Episode 94 - Eat fish. Why?

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best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about a topic of eating fish and why, so eat fish and why is what I’m gonna talk about today? So here’s the situation. I have used fitness throughout my life to kind of keep my body in shape. And when I get into a fitness contest or a show, almost every time.

I use a lot of different types of fish to kind of get that last bit off of body fat and to build muscle and fish is a great source of protein protein that is very lean there’s next to no fat, very low in fat, no carbs, super healthy. So a lot of times in bodybuilding I’ll do beef and chicken and like whey protein shakes. And down to the last few weeks.

I mainly go into like lots of different types of like Whitefish bright before a show and I can get super, super lean and shredded to do a fitness contest. So talk, I’m going to talk today about eating fish and why. Over the COVID and a bunch of different stuff that was going on, I just wasn’t as tight as I wanted to be. So I jumped on my CF 30 plan.

It’s the Colaw fitness 30 day diet and workout plan. And this is basically where you eat a higher protein, super low carb and moderate. A healthy, fat, only diet. And I jumped on that and I lost 21, sorry, 25 pounds in 21 days. And I used primarily just fish. It took all my beef and even chicken out, and I mainly just did fish. Then I did my way I slipped shakes.

And then I did a fish where I slept shakes and then egg whites in, in my diet for 21 days for three weeks. So basically three weeks, 25 pounds shredded, a bunch of fat. So I wanna talk about that. And then also a deep dive on an article about fish. So so I was going to say is after COVID I just hadn’t been eating quite as tight and of course it was fairly lean, but I wanted to get like super sharp.

So I decided to jump on like the sea of 30 plants, basically the same kind of stuff I do right before a show and a lot of different clients. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of clients in multiple States do the CF 30 and lose quite a bit of weight, but I did it super strict where I just did like the fish and vegetable meal with a little bit of olive oil, one tablespoon of olive oil to cook the fish in.

And then so basically at three meals had a fishmeal that was about sorry. About, about a hundred grams of protein. So it’s like about six, eight filets of like tilapia or like a white fish. And and then I had about two cups of broccoli and then one tablespoon of olive oil that I cooked the efficient for some fats. So it’d be like one, one meal.

Then I also did like a two scoop way isolate shake with a tablespoon of olive oil as another shake as another meal. And then I also did an egg meal and I would basically take a carton of egg whites, which is like 20 egg whites or a hundred grams. So just pure eight whites and scrambled eggs with that, and then use a tablespoon of olive oil to cook that in.

So it was like super hardcore high protein only olive oil for fats for 21 days and did my regular routine. I actually didn’t even do the cardio and I lost 25 pounds in 21 days and got super shredded and kept all my muscle. Maybe even had a little bit of muscle gain. Now I did feel fatigued. My workouts retired a little bit, but bottom line is I shredded quick and really got almost near contest shape and 21 days.

So the fish I believe is, is a huge, a great source of protein. So I’m talking about that today. In this article, I read an article today on a it’s called bodybuilding.com. It’s about fun. It’s about, about fish and EOS. You can, it’s the, article’s actually labeled all about fish tips and benefits in there. They talk about, you know, chicken and tuna and all sorts of different lean protein sources.

And they talked about the benefit of fish. Fish is such a very, very lean protein source and there’s many types of fish. They talked about Cod which is super low in fat and super high in protein flounder, same halibut, same mackerel, same super lean lean, like note next, next to no fat of super great protein content no carbs, all fishes, no carbs.

So they talked about Cod flounder, halibut mackerel, red snapper salmon, of course, that has higher fat in salmon, swordfish, trout, tuna, and Yellowfin. Now low in fat, the benefits of eating fish is that they are low in fat. And so this article talks about, and pretty much with the exception of salmon and mackerel.

They’re virtually fat-free it’s makes fish one of the best foods for individuals who are really wanting to prepare for a contest. I totally agree if you really stick to doing adding fish into your diet. Now I fish is for me is not my most favorite choice. I’m totally a red meat guy, love red meat, but I fall into eating red meat way too much, and I know that’s not the best cause it does have more saturated fat.

And so I just kind of gotten this health kick, hit this shredded it, and it felt really good. I felt really healthy too. So I’m low on calories. Fish fish is very low in calories cause it doesn’t have hardly any fat and it has no carbs. So it’s, carbon-free it’s next to no, no fat, even chicken has more fat in it.

I remember one time I was talking with Jay Cutler, who’s a professional bodybuilder years ago back when I was competing. And I think I talked to him at a trade show and he was. I got ready for a, he helped me with a diet that got me ready for a photo shoot.

And he talked to me about how he really even takes that chicken prior to a contest. And ever since he taught me that back when I was, I think 19 at the time I really went to fish hardcore when I was in training for like a competition. I definitely saw that come in my physique. So you get a lot leaner, a lot faster. Another really cool thing about fish is fish is really good with Omega three fatty acids.

They generally have a good source of Omega three fatty acids, especially salmon and mackerel, some of the fattier fish. And it’s very good for your heart helps lower. The triglyceride triglycerides are circulating fats in the blood and also helps promote brain function. And it’s those Amigas really good for all sorts of just overall health in the body.

Anyways so what you want to do is be focusing on just w here’s the deal. Like I really do a lot. This is, this is not probably the healthiest fish, but I chose a lot of like tilapia and I do SWOT. He, which is sometimes con like that. A lot of people don’t like it because there are like more farm raised and not natural.

So I do believe it’s a, if it’s a natural like from the ocean fish, it’s going to be better, but of course, with bodybuilding and costs, you can generally find one that they have these different seals that talk about the backwards integration of the third party that really bets the quality control. So I just generally go with a good tilapia, a good swanky which is a white fish next to no fat.

And it’s always served me well now. Other people may argue with me on that. So that’s, that’s, that’s your, your suit? I’m sure there’s tons of other worst things to be eating and that most of the seat, but I do a lot of the Whitefish tilapia swanky. It’s very inexpensive and you can look for certain types of third party vendors that that will verify that it is quality controlled.

So anyways so I jumped on that, did that for 21 days, lost 25 pounds, had huge success on that and really feel good about myself on that. And, and actually I felt very, very healthy during that whole period of time. So so I agree fish is great for a very lean protein source and this article, it talks about like safety of fish, making sure that you cook it.

You know, within two days of buying it, making sure you buy it very clean. If it’s frozen, make sure you thought out before you cook it and just some different tips on it. You can check it out. It’s called if you type in Google, it’s all about fish, bodybuilding.com. There’s an article written by Shannon Clark. It’s about a five minute read.

Basically it’s just emphasizing lean protein is the cornerstone or body of good bodybuilding diet and fish is really at the top of the list. And so she put together a list in there, talks about some of the best fish to be eating. And yeah, you guys check it out anyways. I wanna remind you guys that 70 to 80% of your success and fitness is going to come from your food, what you do in the kitchen.

So apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, I’ve got a lots of different national train sort of certificates. I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients in multiple States, far as in losing weight, personal training, losing weight, getting in shape and, and helping them reach their goals.

I’ve competed in bodybuilding and won top honors and I’ve been in powerlifting and one top honors. So the whole thing is, is what you do in the kitchen is very, very important for your fitness goals, especially for what you look like in, in like bodybuilding or fitness or just overall health and wellness. You want to keep a good body weight, a good body fat level, very low, or very trim or a fit.

You know, you’ve got to really be conscious of what you do. So remember, 70 to 80% of what you look like is what you’re doing in the kitchen. And if you fail to plan, plan your food. So basically if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So if you fail to plan your meals, you’re gonna probably mess up on your program.

And also remember your best results are when you’re, when. When people are very, very consistent with their food and their workout routine. And what I mean by that is very, very consistent with the foods you’re eating the same types of foods, being very, very consistent. I always see the best results of myself, my clients. And so a lot of people like wanting to change it up all the time and try a new program.

Try this, try that it’s really their inconsistency, that’s their biggest issue. So I tell people, keep it simple and keep it the same. So find that really good program. Like I’d like to see if 30 do no more, no less than exactly what it says and it’ll change your body and you’ll get in a lot better shape quickly. So keep it simple in the same. And then the last thing, yes, go get the CF 30 book.

I’ve written a book called the sea of 30. It’s your mindframe document for 30 days that walks you through a checklist. Every single day for your workout and your food. Follow it to a T no more, no less than exactly what it says. And if you have any questions, emailme@gmailgmail.com.  Anyways, action steps for you guys to be successful.

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Jump in those orientations, learn how to use equipment. You learn how to use everything in the best gym Oklahoma City. Get the free trainer, have them help you get started. And if you want to really start losing weight in those first 30 days for only a buck, get that [inaudible] class go to the CFT 30 class. And then by the $10, see a 30 book stop falling that book.

It’s like a workout journal for 30 days. Follow the food plan, start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement and there for your mental health. Go to Google and type in google.com and hit enter then type in Colaw fitness. Google reviews, or Colaw fitness reviews, and just read all of our Google reviews. And you’ll hear about people that like our jam, like our culture, check us out.

See if we’re a good fit for you. Also go to YouTube, go to type in YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews. And watch a ton of people that have lost weight and gotten a lot better shape. Have a bunch of wins of the week. This thousands of clients have lost weight got in shape and so on. So anyways, this is Charles Colaw for the, you can do this podcast.

Thank you for listening today. We talked about, about eating fish and why. So check us out Colawfitness.com. So you guys soon have a blessed day. Bye bye and see you soon at our best gym Oklahoma City.

best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City