Episode 98 - Meal prep 101

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You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

Hello, does the troll full on that? You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about meal prep. One Oh one meal prep one Oh one. See the problem is, is most people want to get in shape, but they don’t know that 70 to 80% of the results in a Topeka gyms is actually the food that they’re eating.

So today I’m going to address how to make sure you can follow a meal plan, stay on a meal plan so that you can get those results. The 70 to 80% of what really makes your body look leaner, more toned, that, that more fit version of yourself, which is the food part you’re going to need to address and how to actually execute on that in today’s podcast.

So I’ve read articles, I’ve done this for a long time. I’m a former bodybuilder and a fitness trainer. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients and the former mr. Oklahoma, super heavyweight winner. And so I’ve done a lot of meal prep. What is meal prep meal? Prep is basically where you’re preparing meals in advance.

So you can simply follow that nutritional regimen in the future. I generally like to do that kind of stuff the night before. So then I would have all my meals ready to go the next day. And I literally just schedule it like on my phone or schedule it in my day and then plot all my day’s tasks around it.

So I’m going to talk about some of that and give you guys some great action items that you can be successful for food prep and get in the best shape of your life by following a clean, healthy, awesome diet. Now, we’ll give you some other takeaways too, that you can address.

We’ve got some free trainer nutrition programs that we can give you at co-op fitness. Basically we have a free trainer at co-op fitness. We give you the CF 30 planets, a diet and workout plans called CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day. It’s a very simple to follow easy diet workout plan.

It talks about all of this stuff I’m going to address since you can’t be successful for losing fat building muscle toning up and getting in the best shape that you can in 30 days, that’s [inaudible] plant ms. Have a CF 30 book.

You actually fill out the book. It’s like a journal takes you step by step every day so that you can be successful. So next we want to go over is meal prep. What is it going to do? It’s going to solve all food and fuel issues for your body before the day even gets started.

So the first thing you need to be doing is the night before is preparing your meals, make all your food the night before. And what I do with my clients is have five to six meals. So you make three solid meals. It’s like a meat veggie combo is very common that I would do for clients and teach them. I’m gonna talks about that in that [inaudible] class, it’s a free trainer class go to that free [inaudible] class.

They’ll talk about how to build those food plans. Anyways, I make like a Tupperware container or a plastic container with a lid and I can actually put the food in there, cook it, prep it, and I can get three solid meals and put that into a plastic Tupperware container. Then I also make like generally three shakes that I can take with me for the day or two shakes.

If you’re doing like a woman, most of the girls, I have them do five meals a day and we pack that in a lunchbox or like a six pack container. So they have all of that stuff packed up the night before. So if you’re going to make three meals a night before and have at least two to three shakes and pack all of that into a lunch container or a lunch box or a six-pack container.

Or a Topeka gyms type of container, you can look it up a six pack containers or meal prep, containers, Google it, tons of stuff out there. Anyways, next up, put a water bottle in there that you can refill and keep refilling. The, and then make sure that you have it completely ready the night before. Cause you, when you wake up in the morning, you’re generally kind of rushing around.

You have some time of time constraint. So you need to make sure you’re prepared the meals the night before prepare the meals the night before, prepare the meals the night before. If you fail to prepare, you’re planning to fail. So, right. Remember 70 to 80% of a client success far as in losing weight, getting into shape and what they look like.

Apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer is what you eat. So you have to be eating foods that are targeting your goals. So you want to prep it, plan it, cook it, get it ready, put it in your lunch container or your six-pack container. Put it in the fridge. All you have to do is grab it. You’ve got all your meals for the day and you have your water for the day and you’re ready to rock and roll.

And then you simply set timers on your phone to like keep you on track. So every three hours, it will be you stop eat a meal and so on. I highly encourage you guys to go to the CF 30 class or pick up the CF 30 book. It’s $10 at the club. It basically outlines everything I’m talking about and gives you a template for the workout.

The diet is on. So we can get started on a really good a meal prep situation where you just follow a guide, actually walks you day by day. Workout my workout for 30 days, it’s like complete mind, freedom to follow a page by page template. So I built that template. 40 guys, you go to the free CF trainer class and we actually should teach you stuff and you can get this free and you can get the CF 30 book.

It’s actually $10 and you can write in the book, it’s your log for a month. So first off, I want to remind you guys that 70 to 80 of your success, far as in weight loss or fat loss or even muscle gain is your food. It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen. It’s prepping, preparing, getting that stuff ready. The best results are also when you keep things very, very consistent.

You’ve got to be following a consistent bank, can eat good. One day meal prep the next day, eat pizza, ice cream, you know, all that kind of stuff. You got to stick consistent with those healthy foods, higher protein, higher fiber rich foods, and then get your workouts in. And then you’ll end up being a leaner, more fit and more toned, solid version of yourself. Next step you want to do is keep it simple and the same, keep it simple in the same symbol.

And the same means you figure out kind of which meals are going to work good for you. And then just hit the repeat button. Anytime you have to make a lot of decisions or you have to go shopping for a lot of stuff or have to make a lot of different recipes. It creates a decision, a decision, and too many decisions having to be done feeds what they call it, decision fatigue.

So your brain gets tired and irritated that emotions get high and get frustrated. We’ve been like after work, you’re kind of trying to figure out something healthy to eat. You can’t figure anything out. You just want to finally am so frustrated. I’m just going to swing by and grab some fast food. You get caught up in what they call decision fatigue.

And I don’t want you to get held hostage emotionally and make poor decisions because of decision fatigue. So number one, make your food the night before prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before and put it all into a lunch container, put a timer on your phone for every three hours and schedule your day’s activities around that.

And you will rock and roll the weight loss, the fat loss, the muscle tone, because like I said, 70 to 80% of a client’s results or your fat loss results is your food guide. So I want to be that trainer for you to hold your hand, help you make sure that you are successful. You got to prep the night before. Okay? So keeping it simple, keeping it the same ad. I’m going to circle back again.

Want you to grab that? CF 30 book is called [inaudible] at the front desk, all the Cola, fitness gloves. You can also contact any of the clubs. You can actually call, go online and call any club. And it actually can get you a hold of our customer service department. And you can, they give actually mail you a book from our corporate office.

So that way you can actually get a book, even if you’re not around a club, but just go to any of the clubs call one of the members say, you want to order a C a 30 book from corporate, and they’ll send you one in the mail you one in. So you always get the CF 30 book and follow that page by page. You’ll be super successful. So if you are in the area, I highly encourage you to join and fitness.

It’s only $1 down and it’s as low as $5 a month. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So it’s only $1 to get started for that whole month. For 30 days, you get to go there. We get to work out. You get to do the trainer. Get do the free trainer. You can bring a friend for free with you every single time. That’s all, all of our work. You always get to bring a friend.

They can use everything in the club. They can also use the free trainer. So it’s $1 to just get started. If you don’t like the club, you can always get your dollar back. That’s $1 down and as low as $5 a month. So check out the club, join Colaw fitness, and then get in all the free trainer classes. There’s free trainer classes. We’re going to teach you how to use equipment, teach you how to follow a food guide, a workout plan.

Get that CF 30 book. It’s only 10 bucks. It’s a mind-frame template to follow for 30 days. I’ve had thousands of people lose weight and tone up following this CF 30 book and the principles of the CF 30. So that’s called [inaudible] fitness Topeka gyms. 30 day it’s Colaw fitness, 30 that’s with a CFD stands for Colaw fitness, 30 it’s a 30 day diet and workout plan.

So follow the food plan, start exercising. Like I said, it’s only $1 for a month. Read our daily words of encouragement. I can coach you and encourage you. There’s a little quotes for me for mental health and motivation because the, the, your greatest thoughts, your highest thoughts your body follows. So you want to make sure your mental health is straight.

You want to make sure that you’re motivated and encouraged. So read that daily words of encouragement, stand track. Make sure you go to Google typing Colaw fitness reviews, to Colaw fitness reviews, and you can read about us as a club and how many people love us and love our deals.

And so-and-so check us out. I highly encourage you to not just believe me on the podcast. So go to Colaw fitness and then type in Google reviews. Just read some of our reviews. Also go to YouTube and listen to a bunch of our clients are typing co-op fitness reviews in YouTube. So go to YouTube, youtube.com you to.com then type in Colaw fitness reviews.

And then you’ll see tons of people just like yourself who have lost weight, gotten a lot better shape and made a transformation in their lives. So I highly encourage you to go to YouTube, go to Colaw fitness Topeka gyms reviews and then motivate yourself. Watch some people just like yourself.

Remember if you want to be successful for meal prep, the number one thing, the number one thing is to prep all your food the night before. If you fail the plan you’re planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail. So schedule your meals out and all your days events, put it on your phone, put it in your calendar and just follow it like to a T go to Colaw fitness.

So action steps. Join Colaw fitness. Step one, step two, go to the free trainer classes, go to the CF 30 class. That’s step two. Step one, go to the C3 class, step two. And step three is by the CF 30 book. Once you get the book, then you can just go home and it will tell you what to do. Just start doing meal prep. You’re going to get all your food organized and scheduled.

You’re going to get your life scheduled. So like I said, joint Colaw fitness. Step one, step two is go to the CF 30 class. Step three is by the CF-30 book follow up for 30 days, lose weight. You too can be one of these YouTube videos of people losing weight, getting in great shape, being an Austin testimony to motivate others and encourage others to lose weight.

Get in great shape. Anyways. Thanks for listening to the podcast today, we talked about meal prep one Oh one. I want you to be successful. Remember, 70 to 80% of your results is what you’re doing in that kitchen. The night before prep at planet joined Colaw often is it’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. That gets to people.

The ability that basically you can bring a guest or friend or family member everyday with you. You can work out, you can tan, you can massage. You can do free trainer instruction, everything in the club, all inclusive for both people, both people that’s two people can work out and massage for as low as $5 a month and only $1 that first month, $1 down to try it get started, use a trainer, everything.

So also pick up that [inaudible] book that book like it says no more or less exactly to a T and you will be on your way to fitness success. This is Charles Colaw on meal prep one Oh one, have a blessed day. Talk to you soon. Bye-Bye.

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