Episode 90 - 2 supplements proven to build muscle

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gyms in Arlington TX

gyms in Arlington TX

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about two supplements that are proven to build muscle. See the problem is, is most people they want to add that that are interested in building muscle. They don’t really know what to be eating and what supplements to be taken. And I’m going to have to clarify some of that for you today.

I am going to walk you through an article that I was reading, and it’s going to be some great information for you. So without further ado in this article this is an article on from popular science. It’s popular science.com on, on there’s actually the article actually says there are only two supplements proven to build muscle and is written by Sarah code dos back in January of 2019.

And it’s talking about two different types of supplements that are really proven to build muscle over time. It goes into some details to that. And the two Southern ones are talking about is protein supplements and creatine type supplements. I’m going to talk about that. Talk about my, take on that for the best of all gyms in Arlington TX.

And also remind you that nothing replaces a really good sound diet, and when you’re eating plenty of high protein, rich foods in your nutritional plan a lot of times you get all you need of protein intake through just your regular nutrition of eating higher protein, rich foods. So, and she also specifies that in this article.

So first off in this article, talking about protein, protein, protein is the healing repair and growth nutrient in the body. What happens is proteins break down in the body into amino acids and amino acids heal and repair any damaged tissue, see skeletal muscle tissue, like your muscles on your body. Visit Colaw Fitness today the best of all gyms in Arlington TX.

When you work out, you create what they call a microfiber tear, small tears in the muscle. And then those amino acids that come from the proteins that you’re eating in your diet or protein shakes that you’re drinking will heal and repair that. Any experience runner, any experience weightlifter and experienced athlete has learned that proteins.

Are the healing repair and growth nutrient, and it can help your muscles become stronger and heal quicker and recover from a workout quicker when you have protein in the diet. So since we’re talking about a supplement, we’re going to talk about supplementing protein the exact amount of protein lots of people have different takes on it. I like to shoot for around two pounds of body weight.

A lot of times people say two pounds per lean body weight for building muscle mass. And of course I’m a former body builder, so I kind of pushed the protein higher.
So like if I’m 200 pounds, I’d try to eat 400 grams of protein and you’d maybe split that up in your six meals a day. So you take 400 and divide that by six. I want to make sure I’m getting that.

And at least each meal most of the time I have learned with myself being a big guy and trying to work out your body only really simulate so much, so much time and I’ll drink anywhere from 60 to a hundred grams of protein per meal. When I was really trying to bulk up and put some good muscles it was on instead of just eating it in one setting.

And sometimes that can cause gastric distress too much of your stomach too much in your intestines. Your body really can’t absorb that. Well, it’s just too much volume to really break that down. Digestive acids, break it down through the intestines, the cilia to pull the new you the proteins through the intestinal track in the intestinal wall, carry to your liver, all the amino acids to be put out throughout your body.

Did they get to the tissues to rebuild and grow? So th in this article we talk about protein and creatine protein types of protein powders that I recommend course whey protein isolate means they’ve taken all of the fat and the sugar, the galactose, lactose sugars out of the diet. So the carbs are gone. Sugars are gone and they take all the fats out of it.

And that’s what I recommend. Protein whey protein isolate. I take a dime Matteis is a popular brand that I like to take also nectar Centracs is rank on nectar. I take that as well. They’re very, very, very very, very like basically zero fat, zero carb type protein powders, or very minimal, maybe one or two grams per serving like 25 grams serving three high quality.

Also the processing of that protein makes it very readily available to be assimilated and absorbed in the body. So they talk about a term kind of biological value, biological values, how well that that protein actually is utilized in the body. And the egg used to be the gold standard at a hundred percent of the eggs.

Protein was bioavailable when they came up with whey protein, it tested out like at one Oh two and then whey protein isolate like about one Oh four. So the percentage of pro pure protein, even though the perfect protein was the egg way is actually testing out higher superior as absorbs even more efficiently. So whey protein is the number one supplement proven to build muscle.

You can get that proteins in your food as well, but I encourage whey protein throughout the day in our [inaudible] book. I outlined how I encourage people to take whey protein. And you can check that out at, at our clubs. It’s called the CF 30 books. Colaw Fitness 30 day easy to follow the book.

You can go in there and reach her that also tells you where, what kind of protein that I recommend taking those are available at the Colaw fitness clubs. So you can check that out. Okay. So that’s protein, whey protein is the number one proven supplement to build muscle. There’s other sorts of other sorts of protein that come from different types of plant based product.

And a lot of those they’re, they’re, they’re still effective, but they’re not far as in building muscle. The Mino acid profile is not as high as certain amino acids that are key triggers for building muscle. So I’m not going to go too much into that, but there are lots of different types. I definitely think whey protein isolate is the best. So next step in this article is to talk about creatine creatine monohydrate.

Let me kind of read a little bit about creating to you. So you kind of understand it from this take. They, they put together a really great little article on here. But the big thing is, is creating is kind of like fuel for your muscle. Let me find it right here, somewhere here. The team section a so creatine is like, like kinda like energy or fuel for your muscle.

They th there’s a term called [inaudible] triphosphate what happens is for muscle contraction. I believe it’s the phosphate that is being engaged actually like muscular energy. So say if you’re doing 10 reps a muscle with more phosphate or [inaudible] triphosphate can actually do more like 12, 13, 14 more two or three or four more reps.

And so it’s basically muscular strength and muscular energy is improved because of the phosphate, the ATP. So when you work out, you burn a phosphate and renewal triphosphates with increasing the, the phosphates of the ATP. The energy ATP is the energy. A T P is the energy in the muscle. And when you increase the ATP, it increases the energy.

So then you’ll in turn. If you have more energy in the muscle, you get a better workout, but our workout then give you better gains. More energy back into the muscle can help with better recovery so that you can go back to do another rep or set. So, or you can also get back to doing another workout again. So the goal here is protein is the healing and repairing of growth.

Nutrients creating is the fuel for the ATP, the energy in the muscles that you can work at harder. So it’s being able to work. The harder is, is going to be the creatine and be able to recover it with the muscle and heal and repair is the protein. So work the muscle harder creatine or recover the muscle protein. Creatine, and then the whey protein creatine and the whey protein.

So those are the two top two supplements proven to, to really build that some muscle. So, that is the article. This is Charles Cole on. They can do podcasts. I want you to encourage you guys also to understand that 70 to 80% of your fitness goals and what you look like in the mirror, the muscle you build, the fat you lose, how lean and trim your physique is.

70 to 80% is your diet plan, what you do in the kitchen. So apex 24, our fitness NSM Cooper Institute, wherever you go to, I’ve got lots of different training certifications. As in being a fitness trainer, I’ve trained over 5,000 clients, help them lose weight, get in shape, worked in multiple States including gyms in Arlington TX.

The big key thing is what you do in the kitchen, your food prep, and then the food adherence to following the program is the most important thing. So 70 to 80% of your weight loss or your fitness, your muscle gain is all the food.

Okay. That’s the first thing. The next thing is best results are people and systems that are consistent. A lot of people are hard starters and bad finishers in fitness. So make sure you’ve got really, really good mind frame templates to follow and follow those consistently for your workouts and then your routine. So the best results are when people are consistent.

And then the next component is keeping things simple and the same until you keep results. A lot of people try to change things up all the time. I tell people, keep it simple, keep it the same, get a really clean diet, really consistent workout. Just hold that for a period of time. Most of the time, people just they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re always wanting to change or always wanting.

To do something different and they never do truly see the results. So keep it simple in the same and make sure that that diet it’s perfect and the workout is very. Very consistent. If you want all of that, bundle that together in one simple, easy to follow program, pick up the CF 30 book Colaw fitness 30 day book. This book is available at the clubs.

It’s $10. It gives you complete mind. Freedom. It tells you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink when and how to work out, what days to work out gives you a scorecard. So you can score yourself on your food and your workout, and then rate yourself on this scorecard every day. So people that follow it, get great results.

If people lose in front of, go from 10 to 30 pounds in 30 days, you know, I’ve had people lose 150 pounds on the program. Just pick it up, just do it. It’s only a month. It’s not going to kill you. Food will still be there. You’ll have a whole bunch of new disciplines. You’ll learn a whole bunch of new information about yourself and a bunch of information about diet and workout through that book, reading that book.

So action steps today. I want you guys to join Colaw fitness. Start the CF 30 class. It’s a free class. And then by the CF-30books, start following the book, read the flu plan. Start the exercise program, read our daily words of encouragement for mental health and mental motivation. Read our Google reviews on YouTube.

If you go on to a Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read all our reviews. Learn about us. Also go to YouTube and then type in water fitness reviews and listened to all the hundreds and thousands of people that have lost weight got in great shape.

Anyways, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast for Colaw fitness. This is where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. Come check us out. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you later. Bye bye and see you later at the best of all gyms in Arlington TX.

gyms in Arlington TX

gyms in Arlington TX