Episode 99 - Top Exercises For Weight Loss

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best gym in OKC

best gym in OKC

Hello to the you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about top exercises for weight loss. See, the problem is a lot of people are wanting to get in shape, but they don’t know what kind of things or exercises or activities that they can be doing for weight loss. And so today I want to talk about the top exercises for weight loss, so that you can stay on track for your weight loss and fitness goals.

So I was going through an article on healthline.com and they were basically going over different exercises that you could be losing weight on. And so today I’m going to talk about some of these. This is basically go through this article, give you my take and then give you some great reminders and action items so that you can be successful.

And you can learn a little bit, make sure that you are following some good exercises and get on track for losing weight and getting in great shape. So without further ado, the article is actually written on as says the articles title is the eight best exercises for weight loss written by Ryan, Raymond. And so I’m going to go through that and my take on that and a little bit about myself.

I’ve I’ve back in high school, I was three or three LS, 83 pounds of the trainer. I ended up going to trainer school and I’ve worked in trained over 5,000 clients. We own multiple best gym in OKC and multiple States. We started out her living room training one client at a time. So I’ve trained over 5,000 people personally and help them eat better to lose weight, get in great shape.

It’s my passion. I’m also a Christian. I’m passionate about making Jesus famous and changing lives. And it’s a great opportunity to coach people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

So I like to encourage people. So that’s kinda my background. I’ve been former mr. Oklahoma, super heavyweight winter and lots of different other places. I, as a former power lifter, the winning top honors for the state of Oklahoma top honors for the state of Oklahoma and bodybuilding anyways. So I’ve done this a lot. I love it live it.

I’ve never missed a week of working out since eighth grade and I’ve trained, like I said, probably around 5,000 ish clients and help people lose weight. So if you don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, and you’ll see thousands of people that we’ve helped lose weight and get in great shape somebody like yourself.

So if you’re looking for motivation type in co-op fitness reviews on YouTube type in youtube.com, Colaw fitness reviews anyways number one on this Healthline articles, they talked about walking, walking is I believe amazing workout.

It talks how it’s really great for beginners. It is effective and it’s helped a lot of people that are obese lose weight or just lose 10 pounds. So whether you need to lose 150 pounds or 10 pounds walking is a great activity and it’s a great place to start. So I would say here, when you walk in this article talks about a Harvard article where if you were walked through the minutes.

Had a moderate pace for about four miles an hour. These clients were losing weight and making adjustments but just 30 minutes a day. And it’s totally doable. I personally have clients who go about work up to 45 minutes at about 120 to 130 beats a minute that keeps you right in that fat zone. And I’ve had clients lose literally hundreds of pounds.

Some clients lose over 200 pounds in six months by just walking, following our [inaudible] diet plan and following the 500 calorie plan or the basically fill out 45 minutes of walking and, and, and to totally transformed their lives and losing weight.

So walking is a great exercise. I highly encourage it in our CF30 plan. We have clients start off with some of that and you can be super successful. So it’s a great exercise for beginners. It can be done anywhere especially w if you’re in a best gym in OKC, they have those flex decks. If you’re overweight, have more cushion in your step. And also too, if it’s bad weather.

So, and like I said, we have a $1 down, you can use the whole best gym in OKC for 30 days for $1 down. If you don’t like it, you get your dollar back. So there’s no risk. And we also have work two people. You can bring a friend with you every time, and it’s only is this basically it’s as low as $5 a month, and you can use everything in the club.

So $5 a month, you can bring a friend and you have a dedicated place to do a couple million bucks with the fitness equipment and a treadmill like tons and tons of treads, probably a hundred treadmills.

But anyways, you can always use us 24 hours a day. We’re always open. So walking is great. Number two, jogging or running. It’s a great exercise to now. They do burn more calories. You’re increasing your heart rate. Anytime you increase your activity level. So does your breathing and your breathing is going to increase your heart rate.

The heart rates are going to demand more glucose and glycogen and energy from the body. So you will burn more calories at a certain given time, but once you get so high, you actually can start burning glycogen instead of actual ketones or fat. So you actually start losing muscle. If you get too high.

That’s the reason why I try to keep the heart rate between about 120 and 230 beats a minute, because we didn’t want to go to the best gym in OKC, become a skinny fat version, a smaller same fat UE version, where you lose muscle.

You want to become in weight loss, you’d rather lose fat and tone up at the same time. So you’re fat and toning up the muscle and doing cardio at about 120 to 130 beats a minute, minimizes the chance of tapping into the muscle reserves, especially following a higher protein diet, which we talk about in that CF 30 book that I’ve written in all the clubs and also the free CF 30 classes that we teach in the clubs.

So check that out cycling this is where you get on a bike and cycle. Now, I’m sorry, going back to jogging, jogging and running, I’m sorry. You run or jog. The only thing here is it is harder on your knees and joints. It is a little bit of so if you have any type of hip knee ankle, that kind of issue, and you’re overweight, it’s hard on the body over about 200 pounds that can kind of be counterproductive to actually run or jog.

It’s just, you’re just large enough that it’s a little bit hard on your joints. And so I always recommend this next section, which is called cycling or elliptical trainers and things like that. But number three is cycling. It’s a very popular exercise. You can do upright bikes or recumbent bikes or uprise where you sitting upright like a normal bicycle or a recumbent is where you’re sitting in more of like a.

Like a chair with your feet out in front of you. Both of them are very successful. I’ve dieted and use like bikes just to bike. And then lots of fitness competitions, just biking and lost, you know, 50, 60 pounds and just to like three months, and I was already in pretty good shape. Now I’m getting him ready for bodybuilding shows and fitness shows. And I did a lot of cycling primarily because it was over 200 pounds.

It was just hard on my body to do running every day and jogging every day. It’s just too much impact. In my honest opinion, unless you’re under 180, I mean, I say 200, but even 200 is kind of heavy to be pounding on the all the time. So now, if you’re just somebody who loves to run, you may want to cycle running with cycling or with electrical training.

That’s not impacting like heavy heel strikes and heavy, you know just impact of, you know, slamming your foot ground over and over and over as you get more tired, you get heavier two. So a whole thing is, is cycling is a great non-impact exercise cycling. It’s really efficient for us and losing weight and getting in great shape.

Biggest thing is, is I always track the beats per minute, cause that is really what’s holding the demand on your heart, which means your, you work the muscles, then it’s requiring more oxygen that increases your breathing, your breathing then helps force more blood flow and everything.

It’s all feeding back to this beats per minute. And that’s really where anytime you increase the demand, whether more resistance or you pedal faster or higher incline on the treadmill, you’re, you’re the more that you can try to keep your heart rate between one 20 and one 30 the better you’re going to stay in what they call the fat zone.

Like a lot of people I want to go faster, just so I burn more calories. You actually did. You’re primarily tapping into muscle and glycogen that’s energy in the muscle. So going super hard doesn’t necessarily benefit the actual fat loss. You may lose more weight, but you may be losing actual muscle.

So I always steer my clients to that one 20 to one 30 beats per minute range, and then get to a real good glide and then hold that for about 45 minutes or 500 calories, do that every day for six months.

And you blast off a lot of fat and a lot of weight. And anyways, if you the [inaudible] plan, you also do some weights with it, and you have a higher protein diet and everybody loses fat and actually tones up basically fills out where that skin comes down and actually fill it out with some muscle. So you become more of a shapely toned.

Physique is doesn’t really look good to the hair, hangs like loose skin on a skeleton, but it does look good if you hang the skin on more of a toned athletic or muscular type physique, if that’s your goal. And so we want to make sure that as we lose the fat, we strengthen and tone the body underneath it.

Which brings me to the next section, which is far as in it’s weight training, weight training is very popular choice for people to lose weight. The cool thing about weight training is, is when you do strength training, you can actually for like 70, like, like about three days three, like about things about in here, let me read it.

It’s actually is about three to four days after your weight training routine, you have a resting metabolic rate that’s increased. So even though you do the weights, you may burn just less. Let’s say you’re doing running on a treadmill. You burn a hundred calories in 30 minutes, well, if you do weight training, maybe you burn 80 calories, but the strength training actually takes about four days to recover.

So you’re at rest that, that microfiber tear in the muscle, the extra stimulation that causes that soreness for that couple of days afterwards actually increases your rested metabolism. And that resting metabolic rate actually is going to burn far more calories over the next couple of days than just cardio alone.

So weight training actually burns over the period of time, quite a bit more calories because it’s Joan cardio kind of stops the weight loss, right when the cardio stops. So if you’re doing like treadmill or bike and you burn a hundred calories, you’ll just lose. Those are counters. You do 80 calories with weights in the same 30 minutes or whatever.

You’ll still be recovering from that workout for like four days. So basically what I’m trying to say is you burn more calories in the longterm with weights. The other thing you’ll notice is a lot of people that just focus so much on cardio. A lot of them in the best gym in OKC, they look very similar all the time, but she’ll get the weight training section.

And a lot of the guys have lost a lot of fat. They’re very lean. They’re very muscular. A lot of the girls that have figured that out have a lot more toned physique as well. So you got to get in the weight room, focus on those weights. Now the cardio is not to be lost. You still do that too, but you can’t forget figure, lose the weight training.

So definitely weight training, our [inaudible] plan that are very simple, easy to follow these, the learn work, weight training plan that goes along with the cardio plan and the diet plan. So it’s all together pick at that. See if 30 book, it’s a book that I’ve written and I coach you through the first 30 days, it’s very, very simple tons of success. Go to YouTube type in Colaw Fitness.

Reviews, watch the videos. You can see a lot of people that have lost weight and got in shape. Okay. Next number five, interval training interval training is more commonly known as like high intensity training is the broad term refers to short bursts of intense exercise with recovery periods. I like to do what they call like giant sets or rounds.

This is where you pick like four different exercises, like a chest press a chest like, like, like, like four different, like, like a chest press, a lat pull down a lunge. And you could do like a, a an AB crutch and you just circuit those four. You do like 12 reps run over the next one, do 12 reps for the next one to 12 reference to the next one, do 12 reps.

And then you rest to your heart rate returns to normal. So you kind of attack four different exercises. A giant set is four more exercises all at once. And that’s kind of like an interval. So you jump in an interval, pound, a giant set, then hop out of it for about three to four minutes, grab your heart rate back and then hit all four exercises again.

And that’s like, like, CrossFits that way? It’s like, they call it a round where you do multiple exercises consecutively in order without any rest. And then you rest that grouping for about three minutes or until your heart rate returns to normal, or like 60 to 80 beats a minute. Then you pound through another round and your heart rates back up to like 150 beats a minute.

And then it goes back down to like 60 to 80 beats a minute that also helps with not just weight training, not just weight loss, but it also helps with cardiac output cardiac recovery. So by doing all that stuff, you’re increasing your heart’s ability to recover from intense burst activity. Let’s say somebody tried to mug you in a parking lot.

Your body’s heart could take hard activity and then recovery hierarchy. So you’ve trained it to do so. So interval training is great. Another way you can do Earl trainings, like just on the treadmill, you can like run at a fast speed. Let’s say it’s like seven or eight miles an hour and then slow it down to just a slow walk. And so you can run for, you know.

A minute and then walk for three minutes, run for a minute, walk for three minutes. And that kind of stuff helps with cardiac output helps with cardiac recovery and so on. It can actually help kind of intensify some of that weight loss. And there’s some of these studies that have came out that, talk about that and the benefits to that.

I’m not going to deep dive into it, but I like to do what I call giant sets on the weights because they actually get cardio at the same time. And then I just focus my cardio with a, just a steady fat loss zone at that one 20 to one 30 beats, a minute, a great success for myself and clients on that. So anyways, interval train is very effective for weight loss strategy.

It can be applied to many types of exercises running, jumping, biking, and like I said, giant sets or rounds like in CrossFit, incorporating interval training into a routine can help you burn more calories. It’s also very time efficient. You can do it in a small timeframe, and if I’m really, really tight cut for time, I can do giant sets on weights, get weight training benefit and cardiac benefit and not even have to take time to do cardio.

So if I want to get in and out, I can do a 30 minute giant set workout where I pick four exercises, knock those four. Actually I do a second round of four different exercises and be out of the best gym in OKC in 30 minutes. And I got weights and cardio in 30 minutes. It’s very time efficient. Swimming is number six. Swimming is always a fun way to lose weight.

It’s, non-impact, I CA I do encourage that swimming is really good for people that have a lot of bone and joint issues anyways, and it’s not impact. So swimming is a great effective way to basically get your heart rate up and not impact any joints. So anyways, great options, a great low impact exercise for people looking to lose weight. It helps with flexibility and so another great option.

It talks about yoga number seven, and this is basically where they have a study about weight loss in yoga. You can basically practice yoga pretty much anywhere you can Google it and you have people instructing it and you can do it at home in your own private area, or you could do it at the best gym in OKC.

But you can kind of Google stuff on that and find tons of easy to follow a little yoga routines. It’s great for weight loss in this article, talks about can near it can be done anywhere. That’s really, really the key thing. If you just can find a floor space and you can literally start doing that. And I liked doing yoga, I don’t do it regularly, but I do like doing yoga for flexibility.

Primarily just flexibility and it is super, some of them are super difficult to do this one lady B who used to do instructing for me I would do her classes and I would be like I’m like this big guy that’s all strong and lean and muscular, and that’d be a worn out and all the girls would smoke me in the yoga class.

So it’s kind of funny, but but yeah, you can actually get some good recruitment of muscles, a lot of stability, extra, like it helps with a lot of core stability and flexibility. So same thing with Pilates kinda, it’s a, it’s a great beginner, friendly exercise things to do as well. It does take some some, some learning on some of that. It’s great for strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

Yeah, I don’t do that regularly that often. But I have done it a couple of times and it was certified in some of the Pilates and it helps really a lot with like my low back and my some of my joints. And so I, I really liked it for the flexibility and mobility part of it. So yeah, I don’t think it’s as intense as weights or cardio.

I don’t really incorporate a lot of yoga or applaud Pilates for that. I’ve done the hot yoga stuff too, really just like wrestling. I did wrestling for many years. I mean, you really just sweating out a lot of water weight, which people feel pumped about because they just lost all this weight, but then once you rehydrate, you really didn’t lose fat.

You just mainly just basically lost water. So I, I don’t encourage a lot of like the sweatsuits or super, super hot stuff to where you dehydrate the body. And then you get all excited for, for some, a little bit of waterway that’s temporary, but the bottom line is, is you want to get into a healthy, I would say number one, really the food plan is number one apex 24 fitness in ASM Cooper Institute, I’ve got eight national certifications as a trainer.

Really food is key, but all of these exercises I just discussed are great for weight loss. So, but remember, 70 to 80% based upon all these different training places I’ve been to courses I’ve been to, and even my own personal experience, losing over 83 pounds and getting into fitness and bodybuilding and lifting and winning top honors food is the number one thing.

So 70, 80% of your success success is your food. And what you do in the kitchen is key. The best results. The best results that I see in fitness are people who are consistent. Consistency is really the most important thing. Not like a one time kill the best gym in OKC, never show up for three weeks, three or four times a week.

Five times a week, three to five times a week, at least twice a week. Going to the best gym in OKC, following a set, consistent routine, keeping things. And that’s where it gets. The next thing, keeping things simple in the same, keeping it very simple in the same, really the problem isn’t that people plateau as much as they just quit going and they just can’t commit to be consistent.

So keeping things simple in the same, especially for beginners, making sure you’re doing the right form, the right technique. I give you all of this. I give you all of this for free. At Colaw fitness in the CF30 trainer, it’s the free CF30 trainer classes. I highly encourage you to also buy the $10 book. It’s a book that I’ve written that walks you for the first 30 days of follow that CF30 book.

And you will lose weight and get in great shape. If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews. Listened to the thousands of people that have lost weight. Got great shape fell. So don’t believe me, go to Colaw fitness, Google reviews. Read all the reviews about the club and how much people love our club and love our staff. So action steps.

These are the three things you needed to get started. Join Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. That’s where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. You’re right. It sounds crazy. One down for the whole month. If you don’t like it, we actually give you your money back. We give you your dollar back.

There’s no commitment. So it’s $1 down as low as $5 a month. You can bring a friend with you every time. That’s where two people can actually use the best gym in OKC. So it’s like a built-in buddy system. If you don’t have a friend, you can always bring a family member, a cousin, an aunt, a wife.

You can always bring a free guest. So that’s where two people get to work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. So check it out. No risk. $1 down 30 day money back guarantee. So joint Colaw fitness that’s action. Step one. Number two is free trainer instruction. Free trainer classes go to the free trainer classes that we offer and all the orientations on equipment.

So number two is go to the free trainer classes in orientation. I want you to learn how to do this stuff, how to lose the weight. How to follow the exercises, how to do the cardio, how to do the weights, how to be successful. Number three is start the, see if 30 book get that book, follow that book, follow that template, go through that stuff. Follow that book. So number one, join Colaw fitness. Number two, go to the free trainer classes.

Number three, do the CF30 book. Follow the food plan. Read my daily words of encouragement for mental health and motivation. A lot of times your biggest limiting factor is your mindset. And you’ve got to put yourself in a positive mindset. You also got to surround yourself with people that are gonna encourage you.

So if you’re listening to me on a daily basis or listening to the podcast. Reading some words of encouragement says in Proverbs, Proverbs 13:20 says walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So if you walk with wise people, you’re going to become wise. If you want to become successful, hanging out with other successful people.

You want to get in shape, hanging out with people that get in shape, you become what you’re around. So and then anyways, that’s pretty much it go to Google read about our club type in Colaw fitness reviews on Google. Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews.

Don’t just believe me. Listen to those YouTube videos, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, listen to somebody just like yourself. Who’s lost weight, got in great shape. Come by Colaw fitness, joined the club, go to the free trainer classes, start that free CF 30 class, and get that CF 30 book. And you’re going to be a success story as well.

This is Charles Charles Colaw with Colaw fitness on the, you could do this podcast. My in my highest desire is your greatest gain. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye.

best gym in OKC

best gym in OKC