Episode 89 - What is a keto diet

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Hello, this is Charles. Go on. Then you could do this podcast today. I’m going to talk about what is a keto diet. See, the problem is, is a lot of people are wanting to lose weight, get in shape, and they’ve heard about this keto diet, or they call it a ketogenic diet.

They don’t really know what it is, and I’m gonna explain it to you. And then also talk about a really simple template to follow. It’s actually like a super ketogenic diet and really will shred fat off your body fast, a lot faster than most typical keto diets.

So without further ado, I’m going to jump right in here to an article that I just had read on diet dr. Com. And they’d been talking about a keto diet, but talk a little bit about what they were talking about. And then also kind of get my take on a few items.

Then at the end, talk about a super keto diet that will really blast some fat off for you very, very quickly. And you’ll be very, very happy with your results. So anyways what is the keto diet? Okay. The keto diet is basically a super low carb, higher fat and moderate protein diet for the most part.

So it’s very, very, very low in carbs has higher in fats is the primary caloric intake that you’re eating and then a moderate amount of protein. And then also what is the keto diet is when you’re lowering your carbs, your body basically goes into this metabolic state called ketosis, and ketosis is where your fat from your diet and from your body is now being burned as its primary energy.

So this is where your body is now being forced to reducing carbohydrates that then reduces your blood sugar, reduces the hormone insulin, and then your body makes a switch when you’re not eating carbs and fuel like carbohydrates, create glucose or blood sugar in the blood.

And if you’re not eating that your body is then basically kind of like fasting or things that’s fasting. And so what happens is it starts utilizing the fats that you’re eating in your diet as its primary energy source. So that is what a keto diet is, is keto diet is where your body is no longer using glucose or carbohydrates as energy.

And now switches over to eating and using, or your body’s using for energy, your dietary fat you’re eating, or the fats off of your body, the stored body fat as energy. So you can actually kind of trick your body by eating ketogenic diet, to force yourself into a fat burning state. So it’s basically a diet that’s tricking your body to use fats as energy instead of cars.

And then it will pull from your fat stores and transition into your fat storage areas like your butt, gut and thighs as its energy source, and that will reduce and so on. And so what does the word KETO mean? Keto means Ketogenic. This is where your body makes a fuel molecule called a ketone. This is an alternative fuel source. It is used in replacement of your blood sugar or glucose.

So basically your carbs in the blood. When you eat carbs, it creates glucose. If you’re not eating that your body then has to go into ketosis or ketogenic this ketogenic state. So when your body switches and burns ketones as fuel as the hormone insulin reduces. So I can talk about earlier and some reduces in the body and then the body fat burning effect increases dramatically.

When your carbs are gone, your body’s, which is using this molecule called a ketone and this ketogenic diet approach. Now is forcing your body to use its own fat as an energy substrate. Now it’s eating the dietary fats in your stomach first, but since it’s already doing that, it very readily goes into dropping ketones from your your fat cells and using that as energy.

So that’s why it’s real popular. And, and during that effect, there’s a lot of benefits that go along with it. I’ll talk about that here in a minute. Jumping back in here so with this new fat brain effect, you’re going to go, that’s going on inside of your body. It’s switching over to using this ketone and now becomes way easier for your body to access your fat source and burn them off.

So keto forces your body to burn more body fat at the benefit that’s what’s going to be doing. So the keto effect is forcing your body to switch over and burn your own stored body fat as energy. Now, now this keto, this is basically lowering the carbs. So big goals, you just trash, all carbs out of your diet, all breads, chills, grain, sugars, everything out.

And you’re only eating foods that have no carbohydrates. This is forcing that Keto effect. So this keto effect forces your body to burn more stored body fat than normal. This keto keeps you less hungry. Why? Because the insulin and different hormones that basically trigger Geiken and certain hormones in your body that increases hunger.

It’s now basically not stimulated as much. So key. Tim keeps you less hungry. It’s also now use it’s now using your stored body fat as energy. So next cool fact is the fastest way to Quito is by fasting or not eating. So yes, Keto is very good. If you keep keto and you kind of keep chloric intake down, you really go into keto faster.

So now here’s the deal, but you cannot eat and just fast and just not eat forever. This is the, the, the quote is as fastest way to keto is by fasting or just not eating, but you cannot eat forever.

So if you want to do a keto diet, you can just re just eat no carb, higher fat, higher protein foods. It’s very small moderation the first few days, and you’ll go into really fast. And then you’re going to have to increase those non carbohydrate meals. And your body will then go into a harder state of ketosis. But your body will be burning the fat that you’re eating during that time.

And what the cool thing about keto opposed to basically just fasting or starving is you can’t eat the ketogenic type method, the rest of your life and maintain a lower body fat. And I can, I can attest to that. Back in high school is three Oh three. I lost 83 pounds through a low carb, higher protein diet. And those low carb diets are very ketogenic.

Basically. You’re not eating carbs, your body switches to fat. And instead of eating as much fat, I was just primarily eating lean proteins at the same time. So it was a little bit harder. I mean, you’re actually going to burn fat a little faster that way, but anyways, you keto is a way that you can eat for the rest of your life. So next thing is who should not do a keto diet?

Let’s say you’re worried about your, for your health. Like, is this healthy to do this? How can I do this? Well, one thing is, is your body can always take a fat and turn it into like a carbohydrate type molecule or use it as energy. You can also take a protein through glycol as a converted amino acids, but the big thing is, is your body definitely basically the only, the only thing it doesn’t need is carbs.

Your body actually actually can make carbs out of, like I say, carbs can make a ketone molecule in replacement of carbohydrate, and it can also take a protein and make it into a carbohydrate. So the carbohydrate is really the only nonessential nutrient, just to kind of give you guys a heads up because your body can basically take fat and switch it into ketones.

And your body can actually take a protein and switch it in through a conversion of amino acids, into glucose and to, and to glucose. And so your body does the only, only type of food group that you don’t need is carbs. So fats are actually essential, essential for hormone function. And liver function and brain function.

So fat is actually an essential nutrient. So it’s proteins. Protein is the only healing or repairing growth nutrients. So there’s some facts for you. So people will be like, well, you’ve got to eat carbs. The actual answer is in the science of it is carbs are actually the only nutrient. You do not have to eat because your body can actually manufacture it from a fat or from a protein, okay, who should not eat a ketogenic diet.

So this is like, who should not be doing this, or at least consult with a doctor first. So first one is going to be people on insulin, especially the insulin injections and strong insulin pumps and things like that. You can approach that, but you need to make sure you’re under medical supervision. Because the thing is, is any of these insulin medications like metaformin or insulin you have to dose down.

Cause what that does is it pulls blood sugar, abnormally low. Cause if you’re not eating carbs in the first place and you pull your blood sugar too low, you got glucose go into like a hypoglycemic or a low blood sugar effect. So that’s basically people who are on insulin. I should not do a ketogenic diet without first consulting with your doctor or a nutritionals it’s that focuses on that.

Okay. next thing people who should not do a ketogenic diet people on medication for high blood pressure. So people on medication for high blood pressure see certain types of medications affect the, the blood sugar and the diet and so on. So one thing is, is when you switch it up, when you switch up your diet blood pressure for medication is.

Is basically the medication is then forcing your blood pressure to decrease by certain mechanisms. Well, when you start a keto diet, your blood pressure actually reduces naturally just on the food. And so your blood pressure can get too low. So this is where you might be able to like, just like insulin and so on, like above you can if you have a doctor checking you and so on, you don’t want to just start a ketogenic diet without checking your doctor first.

Cause you probably have to reduce both the insulin medication and high blood pressure medication. I’ve worked with diabetics and people on different blood pressure meds and put them on the lower carb ketogenic approach diets and they, they can get too low. So you want to be very careful. So you have to consult with the doctor first.

People should not are gonna be people on insulin, people on high blood pressure medication. And then the next and last factor for people who should not be ketogenic or at least without consulting with the doctor first are breastfeeding mothers.

See what happens here is you’re now in a different state of caloric expenditure, breastfeeding pulls tons of energy out of the mother and you’re producing all of this milk for this. Babies are basically feeding another human and you can get abnormally too low in blood sugar. Visit our gym in Topeka today and get started on our program.

It with the ketogenic diet, if you’re not careful. So this is another thing now all three of these could be done, but you need to make sure you’re consulting with a doctor, a medical expert to make sure you don’t get too low blood sugar, or you don’t get too low in blood pressure and have some sort of health effect. Now all of my life I’ve done this.

I’ve never had anybody die or have an issue on a lower carb ketogenic approach. Our bodies are proven resilient to switching over to alternative energy sources like a, like a ketone molecule. So like when you change your food, your body can adapt. But granted when you throw in medications that artificially really lower blood sugar, or really lower blood pressure, it can cause a scary effect.

So make sure you consult with your doctor first John insulin, blood pressure, or you’re breastfeeding a baby, or you’re a breastfeeding mother. So what to eat on keto? What am I supposed to be in? What is keto or keto foods or ketogenic foods? Ketogenic foods are extremely low in carbohydrates and those types of foods are going to be called like natural fats or oils like olive oils.

Low, low, low carbohydrate foods are also going to be natural fats, anything that’s a fat is it on the keto plan and I’d stick to natural source fats, then fish and seafood. Those are like non carbohydrate. There’s zero carbs and fat. And there’s zero carbs and most efficiency food pretty much absolutely zero. And then meat like chicken fish or sorry, chicken and beef and pork and all that kind of stuff.

Meat has zero carbohydrates too. So those are super great ketogenic foods. And then also eggs. Eggs are extremely low and a great ketogenic food. Cheese is extremely low and ketogenic food. There’s a little bit of carb, tiny bit and eggs and a tiny, tiny bit and cheese, but you have to eat a ton of it to, to go overboard. So then, then the next category for like ketogenic foods are gonna be like veggies that grow above the ground.

And you gotta be careful on this cause you can kind of get into a higher carb veggie really quickly. So veggies that grow above the ground. So you totally want to avoid under the ground. That’s the root, the root is kind of like the body fat or the storage form of energy for plant that’s where you get like potatoes. Those are becoming more like starches.

So make sure that you stick to veggies that grow above the ground. And I primarily have my clients stick to the STEM, the stalk or the leaf. And that’s, I’m also excluding the, the, the seed element. That’s sort of like the offspring is of a plant is where they had the seed. That’s higher caloric intake part two. And I had generally has carbohydrates in there.

So veggies that grow above the ground STEM stock and leaf. So think about the plant it’s above the ground. It’s the stock grows up. So it’s like the STEM or the stock or the leaf component. Okay. So it’s the leaf. Okay. So the green leaf stuff or the stock stuff. So this is basically the stock or the leaf.

If it’s the, if it’s like the seed or the fruit of the plant stick, go away from that and the rut go away from that. So you’re only sticking to the STEM and the stock. Okay. make sure if you’re doing a ketogenic diet, you have to stick to under 20 net carbohydrates.

So what’s in that carbohydrate Charles while a net carbohydrate is where you take the total carbs. If you look at any nutritional label, it’ll say total carbs, and then you take away the fight, you take away the fiber and they take away any of the the the fake sugar stuff. And that’s called like sugar alcohols most natural foods that won’t say that, but you take away the fiber and the sugar alcohols, and that that’s a net carb.

So really what you’re looking at is natural fats. Like olive oil and so on, like any types of fat and butters and things like that. Fish and seafood meat, eggs, cheese, and then veggies that grow above the ground that are basically the stock or the leaf. Okay. And then we’re going to go to the next section. I’m like, what should you not be eating?

So this is the not eat section. This is where you don’t eat the fruit. You don’t eat the potato. That’s what I’ve talked about. That just a minute ago, don’t eat the fruit. Don’t eat potatoes, no beer, no pasta, no bread, no rice donuts. No soda juice like chocolate bars or candy bars or being anything that has sugar in it, or sugary drinks or any type of thing like that.

So basically all the refined, manmade based foods really fall into that except for the fruits and the potatoes. So the processed foods really have a ton of carbs and it’ll totally, totally quickly take you out of ketosis and hold you up quickly back out of your fat burning state. Okay. So what to drink? This is what you can drink.

You can drink water, coffee, tea, or zero carbohydrate drinks, and really pay attention to the label and the sweeteners. They use a preferably, just no sweeteners, but definitely not sugar. You got to stay away from anything with sugar in it. So that’s basically water, coffee tea, or make sure that the side of it says zero carbohydrates and you should be fine there.

So that is a ketogenic diet kind of summed up very quickly that you kind of understand that you can rewind it and play it back. Kind of give you an idea of what to eat, what not to eat and how it works and the term and why it’s called that. My take on it is ketogenic diets are great. I have what I kind of created years ago with my clients.

I’ve had over 5,000 clients for gosh, almost 20 years. And this is basically where I tell them exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink. So the candy successful, and this is like a super Keto diet approach. And so this is what I call the CF 30. This is the Colaw fitness 30 day plan available at our gym in Topeka. It’s very ketogenic. It’s higher in protein, but lower in the fat category.

So it’s like no carb high, higher protein, moderate in the fat. It has a lot of cardio that goes along with it. And it also has weight training that goes along with it and to see a 30 plan images blows body fat off. But you’ve got to follow it no more, no less than what it says exactly to a T. So if it’s not in the book, I got to see a 30 book just by the book, follow the book.

It’s a checklist every day. You can scorecard yourself every day, super mind, freedom, just follow exactly like it says. So check that book out. It’s 10 bucks a follow up for a full month and lose a bunch of weight, but that’s like a super ketogenetic diet and you will just blast that fat loss. So I want to remind you that apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute.

I’ve got about nine sorry, at least eight national certifications as a trainer fitness trainer. And this is where they will all talk about how important the food part is for weight loss. 70 to 80% of your success in weight loss or body fat loss is your food. So what you do in the kitchen is super important and the best results come when you keep things simple in the same and keep it very consistent.

So don’t try to change it up. Don’t try to mix up a bunch of stuff. Just follow no more, no less than exactly what it says on the sea of 30 book. Okay. so my action steps for you guys to be successful. If you want to jump on this super KIDO diet, this go ahead and join Colaw fitness, start the free [inaudible] class, buy the free CF 30 book at our gym in Topeka.

It’s 10 bucks follow the food plan, start exercising. I got some great words of encouragement for mental health. Make sure you go to Google and type in Cola, fitness, Google reviews, go to Google and type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews. Just read about who we are, what we do. You also see some great results you hear about our club. Also after that go to YouTube and listen to people just like yourself.

Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness review. So go to YouTube right now, you to a calm type in Colaw. C O L a w  F I T N E S S and then reviews and listen to hundreds and thousands of people that have lost weight. Following this ketogenic approach for weight loss is lower in the carbs, higher in the protein.

Tons of people, thousands of people that have lost weight and multiple States by following these principles. So thank you for listening to this podcast. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.

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