Episode 95 - Top 10 protein foods

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw. In the you can do this podcast and today I’m gonna talk about top 10 protein foods. So there’s an article that I read here on web md.com and it featured the top 10 protein foods. I’m going to go through these top 10, also give you my take. And this is basically re written by Kathleen Xeomin. An article on webmd.com.

You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

Talking about top 10 protein foods. So without further ado the problem is, is a lot of people that are into fitness. They’ve realized that the term protein is something they need to be consuming or eating more of to get in shape for weight loss, fat loss, toning up the butt gut thighs, losing that ooey, gooey soft part of the body that we don’t feel like is appealing or pushes out of our skin or hangs over our waistline and so on.

So I’m going to talk about the foods that you can eat, actually speed up your metabolism, help force your body to burn fat and tone up and build, actually build muscle mass. Of course, if you want to build muscle, you gotta eat a lot of protein because protein is going to be that one key ingredient that builds it. Visit the best gym OKC offers today and get started.

Also protein is going to be an ingredient that helps you stimulate your metabolism and you’re going to actually lose fat as well. So jumping into this article, they talked about the top 10 terrific sources of lean protein and topic. Number one on their list, they talked about fish. You can listen to my other podcast that talked about fish and why to eat fish.

I’m a huge proponent of fish. Fish is one of the top. Things are probably the number one thing I eat prior to a fitness competition. I’ve competed before and fish is always the one source of food that I go to to get my body, the very leanest and the most shredded. It’s also extremely low in fat and has zero carbs. It’s generally very, very, very healthy.

Now it’s not my favorite tasting protein source. Like I’m a red meat guy. I really like red meat, but I know lots of red meat forever is not the best far as it has way more saturated fat, and it’s just a harder, heavier to digest. And I’ve eaten a lot of it in the past. It does get any big and strong, but it’s not the most heart-healthy and it doesn’t get me the leanest. So fish is what we’re talking about.

Number one on the list, lots of different white fish and so on is what I generally eat to get really, really in shape. Number two, they list is seafood. It’s another very lean source of protein. Number three lists. They talk about skinless white poultry skin to be like a chicken and Turkey and things like that.

Number four on the list is lean beef. This is where all the fats cut off. So if you look at, like I say, a steak trim off all the fat, or if you’re looking at the meat, you’re buying a hamburger, you get the leanest percent cut. So I would try to get 90% or leaner in red meat. I’m especially into fitness for sure. Maybe even 95% earlier. So that includes tenderloins shorelines rent I have round is what they said here in this article.

But what I tell everybody to do is pick the leanest, cut at his hamburger type meat. And then you want, also want to do is if you, if it’s like a, like a steak trim off every bit of fat, so you see the fat cut the fat off that’s that saturated fat. So get rid of it. Number five on the list is scam or low fat milk, skim milk.

And that’s another great source of protein. And now I don’t push a lot of clients on it. They want to lose a lot of weight because milk Scott galactose and lactose sugars in it. And it just kind of bloats the body. I cannot use a lot of milk products if I’m trying to do fitness contests. So I generally stay away from that. And, and sometimes I think there’s some estrogenic hormones and things like that that are in it.

I don’t know exactly how much factor is it in research that, but I just seem to bloat and stay heavier off of that. Now, as far as I’m getting bigger and so on milk is basically a weight gainer for a thousand pound, 2000 pound animal. So it definitely will build you up and so on. So it does add a lot of great protein in it.

And that’s where they actually take whey isolate from, or whey protein from his, and she’s manufacturing the separate, the Kurds in the way and all of the different galactose and lactose and carbs and fats and stuff out of it. And what’s left over. Is that the way is the leftover by-product and ways really great way and way whey protein concentrate.

We, protein isolate great sources of protein as milk is number five. Six is skimmer. Low fat yogurt is what they listed as another source of protein. I, to eat a lot of that when I first got into entry into fitness is like the no fat or low fat yogurt and mix it with cottage cheese as a snack, right? Put some like fruit and pineapple chunks in there and things like that. With, with like cottage cheese, number seven is fat free.

And so next on the list is eggs, eggs. I eat a ton of eggs and I love eggs. And I’ll go more into that in a minute. Lean pork as number nine and beans is number 10. And the last one is that plant based now, far as in fitness. I definitely think that meat or like anything you eat like fish and meat and eggs.

Just seem to have, when I read research that’s in the past that the biological values like how well the body actually can utilize that for healing, repair and growth for muscle tissue, it was always better with, with the animal product.

Now, the plant based products is super healthy proteins for longevity, but for muscle repair muscle recovery stimulate metabolism I’ve just always seemed to do better off of the actual more animal products like fish and chicken and lean beef and things like that, and even egg.

So comparatively to like beans and things like that. So anyways, the top 10 protein foods, there it is. I go through it again, fish definitely greet that’s my number one for getting lean, lean, lean seafood. So I don’t eat a lot of seafood besides fish, but that’s a great one to skinless white poultry. I eat a ton of that. That’s like chicken and Turkey and things like that.

Definitely agree with that as for lean beef. If I’m not trying to compete, I do eat quite a bit of steak. If I will choose beef over any source of protein, if I have a choice lean beef, and I actually would when I was trying to bulk up, if I eat a couple of pounds of lean beef, I definitely always maintain more mass and feel bigger and stronger on that.

And I still stay relatively lean as long as I get really lean cuts. So I’m number five, skim or low fat milk, six scammer yogurt, seven fat free or low fat cheese, eight eggs, nine lean pork, 10 beans. The only thing that doesn’t really talk about here is whey protein isolate. I think that’s a great thing to put into your arsenal. Talk about that in the CF30 book and how you need to do that.

Check that out. It’s called [inaudible] Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout book. It’s $10 and it’s called a fitness club, or you can go online to our website at colawfitness.com. You can order that book, but anyways great, great article. They talk about what protein is says top 10 protein foods. Totally agree with that. I eat all of those products, except I don’t do a lot of dairy and I don’t do the beans.

But yeah, this is the top 10 protein foods from web md.com. I want to remind you guys that whatever you’re doing for fitness, remember apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute. There’s a bunch of different training. I’ve got, I have gone to lots of different training courses and most, all of them will say anywhere from 70 to 80% of your fitness success is your food.

So make sure you’re eating the foods that get you in the right direction, not just healthy, but eating towards your goal. So what you look like 70 to 80% of what you look like is the food. What you do in the kitchen 70 to 80% of your success in fitness is your food. So that is what you’re doing in the kitchen.

So if you fail to plan and prep your food the night before fail to put it in Tupperware containers. Fill the follow that, put it on a little time, block on your phone, that beeps and follow it consistently. You won’t get those results. So you have to get the food nailed down and good and good news. I’ve got a simple template for you guys to follow. You can go to the CF-30 class.

It’s totally free. We give you a free diet. If you want to have a template that you actually can write through the whole book for 30 days, it’s $10. Get the CF30 book while also remind you guys that the best results are always when people are consistent. So doing keeping things simple and the same, same simple workout, same simple food, sticking to it for 30 days, you’ll start to see a real transition in your body.

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Make sure we’re a good fit for you. Also go to YouTube type in youtube.com, typing Colaw fitness reviews, listen to thousands of clients just like yourself. Who’ve lost weight and gotten shaked. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw talking about, about the top 10 protein foods.

Yeah, just excited to help you get in shape if you need anything. Let me know. It’s CF30trainer@gmail.com. Email at me at cf30trainer@gmail.com. This is Charles Colaw. Have a blessed day. We talked to you next time. Bye. Bye and see you soon at the best gym OKC offers.

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