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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about best diet tips, best diet tips. See the problem is a lot of people, they go to the OKC gyms, they want to get in shape, or they don’t know that 70 to 80% of the results is going to come from the food that they’re eating. Not necessarily the gym. See you can’t out work out.

You can’t like out train a really bad nutrition plan or diet plan. So I want to give you guys some tips on how you can be successful and make sure you stay on track for your fitness goals. So I went through an article on healthline.com on the top twenty-five or the best tips that they had for the top tips.

25 tips for a diet tips to help you be successful for losing weight and getting in shape and to talk about some of those and my take on those, then I’m going to kind of wrap it up, remind you of some key items and then give you some really easy to follow action steps.

So this is more of an educational quick podcast to kind of get you to learn like a little bit more about how to follow and stick to a plan, a nutritional plan. That’s going to help you lose weight on this article that talk about eating fiber high-fiber foods and in all of the programming that we’ve always done at Colaw Fitness, we talk about high fiber foods, STEM stock.

Leaf vegetables, and it says on this as, as fibers on unhealthy foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Now I really pushed the vegetable element because it doesn’t raise blood sugar has a very low amount of carbohydrate sugar content, which keeps you in ketosis or a fat burning state where your body uses its own fat as energy.

So filling up on fiber rich foods, the action step on that is primarily going to be STEM stock and vegetable carbohydrates. That’s my takeaway. It’s really easy to add. Some of that to a meal, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, things like that. And we have a really easy to follow template called the CF 30 to handout that we have in a class that we have at Colaw fitness, it’s totally free.

And we give you a whole bunch of high fiber foods to follow that’s called Colaw Fitness, 30 day diet and a workout plan that we give in our free trainer classes. So check it out. That’s at Colaw fitness and check us out. If you haven’t already, number two is ditching sugars. Any time you add sugar to diet sugar absorbs very quickly in the body, and then it uses that as energy instead of your body’s stored energy or fat as energy.

So anytime you eat a high sugar, rich food, your body’s blood sugar rises insulin is then released. And the extra blood sugar in your bloodstream, then shuttles into fat cells. So sugar actually can make you fat faster than fat. Sugar is the most anabolic or growing makes it to the fat tissue grow the fastest. So sugar is you gotta stay away from it.

And the best thing to do is to cut out like sugary drinks, baked goods a lot of cereals and here it talks about candy soda baked goods, and a lot of those things have extra shares. You don’t even know about and very low in nutrients. So next step we have number three is making room for healthy fat. This is actually healthy. Fats helps stabilize blood sugar, and you can get that like off of all of oil avocados.

And a lot of those types of foods actually have helped. A lot of people lose weight. The way it works is it basically makes you feel fuller longer decreases cravings for food. And I totally agree with this. This is number three. They actually have things my take on this as there’s density receptors and pressure receptors in the stomach.

And it gives a feedback to the brain within about 10 minutes of eating foods like that. And that actually helps say makes you feel fuller and you basically don’t crave as much or eat as much. So you can add in healthy fats. So like it might see if 30 book or the Colaw fitness plan or the CF30 handouts that we talk about.

That, excuse me, in that book, we talk about adding tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil to your shakes. And by doing that, actually it’s like that Pepto Bismol, commercial work coats, your stomach, and it makes a protein shake last longer and digest slower really hits those pressure receptors and density receptors in the stomach, making you full longer.

Number four, minimize distractions. I totally agree with this. This is where, like the biggest thing is, is our cell phones are basically kind of making us dumb or slightly distracted all the time. There’s actually some research out there that says when your cell phones on you, you’re the same IQ as a third grader.

Because you have about, I think they said 175 little buzzes and beeps and interruptions throughout the day, which constantly is taking you away from actually what you’re doing at that time. So whether you’re working out or whether you’re actually trying to follow action items for the day, your cell phone is a huge distraction.

So if you want to be successful also like TV and computer. Like if you want to really be a productive person and follow a good workout plan, diet plan and productive lifestyle. You have to learn to say no to so much tech because it just overwhelms you.

So anyways, shut off those all social media distractions that you actually have to open the app to find it should make this the step one, I would say on minimized as get all of everything on your phone, that isn’t an actual call or an actual text, shut it off that way. You actually have to go to that defined it.

Doesn’t take you hostage interrupts your day, this number four, minimizing distraction. It’s going to help with your workout. It’s gonna help with your food preps can help with hi management, number five, it says, walk your way to health.

I tell you what, there’s a lot of clients that I’ve worked with that even going to the OKC gyms and just walking 30 minutes a day has increased their weight loss that, and just cutting sugar out. So literally getting the body moving and taking the sugars and the carbs out of your diet, the white flour, the raw sugar and getting back to like like meat and vegetable diet, like lean proteins and STEM stock, leaf vegetables, and just walking.

I’ve literally had clients lose 50 pounds easily, just walking and cutting out that refined carbohydrate like sugar and white bread and flour and things like that. So walk your way to hell. Totally agree with that. Pick that up in our CF30 book, we have a daily guide to make sure you’re following your cardio and getting your heart health and your aerobic activity to that target zone that burns the fat super fast.

So pick up that CF 30 book we, I’m sorry. We have a book pickup that CF 30 book do you want to follow an easy to follow template? Those are all, all the Colaw fitness clubs, and you can also pick one up at you can go to our any Colaw Fitness club and they can actually get corporate to mail you a copy. So okay. Bring out your inner chef is number six. This is where you’re cooking your meals at home.

Totally, totally, totally. You gotta start meal prepping. You got to start meal prepping. If you fail the proprietor, like this is what I tell my clients that you’re failing to plan. You’re planning to fail. If you failing to plan your food, you’re feeling you’re prepared. You’re preparing yourself to actually fail.

So like the night before, make sure you prep all your food, put it in Tupperware containers, but then lunch or six pack container, some sort of little like lunchbox that you can take with you for the day that we have all your meals ready, prepped, red rock and roll.

They’re all healthy. And you’re in control of the element of your life. It actually saves you money too. If you eat out number seven, protein, rich breakfast I actually tell people to put protein as the primary nutrient in every single meal, proteins actually has a thermic effect actually helps raise your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. It’s harder to digest increases.

Metabolism helps build muscle. It is the healing repair and growth nutrients. So protein, rich foods are super. So I totally agree with that number is don’t drink your calories. Don’t drink your calories. This is where anytime you have a drink and it has caloric value, just get rid of it. You just don’t need to drink calories.

There’s tons of options out there that are just like water’s number one, but also all of these types of, of fluids that you can drink that are flavored with non sugar sweeteners and some of these natural ones like Stevia, you can actually drink stuff that tastes good and has flavor without adding calories to your diet, especially like milkshakes and a lot of different like coffees out there.

You get rid of that crap. You just can’t drink that stuff and lose weight. It’s just like a fat gaining. Like it’s like weight gainer. Like if you want to just gain weight, just keep eating all the sugary, frappuccinos and milkshakes and so on. But you’re going to put a ton of weight on. I promise you so taking that out you can do water black coffee, diet soda.

I’m not saying these things are healthy. I’m just saying you can do that. Aspartame is like two amino acids bonded together. That’s a protein derivative. It has no blood glucose effect. I’m not saying they’re healthy. I’m just saying like, when I say healthy, healthy, as in better than water, but you can still drink black coffee and be fine.

You can have tea and be fine, but adding the sugar, don’t add the sugar. Make sure zero calorie read labels, zero calorie. Okay, I’m going to keep going. Nine is shop, shop smart. You got to learn how to read nutritional labels. Look for stuff that makes sense towards your goal. If you don’t know what to do, go to the CFO, the class, it’s our free trainer class, CF 30 classes, Colaw fitness, 30 days.

That’s the first 30 days of a diet and a workout. It’s complete mind. Freedom. It gives you a template, a mind frame thing. You can hold in your hand and follow and be successful. Number 10, staying hydrated. This is where you need to always make sure water is your number one, antioxidant detoxifier. 65% of your total body is water. 80% of muscle is water.

So you want to hydrate and flush your system. If your urine has, has yellow or a dark yellow in it, you’re already slightly dehydrated. So you need to be very light yellow to clear. And so hydration is huge. It’s great for your liver, your kidneys, your every part of your body all your, your blood glucose, your circulation, your blood sugar passing bowel movements, you defecate and urinate.

There’s just so many benefits to water, muscle hydration, joint lubrication, brain function, everything. Even if you just drink like 16 ounces for sitting in the morning, it helps your brain even just think and, and all the dendrites and everything can fire more efficiently when there’s better hydration in the body. So a 11 practice mindful eating. I totally agree with that.

You have to be intentional. You have to make sure you plan your foods the night before I talk about that stuff over and over, making sure to, as you’re eating, let’s say you’re not in control of it. And you’re going to some sort of church potluck or some event with a friend, or you show up at a football party or something, and you can always practice not overeating, basically portion control.

So, you know, try to be smart, make better choices. Don’t just say, Oh the heck with this, I’m just going to binge and eat a ton of crap. You know, meat, vegetables are the best options. So eat healthy, lean meats and vegetables, stay away from all the refined carbohydrates and sugars and fats and desserts. Don’t be an idiot, you know, make better choices, start doing it.

And you’re going to see it in your physique and your body and your health and your energy and your rest, everything. So 12 cut back of refined carbohydrates. Boom. I’ve already talked about that a bunch. So I’m going to keep moving on. Lift heavier, get lighter. So if you lift heavy weights, your body’s going to continue. When I say lifting heavy weights.

When you have somebody like you can go to our free trainer classes, we actually teach you how to use equipment, to teach you how to use all these different machines and so on. So it’s completely free to go off fitness, check us out. We get the free trainer having to show you how to use all the different stuff.

But if you lifted anywhere between eight and 15 repetitions, it’s actually going to strengthen those muscle fibers are going to become, it actually helps burn faster. You actually burn fat and tone the muscle underneath you become a smaller, more toned version of yourself. If you eat a lot of protein and you keep lifting heavier, you actually build up muscle and the muscles actually build up.

So if you lived heavier, you’re going to get lighter, leaner that smaller Martone physique. If you continue to do that and eat a lot of the lean meats and protein shakes and things like that, that we talk about in the CF30 plan, you’re going to build muscle 14, set, meaningful goals. You’ve got to be a goal setter.

Do you want to fit into those jeans from high school, look better in a swimsuit. You gotta be intentional. You gotta make a plan. And we’ve got those plans for you. You can get into our free trainer classes.

We’ll show you that stuff at Colaw fitness. I tell people if you don’t have a really simple template to follow and you’re and then, and then plot that into a schedule like your phone beeps, and you literally eat the food that you made the night before. So you plan and prep the food the night before your phone beeps, you eat the meal that you’re supposed to eat.

You have your set appointment and your phone beeps again. So you do your exercise, your workout. Then you follow a journal like a really simple, the journal will that you’re going to be successful. When I had that in the CF 30 book, it’s 10 bucks go buy coauthors, pick up a CF 30 book.

It’s a template that I’ve written. It’s a book, actually, tech actually, it’s kind of a thin book. So it’s easy to read, easy to follow us, 30 days of what to do to lose weight and get in great shape or to build up muscle and get in great shape. So pick that book up 15 avoid fad diets. This is where he is talking about consistency. You want to follow, keep things very, very, very simple in the same.

What do you mean by that is a lot of people try all these different things. Every time something comes out these diets, they maker’s diet South beach size, paleo vest dies, but bodybuilding diets, tons of these types of diets. They all fundamentally functional to principles and it’s a higher protein and higher fiber. And that’s what I do in a sea of 30 diet plan.

So go pick that up, check it out. That’s STEM stock, leaf vegetation, lean meats. It’s 90% are leaner meats. And then making sure that you do that throughout their sit down meals and your other meals are going to be like whey protein, isolate that you add some healthy fats to through the quick on the go meal.

So it’s protein shakes and water with the added fat to that, that slows digestion, the quick meals and the sit-down meals or your packed meals that you make are going to be STEM stock, leaf vegetation. So I’m going to give you all that totally free.

Go to the [inaudible] class. They’re going to give you a handout. If you want to actually even have a better template by the sea of 30 book, it’s 10 bucks, but it’ll walk you through that. That way. You’re not following some fad diet, you’re following stuff that’s proven.

And we have thousands of testimonials on Google. Go to I’m sorry, not Google, but we have them on Google too. But if you go to YouTube type in YouTube and type in Cola, fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, and you’ll see thousands of clients following the sea of 30 principals that have lost weight and got in great shape. So check it out.

Colaw fitness reviews, type it in YouTube, check it out, motivate yourself 16, eat whole foods. This is where if you eat foods that are more natural, we have to chew it, swallow it. Digestive acids have to work at, break it down. Then goes into the intestinal tract. The psyllium and cilia in the intestinal wall slowly absorbs those nutrients.

And that goes very, very slowly. If you’re eating STEM stock leaf vegetables, and you’re eating lean proteins, they have to be chewed and swallowed and so on.
So that’s slow to absorb foods. We talk about that in the CF30 class. This is where your, the certain foods just digest slow and have a slow, slow rise in blood glucose.

That’s very steady. So we never have highs and lows in blood sugar. And that’s why eating whole foods are very good. And that’s also why I add the fats to the shakes. Is it stabilizes blood glucose? That’s why they’re talking about number 16 on eating whole foods. Number 17, buddy up check that box. Every single membership at Colaw fitness, you get a free friend free buddy.

You can take them every time they can use everything in the club. It’s always easier to work out when you have a healthy routine with a friend. So it gives you idea excuses. Like I don’t wanna go to the OKC gyms. I don’t know anybody.

We can bring somebody for free every time it’s like your membership is like two memberships, even though you pay for one membership. And the one membership is only five bucks. So buddy up that’s where two people can work out. Tan massage, you get free trainer instruction, free nutrition instruction. That’s where two people can do that for as low as five bucks at Colaw.

Fitness two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. So the buddy up 17, we check that box at all of our clubs. If you don’t have a club that does that probably you should go Colaw fitness or buy another membership and have a friend come with you to the OKC gyms. So that way you have a friend and you can hold each other accountable.

It’s always easier to do something with somebody and have a partner to work out with and push yourself, motivate each other 18. Don’t proprietor deprive yourself. This is where you don’t want to under eat. The bottom line is eventually you say to heck with this, if you get too hungry, so say you’ve been working all day. You haven’t eaten all day.

You get off work and you don’t have a plan. Your emotions rule your logic, your blood sugars, low, your brain hurts. You’re just saying, give me some freaking food. You rage out, eat whatever fast food or you get frustrated. You grab whatever’s looks good in the fridge. So you gotta make sure you plan your food.

The night before you have plenty to eat, where you fill up the stomach, you get the pressure receptors, that density receptors, you feel satiated and satisfied, and you can be successful. 19 feeling realistic comparing yourself to a lot of different models of bodybuilders or celebrities on TV is not really realistic.

Most of us don’t look like them and won’t look like them. But I do want you to be the healthy you, so you can eat the [inaudible] plan type foods and be a smaller, more fit, more tr toned version of yourself, healthier, more confident, better energy, better rest or sleep and get in better habits. And that’s what we’re going to help you with. S

o that’s being realistic. Like I said, pick up that [inaudible] book. I’ll coach you through that for 30 days and make it a habit 20 vege out. Sorry, guys. I had to cough a little bit here. So vege out your vegetables are loaded with fiber and nutrients and vitamins and minerals and any oxidants and tons of stuff we haven’t even diagnosed, but veggies are awesome.

That’s the reason why I pound the veggies and the CF30 plan. And why so many, like maker’s diet, South beach diet, paleo based diets bodybuilding diets, all fundamentally use that even point systems diets just all of them, ones on TV, every infomercial they’re going to show tons of veggies.

So the bottom line is this. The a 30 plan is like the simplistic version of all of them. It takes the most important stuff. It’s the high fiber vegetables, all the STEM stock leaf, healthy stuff, the green stuff, the red stuff, all the colorful stuff that has all the vitamins and minerals on the veggies.

And then you have the lean healthy proteins, fish, and chicken and lean healthy proteins that are, and I can give a full list of that stuff in the CF 30 plan. So pick up that, see if 30 book or go to the, see a 30 class. And we’ll talk about all that and give you a handout. 21 snacks, Mark. This is where you can make better choices. Snacking on healthy or unhealthy foods is going to cause a lot of weight gain and fat gain.

It’s easy to shed pounds and start making really good choices. And so go to that C3 class, check it out. We’ll get you eaten healthier 20 to fill that void. A lot of people that have downtime, this is where it talks about. If you’re bored, a lot of people eat the junk. So make sure you stay consistently scheduled throughout your day.

Make sure you’re intentional and out of sight out of mind to make sure you take those foods out of your house. Do you really want to be successful? Throw that crap out. If you really have to go find it to leave your house and go get it to get it, it’s whole lot easier to follow that plan. So you need to make sure you’re eating healthy foods and you’re feeling downtime or bore time.

If you know, you’ve got habits where you eat bad, when you’re down and bored, the, you gotta change that. So number 23, make yourself make time for yourself. Make sure that you as a mom, I have a lot of different moms that I’ve trained. And I said, it’s okay to take one hour out of the day, you’ve had three kids. You’ve put on 50, 60 pounds.

You sacrificed every element of your life, your family and your kids. I promise you, your husband’s going to be happier. If you take an hour for yourself, your kids, you’re going to be happier. If you take an hour for yourself, get back into the OKC gyms, start exercising, start eating healthier because then you can come home and feel good about yourself.

And those other hours are going to be better hours. So just taking a break for an hour, taking time for yourself and to clear your mind, energize your body. And you’re going to be a better mom, a better wife and just mode.

And this is the stuff I’ve coached. So many clients through. And literally in six months, their husbands were like, you, you she’s so different now. And the kids so much happier. So you have to be intentional. It takes time for yourself. So 24 find a workouts that you enjoy. We’ve got a free trainer. We can actually walk you through that stuff.

Show you stuff. It talks about choosing routines that kind of help you stay engaged. I do believe there’s a discipline to it cause it’s not, you’re not always going to want to do it. So it’s like that Nike slogan, just do it. Just give me the OKC gyms, starting it next. The end of the bloods and moving serotonin and dopamine or pleasure sensors that start to be released with exercise.

Same times as the endorphins you get from food and and, and eating sex drugs. But that actually can hear about the runner’s high or the pump. You get into a workout, you start feeling it so you can’t wait around to get motivated. You just do it. Then once you get it exercising with about 15 or 20 minutes, you start feeling better. Those endorphins will release.

So it’s reverse action over emotion. You can’t let your emotions line up. You got to take action. First 25 support is makes you strand yourself with people that are going to encourage you and push you. Proverbs 13:20 says walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So walking with wise makes you wise, walking with fools is going to serve you harm.

Remember you are what you’re around. Show me your top five friends. And I’m going to show you your future. Show me your top five friends. I’m going to show your future. So support is everything is 25. I totally agree with that. Make sure you’re surround yourself with people that are going to challenge you to grow strata yourself with people that are into fitness, surround yourself with people that are into going to church.

Surround yourself with people that are interpersonal development, surround yourself with the people that are, have got good jobs and give you good feedback and B be coachable, listen to them. And that way you’re going to be successful. Bottom line. Do you want to lose weight? You want to get in shape. You gotta be coachable.

Gotta be willing to put yourself into a jam, starting a new healthy food plan. And it’s not always comfortable, but remember, action over emotion, start taking the action. The motivation will follow. I’m going to jump back to this. A couple of key takeaways.

We want to remind you guys as 70 to 80% of your success is your food. So what you do in the kitchen is important. The best results are from people that are consistent and they follow a very consistent routine in the OKC gyms and their food. And they generally have a really good same morning routine where they get up and they do the same morning routine and they make a good checklist.

For the day and they follow it that says success one Oh one, keeping things simple. And the same as the next thing, keeping your simple, your simple same routines are a lot like the most successful people. I know generally dress almost the same, like Steve jobs or presidents or people that are business people. They have the suits that look exactly the same. Even women with business suits that are it’s, it’s complete mind.

It doesn’t create like every time you have to make a decision, it causes what they call a cognitive dissonance or a mental frustration. So the more that you can simplify yourself in your daily routine, as far as in getting up exercise, same clothes, same types of food, same OKC gyms routine. You systemize that stuff.

So when you really have to get to critically thinking about a different decision, you can make good ones because you don’t have to make tons of decisions on how to do your hair, how to dress yourself in the morning or what you’re going to actually eat.

The more you clarify that that’s almost how every successful person is. If they systemize things and keep things simple in the same. If you want to get started on all this, it’s really easy to follow the, see a 30 book, follow the C F 30 book action steps.

This is what I want you to do. Number one, join Colaw Fitness, $5 a month, $1 down money back guarantee. Get your money back to get in our free trainer classes. You can use all the free trainers stuff and you can still get your money back in the month. So all the orientations haven’t teach you how to exercise, teach how to use equipment.

Be coachable, be willing to show up to the classes, be coachable, learn this stuff. Three, start the CF class. And by the sea of 30 book, by that book fall that book no more, no less than exactly what it says. Follow the food plan. Read our daily words of encouragement. It’s a book that I read wrote. That’s going to help you stay on track.

I encourage you to not just believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, listen to all of the reviews about people losing weight and getting in great shape. I want you to be a success story. So thank you for listening to the podcast. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast with Colaw fitness com by joining the club, go to the free trainer classes and start to see a 30 book.

Join the club, go to the free classes, start at the C3 book and you will be as successful or have a great day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye.


OKC gyms

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