Episode 91 - Giant sets = Fast Results

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw. Well on the, you can do this podcast today. I’m going to talk about giant sets, fast results. See, the problem is, is a lot of people don’t know what a giant set is. It’s a very convenient way to work out very effective and time efficient. So I’m going to talk about that.

A lot of people who are into working out or I don’t know about this principle and they, they would like to get to know about it. It’s very effective. I use it on a really regular basis and also people that have never worked out before don’t like going to the best gym in Topeka and spend an endless time that takes forever to get their workout in.

And this is very effective as far as in timewise and very effective far as in stimulating the body wise. And it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of fun actually. So first off, I want to explain to you what a giant set is, and then kind of give you some examples of what I do for giant sets. That way you can use that in your arsenal and start doing that as a part of your routine.

She can get in and out of the best gym in Topeka quickly and you can get some really great results and so on. And so I’ve got an article I’ve looked up and I’m going to kind of go onto the article and off the article and kind of give some of my takes to it.

So I’m gonna talk about the article a little bit and then my take on it, and then kind of tell you what I do far as in giant sets. So this article is actually written on stack.com. It’s basically explaining what giant sets are and the benefits to it and some, and some of their information on it.

And I’m gonna talk about it. So first off, what are giants giant, giant, giant sets have nothing to do with excessive excessive amounts of weight, rather giants that are simply a really big superset. They were required to perform a number of exercises, at least for in consecutive order, without any rest in between, you can focus a giant set.

On an individual muscle group or individual area, or you can diversify a giant set into the movements and the way you want to entrain the entire body, which may offer greater benefits for like functional athletes and CrossFit athletes. It’s very, very similar to CrossFit style training, giant sets require it is used.

And in CrossFit training, giant sets require a lot of uninterrupted work. You may find it more beneficial to utilize lighter weights and really hone on form and technique. Here’s a sample of a full body, giant set sample would be like a pull up.

And then you would do, like, let’s say 12 to 15 repetitions until you fail immediately jumped down and do some dips are. I’ll go to a dip machine and do some dips. And then do you know, for eight, sorry, eight to eight to 15 or dips or whatever, and then align leg raise do to 15 of those. Then align leg, press eight to 15 of those, and then 10 reps.

And then you rest right at about four or five minutes in between. And then you do that for about let’s say let’s do that about, about four sets. So you’d like four sets of those that giant set. So the combination of work would be pull-ups dips leg raises leg press rests three to four minutes until you catch your breath and then attack all those again.

And so on. So the big take is, is you’re doing multiple workouts in succession with each other. Now, the way that I do it, a giant set is I like to speak I’m a former bodybuilder. So I like to really build the body symmetrically and focus on weak points and so on. And so what I do is if I do like a chest and tri day, I do four different exercises on chest and I put all those together.

So I do like, let’s say four chest inclined presses than I do for chest flat chest presses. And then I do for chest decline, chest presses, and there are over the cable crossover and I do the cable crossover machine. And I’m doing all of that anywhere from about 10 to 15 repetitions.

So there’s a lot of endurance and really pushing my body as hard as I can to failure on each one of those and then arrest right about three to four minutes to catch my breath. So repeat that again, for example, like on a chest and tri day, I’ll start off with chest and they do a chest incline, press the chest flat, press, a chest decline press, and then a chest cable crossover, and then rest three to four minutes and then do it again.

And I do feel, I like to call it a round. I do four of those rounds and then my chest is done. Then I moved to triceps and I’ll do like a tricep press down a tricep overhead, press a, a cable, a rope extension. Then I’ll do like a dip and then I’ll do like a machine tricep press. And I do all of those in succession resting about four minutes between each one of those rounds.

And and I do that about four or five times, and I’m pretty much done with my chest and try a workout that I do a little bit of abs and stretch out a little bit and then head out the door.

It’s very fast. It’s very effective. You really blast that muscle group. And so that’s what I do. I’ll very, very, I almost every day I do giant sets cause I’m a busy business professional and not just you know, like have tons of time to spend in the gym. And so giant sets are very effective to maintain a really good physique. Now, if I was a bodybuilder, I wouldn’t do it all the time.

I’d mix it up. But since I’m really not bodybuilding anymore, this is a great, effective way to get a great workout, stimulate a lot of muscle the whole time you’re going. You’re also with cardio and really a part of what happens in real life is, is your cardiac endurance goes up by doing this and your cardiac recovery gets going because you, you blasts and then arrest a blast and arrest.

So it’s very good for heart health, muscular heart cardio, cardio strength, cardio endurance, and cardiac recovery. So really giant sets do a ton for overall health and wellness. It’s huge in my book to be following what are the benefits? This is what it talks about. I just kind of covered a lot of that.

This article says giant sets can help athletes improve their muscular and cardiovascular endurance, increased athletic performance and save time in the gym here. That saved time in the best gym in Topeka. If you know, I’ve only got 30 minutes or so to spend in the weight room, it’s a great way to utilize your workout by doing giant sets.

They make your training time very effective in both terms of burning calories and building muscle. So it’s kind of like a hit high intensity training. And it’s like doing that really effectively targeting muscle groups specifically.

So it’s high intensity training, but you can be very, very specific with it. Like I do was picking muscle groups. So my training’s woods, generally Justin tries back and buys the next day, sorry. Justin tries one day back in buys the next day, shoulders traps the next day and then legs, quads, hands and calves on the leg day.

And then I do abs and calves sometimes throughout the week, every other day, or even every day, if I feel like they’re there, they’re recovered. So that’s where I can be in and out of the best gym in Topeka. Pretty much 30 to 45 minutes, probably more like for 40 minutes and I can maintain under 6% year round and about 240 to two 55 and be really great physique all the time.

By and only spend about 30 to I would say about 45 minutes in the best gym in Topeka, in an out on a regular basis. Now I do work out almost every single day. Very rarely do I miss a day just because it’s a part of my normal routine in life. So great, great, great thing. Okay. and this article it talks about some different examples of full body, giant sets and upper body giant sets and lower body giant sets.

I think it’s really great. If you want to start off with like an upper body giant set one day and the lower body giant set the next day, you can do that with the CF 30 plan, pick up one of our city of 30 books and do all those workouts kind of like normal at first. And then like we to strive to try to couple them all together and arounds with three minute rests in between each round.

And you’ll blast through your 30 book, you get great results and you’re going to be very effective and losing weight, getting in shape, strengthening the body, helping with muscular strength, muscular endurance, a lot of great benefits.

So anyways, that is this article. I love giant sets. If you have any questions you can email me cf30trainer@gmail.com. That’s CF 30 trainer. Yeah. At gmail.com. Anyways great stuff. So I want to remind you guys that 70 to 80% of all your success in weight loss and toning up is your food. It’s what you do in the kitchen.

So make sure you’ve got a really good set plan and I can give you one of those with our CF 30 food journal for free. At Colaw fitness, we’ll pick up one of those handouts. There’s a paper handout. Follow that CF30 journal handout flyer for free, or you can get our [inaudible] book. It’s an actual book that you can log and write in motivational stuff.

And it has workouts in it. And this is where I kind of coach you through the first month you get in a good food habit, good work at habit. Remember your best results are when you are being consistent. So a lot of people are hard starters, bad finishers in fitness. They don’t know what they’re doing. They work out, they start hard. Or they don’t finish. So keep I guess what I’d say, pick up that journal, hold yourself accountable.

Follow that book, keep it simple. Next thing is, keep it simple in the same. Follow the book no more, no less than what it says. Follow the, see a 30 book. You can use that giant set principle and get out of the best gym in Topeka. And about 30 minutes for your weight training portion, it will be very, very quick and easy, very efficient. So quick action steps for today’s podcast.

I want you to join Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. You can actually use the best gym in Topeka for all 30 days and get your money back. That’s not a good fit for you. Why? Because my highest desires, your greatest gain. Why? Because we are the best value for fitness in the, I think the world, as far as in what you actually get for your dollar, and then also go to the free trainer classes.

We’ve got some great orientations that teach you how to work out. We also have a CF 30 class. It’s where we give you a diet and a workout. A mind frame handout that you can have, or you can buy our CF30 book. It’s only 10 bucks. I will personally in that book, tell you what to do the first 30 days of working out for us and what to eat when to eat, how often to do all your workouts.

If you follow it, you’re going to lose a lot of body fat and to tone up and build muscle. You’re going to feel a lot better. So follow the plan, start exercising in that book, read our daily words of encouragement. We’ve got some great stuff to keep you motivated for mental health. I encourage you to go to Google, read our Google reviews type in Colaw fitness.

Google reviews, type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews in Google. Or just type in Colaw fitness reviews in Google and re listen to read. Some of our reviews, learn about who we are as a company. See all the different people that love our gym. Also, if you want to see results, want to see people that really lost weight, doing exactly what I’m talking about.

Go to Colaw. Fitness review is on YouTube. So type in YouTube, youtube.com. Off at interviews and listen to all of the thousands, hundreds, or thousands of people or 10 or 20, however many on a watch reviews on people, losing weight, getting in shape, falling in some of these principles. Some of them are going to the best gym in Topeka, just working out.

Some of them have fought a lot of the of principles, but just listen to them. It’ll get you motivated to get you going. My highest desire is your greatest gain. So thanks for listening to the podcast today, today, we talked about basically giant sets and how to do them, how to utilize them. So giant sets for fast results.

It’s very efficient, very effective, muscular strength and muscular endurance and muscle and cardiac. Much sorry, cardiovascular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and cardiovascular recovery. It does all of that in 30 minutes or less. So it’s a great thing. Take advantage of it. Giant sets. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast, but talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.

best gym in Topeka

best gym in Topeka