isolate. So you don’t have to buy one product ways, very popular. It’s very mass marketed, it’s really competitive environment.

So you can get way at a very good price, just add a good fat to it, like dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil, slow down the absorption, and that will give you a great time release protein. That’s higher amino acid profile, more effective for a biological value to the human body. So try that out. Next sub point is zinc. What is zinc? Zinc?

Okay, let me just read this to the zinc is an essential trace element that’s found in up to 300 different types of enzymes and plays a part, a huge, a part in a huge number of biological roles in your body, including your DNA, metabolism, hormone production, and function, including your testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, your brain function, your central nervous system, and many other factors.

I think it also affects inflammation. It also can basically, it’s, it’s a very, very, very important trace element and it’s found in as first it’s a very important nutrient in the body. And it talks about like, do you need it? And it says the U S RDA is 11 milligrams a day for men, and yet only 58% of Americans hit that target. So it sounds like we do need it.

And zinc is lost in sweat and you’re exercising. You’re probably not getting enough. If you’re eating fish or red meat, that kind of thing, it does have zinc in it. So you’re probably having a better chance of hitting your zinc, your zinc goals. Zinc is really good for your immune system as well.

So all this to say, yes, I would take a zinc supplement especially if you’re in the cold season or you’re going to be you have a chance to fight any infection. Also just the regular overall general health, since it is what they say. 300 w tons of different biological roles, metabolization of your metabolism, your, your hormone production your brain health and so on.

And so, yes, I would definitely take his name. Magnesium is the next supplement. What is it like zinc? Magnesium is an essential trace element as well. Every single cell in your body needs magnesium ions to function because it’s involved with production of energy. Well, hundreds of enzymes require its presence to work. Optimally.

This is really found in what they call like leafy greens, like STEM stock or leaf vegetables it’s found in nuts. It’s also found in whole grains. I would definitely shoot shoot for the leafy greens. That’s going to be the high fiber rich foods that are talked about in the [inaudible] book that I’ve written.

It’s a great book, just hammer that leafy green section, and you’ll probably get enough magnesium, magnesium. If you’re not eating any type of veggies or nuts or whole grains, you may be deficient in magnesium.

So I’m a big part of training is when you work out as stressing out that central nervous system, muscle contractions working out. So, and so I would say definitely supplement some magnesium and then make sure you’re getting some good grains. You can find that a lot of that a lot of time, you can get that in a great multivitamin multimineral.

So you just check the side and see if you’re hitting the RDA recommended daily allowance for magnesium. Which brings me to the number 10 multivitamin. This is what is a multivitamin. Multivitamin is a tablet or capsule. It contains either a significant dose of the recommended daily intake of all the central macronutrients. That you need to function optimally.

So it’s kinda like topping off your fuel tank. Do you need it? Well, if you’re eating a really full variety diet you, you, you may not it’s not going to kill you if you don’t, but I do. I like to have that extra insurance policy, make sure my clients are getting all their daily vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so on a good multivitamin can be a very good insurance policy to ensure that you’re hitting your daily target goals for essential nutrients.

So I’ve had clients not take it and swear by it have clients that take it whereby I do swear by I take a multivitamin all the time. I take official all the time. So a lot of these things they talk about, I do put into my regimen because I am super health conscious and focused on gyms in OKC and wanting optimum performance anyways.

But this article is the 10 supplements that help burn fat and build muscle. Most these supplements just help with normal function. If you’re into fitness, it’s going to help you lose fat and build muscle betters, also help with regular, just overall general health.

So I want to remind you that 70 to 80% of your health. Especially where you look like a body fat, how much you weigh, how much fats on your body. How much lean muscles on your body, 70 to 80% like of, of, of all of that is what you do in the kitchen. It’s your food.

So remember, 70 to 80% of your success is your food habits, your nutrition habits the best results are gonna come when you are basically very consistent on a workout. That’s the next thing. So remember, 70 to 80% is your food.

Second thing is going to be, you’re very consistent on your workouts and make sure that you’re keeping your plan very, very simple in the same CF-30 and a template. Follow that template do not deviate from the food and workout template, do the same stuff on a regular basis. Eat very, very clean, very, very clean.

78% of your goals is going to be that. So if you’re eating clean, you’re going to get great results. Even if you missed a workout and then make sure when you do your workout. Keep it very simple in the same, make sure you just execute it very intentionally. That you’re really putting your mind in the muscle, really focusing on the results and the shape and the tone of whatever you’re wanting to work on.

Keep it the simple in the same is what I say. Keep the workout simple and keep it the same. Make sure your diet is super consistent. And if that sounds like a lot to you, I want you to go pick up the CF 30 book, Colaw fitness, 30 day book.

It’s very simple to follow. It tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat. What kind of supplemental things you can put into your plan. And it also has a step by step workout that tells you exactly what to do for 30 days. So diet and workout is completely trained into your brain. And it’s actually a checklist.

You can actually check off every day’s tasks on if you’re following the food and following the workout like you’re supposed to. We’ve had tons of clients lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. So you’ve want to lose weight, tone up the body, build muscle. Get in great shape, follow the, see a 30 book no more, no less than exactly what it says.

My action steps for you to get started to make sure you do do get results on all of this stuff I talked about today. As you join Colaw fitness, it’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. That gives you access to fitness, tanning, massage, free trainer instruction. Free nutrition instruction, and you could bring your friend for free and they can do everything I just listed.

So this is the only club that I know of in the world where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month at gyms in OKC. So join Cola fitness. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee. You get your money back in the first 30 days. It’s only a dollar to start actually give you your dollar back.

So you can basically use the gyms in OKC as a free trial for 30 days, and you can get your dollar back if you don’t like it. So join gyms in OKC is number one and then get in the CF 30 class.

And buy the CF-30 book, follow the food plan exactly to a T no more, no less than what it says and start exercising. What of what it says no more, no less than exactly what it says. So follow the food plan, follow the exercise program no more, no less than what it says. Read our daily words of encouragement for mental health and motivation.

Go to Google, Google us Colaw fitness, Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews in Google. Read about us, read about our club and also get motivated about results. Go to them YouTube type in YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, and listen to hundreds. If not thousands of clients that have lost weight doing these same principles are similar principles for getting in shape.

My highest desire is your greatest gain, so you can lose weight and get in great shape. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast, have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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