Episode 92 - Low Carb Diet Tips For Beginners

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Welcome to the, you could do this podcast podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter. Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about low carb diet tips for beginners.

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See, first off, a lot of people that are looking at low carb diets or ketogenic diets or paleo South beach, a lot of those are lower carb type diets, very effective in forcing your body to use its own fat as an energy substrate. And also getting you to where you mentally are, clear thinking and functioning, and you have less highs and lows of blood sugar.

So today I’m gonna to talk about low carb diet and give you some tips for some beginners. So if you’ve never been into a low carb dieting before or lower carb type dieting this is going to be some good information for you.

First off, I want to go through an article that I was looking at and reading through some, or read through some of that and give you my take on this article. And that’s going to give you some awareness of what low carb diets are and then how they work. And some of my takeaways on some of these questions, some of these little sections in here.

So in this article, this article was written by medical news today.com and they talk about 10 low carb diet tips. And I’m going to run through this quickly and give my take so we can kind of learn some information on it. So low carb diet foods, what is, what, like what is a low carb diet food? What can you eat?

So basically lean meats such as certain lines, such as sirloin, chicken, breast, or pork fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables that are STEM stock of the vegetable cauliflower, broccoli, nuts and seeds including butter oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, some fruits such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries.

And I’d be very careful on that. And then unsweetened dairy products such as plain whole milk and plain Greek yogurt. So those are what they considered a low carb food intake items. And if you are trying to get into like a ketogenic type diet where you actually burn fat, I would avoid in this article on my take on this section, the fruits, the apples.

The berries and definitely some of the milk and yogurt cause it’s galactose and lactose sugars. But really for the most part, what they talked about here, first in the lean meats, chicken fish, pork lean cuts of steak, fish, eggs, green leaf fees, any type of veggies that are the STEM or leaf broccoli, cauliflower nuts and seeds and so on.

Those are very low. Glycaemic very basically what I mean by that. Those are super low carb oils and coconut oil, olive oil, all that kind of stuff in moderation. Fat is still fuel. So I do allow fats and low carb diets, but you do, you can’t get so much fat that you, you kind of start using that fat as energy opposed to your own fat off your body.

So that’s the section on what to be eating next section is knowing the carb counts and serving sizes for food. Most low carb diets. It talks about as anywhere from 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day, because of this people falling low carb diets choose foods that have lower carb counts, but higher nutritional value per serving.

So in this article, I agree with that portion size of 20 to 50 grams of carbs a day, you can get a lot of that primarily from your Leafs. I tell my clients to eat meat and vegetables and pro whey isolate protein shakes and water.

You can put extra Virgin olive oil in your shakes, like one tablespoon or a half a tablespoon, but those types of really low carb diets like that really force your body, use its own fat. And you really start dropping really fast. So I do agree with this 50 carbs or less for carbs for a low carb diet, I actually had studied and you can eat about 120 carbs a day cause your brain and liver and your, your inner organs used a lot.

And so you still can be going into ketosis or using your own fat as energy all the way up to about 130 carbs. But if you want to really lose, I’m a fat fast, yeah. 20 to 50 car brains is a great target. And mainly getting those from you’re going to get some of it from your whey protein, shake your, get some it from your green leafy, but you don’t want to go over about 50 a day.

Next section in here talks about making a meal plan. Well, here’s the deal. If you go get the CF 30 Cola fitness 30 day journal that we sell in our book for our Topeka gyms for 10 bucks, it gives you an idiot proof, simple plan to follow it’s. A book has a journal and you can log all your stuff, tells you what to eat, what times to be eating pretty much everything to be successful on the plan and walks you through it.

But that’s a really great template. Also have a free handout in the CF30 nutrition the free trainer classes go get one of those free handouts to start following that. That’s a great way. It’s complete mind, freedom and tells you exactly what to eat. What times do you eat? How much water to drink and how to follow it, how to prep for it, all that kind of stuff.

A meal plan. This article says a meal plan that can make things easier. Anyone trying to follow low carb diet could try mapping it out on their own. But it’s really tough. You got to plan meals in advance. I totally agree with that. You got to stick with the diet. I totally agree with it. It doesn’t work. You can do it for two days and then stopped at five days and stop.

You got to do any of these plans. Just like they say no more, no less. Exactly. Like it says you will not die and it will work. I’ve done it with thousands of clients. So following it, falling and falling to a T. So pick up that [inaudible] a handout or pick up the [inaudible] book book that I have in the club at Colaw fitness, or you go to Colaw Fitness.com and pick up this CF-30 book.

You can buy it online. Anyways, meal prep is the next thing. This is where I tell clients, this is pivotal. Once you’ve got your plan, like your written plan. So you have complete mind freedom. You can look at a document and just execute, pick up like that, see a 30 journal. It has it right there in front of you. Follow that plan no more, no less than what it says. Then you’ve got to prep it.

So prep the meals the night before prep the meals the night before prep, the meals the night before prep, the meals the night before, and this article, it talks about prepping the meals. They say planning is one thing, but preparing meals ahead of time can also help. Yeah, it is essential because what happens is my opinion.

You have to pre prep your food the night before, put it in containers, get it ready to take for the next day in the morning. Cause you will get held hostage with some sort of burning fire issue in your life and you’ll get derailed. So prep your food. Make sure you take it with you. Complete mind. Freedom, set your phone with a timer on every three hours to be eating those meals in my book.

Just follow that you will be successful. Some, it says some people like to prepare a week’s worth of breakfast and lunches and meals and put them in containers in advance like a week’s worth. I wouldn’t do that. That’s pretty far out. Some people like to freeze them and so on. They get really gross when you do that. So I would disagree with this.

You can do that maybe for two or three days, I would not do a full week. I’m having you get burnout. What I’m saying is the food. If you, if you do a lot of that, it’s just not as tasty.

You get really burnt out quick. So just be careful, but I would prep food the night before or prep food for about three days, max for the future having a lot of prepared meals is going to be very handy, avoid pitfalls and things like that. Cause you will get caught up. You will get busy and having your stuff ready to go quick is a great thing.

And here it talks about some low carb options like egg muffins, Greek yogurt bowls, protein, pancakes, lettuce, wraps protein, a visual stir fry with the rice, but pretty much meat and veggies. All of those, I would say almost disagree with, except if you do, I have got a Colaw protein pancake recipe and it is awesome. And when I say awesome, it’s awesomely great macros and it’s pretty decent for a pancake.

Great. So I’m really, I’m big on being a trainer that you, you may not like all my meals, but you really liked what you look like in the mirror. And some people don’t like that. And so the ones that stay fat, don’t really like to train with me. The ones that really want to get in shape, and they’re saying I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and want to get fit.

They’ll train with me, but I’m gonna make sure whatever you eat is exactly like what you’re supposed to to get in shape. So pretty much everything on that list that they listed. I would put a thumbs down to deck section I talk about as carrying low carb snacks, carrying low carb snacks, hard boiled eggs. Yes. Thumbs up unsweetened yogurt.

I think there’s better options. Thumbs down, baby carrots, a thumbs down on that too, is those are basically a root. And what happened With a rut? It’s like a potato is a potato carrots are like a potato that canerry contain quite a bit of carbon intake.

They’re not as bad as a potato, but in my opinion, they still raise the blood glucose pretty moderately and you can eat a lot of them and I’ve had clients not lose as fast on them. So handful of nuts. Yeah, I would say, okay, you gotta be careful with that cheese, same thing. Yeah.

Those things are just some of those gray areas where if you get too much of them, you plateau and they say, eat regular portion sizes. Don’t overeat. See a lot of people, they keep snacking and it gets off track. I’ve done this in real life, so great article. But you’ve gotta be really, really in control of your portions if you do some of these options.

So I would agree you gotta have low carb snacks. I do protein shakes and water with a half a tablespoon to a full tablespoon of olive oil. If you’re a guy full tablespoon, half a tablespoon for a female and anywhere from basically one to four scoops away, I slit, that’s what I use on to go meals in. People can put them in a shaker cup, shake them up, sort of some ice.

And I’m taking with you to go. That’s my favorite to go meal for a client it’s completely super, super, super low carb and spot on with some good healthy fats as a coach, your stomach like Pepto-Bismol commercial and extends the release of the way I slit with a little bit of fats in it. And all these fats that are listed in like those, those like, Oh, I get extra Virgin.

Olive oil is very, very slow to absorb. I’m sorry. All the fats aren’t completely, carbon-free extremely, heart-healthy a lot of great studies on that and that’s the dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil, if you’re going to get any.

So next section, this article talks about is considering carbs cycling. I think there is some benefit to that. It says carb cycling involves eating very low carbs for a set amount of days, followed by one day, beating higher carbs. This helps the body avoid fat burning plateaus can develop after weeks of low carb dieting.

See what happens is you can down-regulate some of your hormones and gosh, the actually the, the, the in your brain, you actually can, can release basically when you carb cycle, it can help a little bit with your body’s metabolism and certain hormones that down-regulate can get back on track. I’ve done it both ways.

I’ve had clients do really great, never breaking it in carb cycling, and I’ve had clients do well where they take a carb cycle. Now it comes down to if you like if you’re training hard athlete and you out a lot of cardio, sometimes I give a higher carb day.

Most of the time for beginners like you guys, I would just stick right to low carb all the way through for 30 days. You will not hit a plateau if you really have some body fat on you, your body’s gonna readily keep using your own fat. Your body’s pretty smart. It will pull and utilize your stored body fat really well for quite a while.

And then if you get into where you want to train more for putting some muscle back on or train for some high intensity workouts, we can add carbs back to it. And that that’d be another article or another podcast. So carbon cycle is not for everyone. Anyone concern should talk to their doctor or a nutritionalist, I would say, yes, that’s a really great, accurate thing to say.

Most of my clients, I don’t have them do any carb cycling for 30 days. And then once we kind of figure out how their body’s responding, I add some back in. Or when they get down to their target weight. I start adding some carbohydrates and some freedoms back in, but their disciplined is greatly improved and they’ve already hit their results. Or they’re trying to train specifically for some sort of event.

And that’s when we add those carbs back in seven, not a note. And this article says not all carbs are created equal carbs, come and come in. Different forms. Simple carbs are easy to digest like sugars refined and processed carbs, such as white sugar, white flour, simple carbs. People who are starting a low carb diet need to think about reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates, processed carbohydrates.

Eating these carbs will be beneficial to reaching ideal weight for general health. However, not all simple carbs are created equal fruits include fruit, dos, simple sugar, but eating fruit is recommended in a low carb diet as a loaded with nutrients.

That’s all I’m going to say. I’m not going to read through the rest article, but the main thing here is, I agree, you gotta lower your carbs. I don’t want fruits and fruit dose in the, in the diet, if you’re following a low carb diet, why now, if you do, you gotta be super portion control. I’ve done that with some clients, but I’m really targeting more types of tiny kind of like that carb cycling thing I just talked about.

So the first 30 days I just pull them all out, all basically sugar fruits, breads weets, wheat, anything that has to do with High-Glycemic fast to absorb carbohydrates are all out. The only thing you’re eating for carbs or STEM Stock or leaf veggies, And those are high fiber rich, really great for protecting from diverticulitis or diverticulosis strength.

It basically helps you strengthen the intestinal track, clearly intestinal track and gets a lot of good vitamins without the carbs, without the, the, the blood sugar response. And without holding that body fat and capitalization or your body using its own fat as energy or like a Quito Quito ketogenic ketosis is what you’ve heard process of where your body’s using your own fat as an energy substrate.

So, okay. Next up in the article is being aware of alternatives, make sure, you know, it talks about eating lettuce leaves instead of taco shells for like a like a taco for like a taco or a lettuce wrap or something. It says portabella mushrooms instead of buns. It’s I agree with that. So baked butternut, squash, fries, eggplant, lasagna cauliflower pizza crust.

So it kind of said, yes, all these things are great or better options. Just remember a lot of times when you get real, I tell people, keep it simple. And the same, when you get real extravagant, you kind of get off track and start adding too many little want to be bad food items that sound like bad food, but good food. And you end up derailing yourself.

What I mean by that is unit eating enough of it with some little slight baby mistakes that you plateau all your, all your results. So now you work two weeks and now you plateau and you just don’t make anything for 14 days. It’s pretty depressing. So I’d rather have clients get really be really, really successful. That’s where I tell you in that CF 30, exactly what to do. That’s the Colaw fitness 30 day book.

So buy that book, see if 30 book pick up that book. It’s 10 bucks, it’s complete mind, freedom. I’ll tell you exactly what to do. And then nine says exercise appropriately. It doesn’t really give you a plan. It talks about what the CDC talks about for how many, 150 minutes a week, or a minimum of 10 minutes at a time, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m telling you follow that [inaudible] book.

You’ll blast that fat off tone the body up. You’re going to get great results. This is just some like bare minimum guidelines of like you know, 10 minute workouts at a time. And that’s great if you can start off with 10 minutes and you’re really that, that limited, but if you want to see something actually happening on your body follow that, see a 30 book.

I’ll tell you in there far as exactly what lifting weights to do far as in strength training, that’s very simple, very easy to fall, and we have free trainers at all of our clubs to teach you all of that stuff and to see a 30 book and cardio, cardio strength, cardio endurance, cardiac recovery, and just overall fat loss.

We’ll teach you all the cardio that you need to be doing for the first 30 days to get a really good start on fat loss and toning up, and even maybe muscle gain. If you, if you’re a guy, you just bump up that protein and you’ll gain that muscle.

So another thing is, is a, it talks about some mornings talks about how you could have cramping and bad headaches and brain fog and lack of energy and nauseous. And so on. None of that’s going to occur because I’ve given you a see a 30, a free template to follow ’em. You can pick up that template or it can pick up that book.

So all of these things that could be issues will never occur. If you just follow that plan, like it says no more, no less exactly what it says and you’ll successful. So what reminds you guys 70 to 80% of your success is your food apex 24 hour fitness in ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got a bunch of certifications. We’ve got about eight national certifications as a trainer. And I’ve trained over 5,000 clients.

What you look like is what you do in the kitchen. So make sure you follow a really good food plan. These low carb diets are excellent. I give you the CF 30 follow the CF 30 plan in the Topeka gyms on the free journal. Or I got that book for 10 bucks. The best results are when you’re consistent. That means keep it simple, keep it the same, follow the CF30 book, just like it says.

You’ll do great. So action steps for you. Join Colaw fitness, get in the freest, the free trainer classes. Getting in the free orientations on how to use all the equipment.
So that way you’re for free. You’re getting trained on how to use everything in a GM or a ton of stuff in the Topeka gyms.

Start following the CF 30 class by the CFT 30 book, follow CF 30 book. Follow the food plan, start exercising and read my daily words of encouragement that keep you on track for mental health. Go to Google type in [inaudible] as reviews, typing google.com and then probably Colaw fitness reviews. Read our Google use, learn about our club. Learn about our mission.

Yeah, and why we want to make you a whole lot better person in every area of life. Go to YouTube, go to YouTube. Right, right now, and type in Colaw fitness reviews, listen to people just like yourself. Who’ve lost weight. Thousands of people that have lost weight, don’t just believe me. Go to YouTube.

These are real people that have lost weight on these same types of principles of losing weight, getting in great shape. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Thank you for listening today. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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